Day 5 Bonus Prize Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest – Get Paid For Every Comment Today

Day 4’s Bonus Prize Contest’s results have been finalized. I am holding the results for now and will announce them after a few hours.

Now it’s time to announce the Bonus Prize for Day 5 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

Today’s contest will be a completely different one.

I call this contest ” Comment and Earn”

Now this contest is more like a Cost-per-Action offer.

Today, everyone will get paid for their commenting on WordPress Money Blog. It won’t matter if you are in the top three or not. If you comment, you will get paid. However, how much you will be paid…

Is Article Marketing Dead in 2014?


Remember article marketing?

Yes exactly the one in which we used to submit high quality articles to different article directories. Those articles used to have links to the homepage of our blog or website.

Article marketing was long used till 2012 to generate high quality backlinks, traffic and SEO for our blog/website.

But as the time faded, it was replaced by guest posting, social bookmarking and blog commenting. These techniques are still being used extensively by bloggers and internet marketers successfully. Well for now we can say that these are long to stay.

But the question which comes to my mind is whether article marketing is still useful or has it just lost its charm in…

Day 3 Bonus Prize Winner Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

This was really tough for me at first. I just went on reading each and every comment of yesterday.

But just then I remembered that the minimum word length for any comment to qualify was 150 words.

After applying this filter, I have come to this decision that there is a tie between Ravi Chahar and Rajaraman K for these two comments :

Day 4 Bonus Prize – Win $30 – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

Well it’s been a lazy Sunday so far.

I am yet processing the results of yesterday. It’s taking longer than usual as I have to read each and every comment and then note down to remember which one is eligible for the “Most Valuable Comment”. It will take a few hours more to declare the results.

Anyway, I am announcing the bonus prize for Day 4.

In Day 4, the highest commentator till 5 PM IST of today will win $10.

After 5 PM, the highest commentator at the end of the day will win $15.

Also, I am announcing another bonus prize of $5 for the…