How I Make Money Online Using Flipkart Affiliate Program – Income Stats

Below is a screenshot of my earnings in the month of June 2014 which have been approved (earnings calculated after cancelled orders). All the figures are in Indian Rupees(INR). Click on the image to enlarge it.

Product Sales _ Flipkart Affiliate Program

This is what Flipkart has been giving me. With Flipkart Affiliate Program, every one can make money online without being involved in hassle because Flipkart handles everything on their end. You just need to…

How to Make Money Online in India Using Flipkart Affiliate Program – Blogging Tip 1

make money online Flipkart-

Who doesn’t know about Flipkart? Flipkart is the biggest e-commerce store online in India. But only few know about how you can use Flipkart to make money online in India. Infact, you can use Flipkart to generate full-time income just sitting at your home while they do all the stuff for you.

According to a recent survey, Flipkart receives around 40,000 unique orders from all over the India on a daily basis on an average day(apart from holidays and festive season). Well, this number goes extensively high during festive seasons, holidays or when any special offers are running.

Flipkart offers an affiliate program where they pay commissions to people for selling its products on the internet using websites, blogs, emails or whatever means possible. Whenever someone purchases a product on Flipkart using your affiliate link, you get certain percentage of the amount sold as commission. They pay via NEFT once in a month to all Indian Bank account holders once you have reached a threshold of Rs.1,000. Their commission rates go as high as 15% for some categories.

This affiliate program from Flipkart is being used by thousands if not hundreds, to earn some decent income online. Seeing the ever-growing popularity of Flipkart, the amazing range and variety of products and their top-notch service, the Flipkart affiliate program can sure be a great way to make money online…

5 Things You Need to Know to do Successful Content Marketing

Just 10 years ago blogs were nothing less than an outlet for people to write their hearts out.

But now, they are more than just that. They are an asset and a tool that online businesses can use to make sure that they have a definite online presence. Blogs are now used to generate traffic for websites and help increase the conversion rates by a huge factor. There are a seriesof things that you need to learn about content marketing.


Your content must be published on the right time. Here is what you should do, suppose you want to

Investing in Virtual Services to Make More Money

These days, businesses are all about taking risks. And so is the business of online entrepreneurs. To turn their audacious practices into fruitful and profitable business, they are just ready to do anything. For this, running a traditional website is not enough. Their idea is to access partners and then collectively discover ways and tricks to make maximum people visit their place online. The ever-changing features of services like search engine optimization make them unreliable for online business owners as it requires continuous updates to business as well which is probably difficult to happen frequently. Therefore, to make their business accomplishable and serviceable, the online business owners associate with a SEO specialised company and other…

Add Class to Your Blog Using Tumblr Themes

Tumblr has become quite an attraction. Some say that soon there may be more people googling the word “Tumblr” than the word “blog.” The very language of content creation and curation has changed direction thanks to the tremendous growth of Tumblr.

Whether you’re just now getting started on the platform or only looking to give your site a fresh new look, these 12 free themes show off what Tumblr’s design community is about.

1. Watercolor

You can splash some color over your header with this modern design. The hint of paper texture does wonders underneath your content.

2. Block Digital

This theme is thick black lines on white that boldifys anything you like.

3. Boston Polaroid

If you have some hi-res photos to show off, this theme will hang your masterpieces on a nice wide canvas.

4. Color Shades

If you want to use a canvas that’s not just a white space, try this fun scroller. It will allow you to pick a color palette from an interesting widget that floats.

5. iPad Interface

Your readers will get an interactive experience using this…