10 Reasons Why You Might Fail in Blogging – Part 1

Yet another day and am here to write another blogging tip for you. Well this time, I am not going to tell you ways to be successful in blogging or ways to make money online using your blog. Today I am going to share with you some signs to watch out for if you are not able to succeed with your blog despite every effort. You might be missing out on these important things which are really important for a blog to flourish and become successful. Do not forget to read the quick tips for these problems. So let us begin.

  • Expecting Too Much Straight Away :- If you have just started or even if you are six months old and expecting that your blog will be a cash machine in such a less time, then your blog is highly eligible for a big failure. A huge number of blogs start daily just with the motive to make money online and are shut down within two months or so. My advice :

Do not worry much about how much your blog is making in the first six to nine months. Just keep on writing, backlinking and optimizing your blog and you will meet your expectations. Eventually.

  • Too Much Advertising :- It sounds funny when you try to sell stuff on your website having a mere 50 visitors a day. The most basic thing which you need to make money out of advertisements is the traffic. Even if you have hundreds of visitors coming to your blog, you should maintain a decent ratio between the content and the advertisements on your site. My tips in this case :

Do not start any kind of advertising on your blog until you have at least 300 visitors coming to your blog per day. Once your blog has achieved this kind of traffic, you can go for less than 3 ads in the above the fold area of your blog.              

  •  Going Without RSS :- Are you displaying an RSS button on your blog? Is it clearly visible? If no, then you are losing out on the most valuable asset of any blog. Subscribers. Your visitors subscribe to your blog via your RSS feed. My advice would be :

Use Feedburner to burn feed for your blog since it has high utility and can be integrated with any feed reader. Make sure that the RSS button is visible on your blog immediately as it loads. 

  • No-Interlinking :- It is said that as you blog day by day, your older posts start to die. It means that they start falling low on traffic. To escape this situation, you must inter-link your posts to one another. Linking back to older posts not only helps in SEO, but it also helps in sending traffic to them so that your content never dies. A quick advice of mine would be :-

Manually link your keywords to older posts of your blog. Or if you are hesitant of manually handling this, you can use this free plugin to automatically link your older posts with your keywords.  

  • Not Doing SEO :- Are you getting any traffic from Google or any other search engine? No, then you might be suffering from this problem of no SEO . Search Engine Optimization is really important to stand out and rank in search engines. Without the organic traffic, you will miss out on some of the most potential customers and clients on the internet. A hot advice related to SEO :-

You will not be a master of SEO in one hour or even in week. It will take months of practice, failures and success. Be updated with latest Google Algorithms and current trends to save yourself time and hard work. Start reading as much as you can. I will be releasing out tutorials on SEO very soon. So keep coming back.  

Well I am going to give you a bit of time to check if you are not committing any of these mistakes. I will list out remaining five mistakes with their solutions in the next part for you. Till then I would like to know your response if these were helpful to you in any kind.





  1. says

    Hi Vineet,

    Like I always say that mistakes are the part of our life and we all do them.

    In blogging field mostly bloggers want to make more and more money from their blog even in the starting days of blogging.

    They place many ads at their blog and try to make more dollars but they forget that by these activities they are sending their readers away.

    Great article.

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  2. says

    Hi Vineet

    You have done a good job to mention why and how can you make mistakes in blogging.
    novice bloggers face troubles due to this and most just gives up blogging.
    All your above points are highly commendable and everyone must read this.

    Swapnadip Chakraborty wants you to read…How To Become A BloggerMy Profile

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