3 SEO Tips to Get the Most Out of Your WordPress Blog


WordPress is itself a very able CMS when we talk about SEO. Its been designed and coded  to give its users an SEO-rich experience. But still, you can always optimize your blog to get the most out of it. Here are some quick tips.

3 WordPress SEO Techniques to Gain Maximum Positive Results

  1. Get a Premium Theme :- Get your self a Premium theme from some of the top class WordPress Premium themes sellers designers like StudioPress, Thesis or 8BIT. Trust me, I have used all of them and they all can work charm for your blog by making it work at its best potential. Sure they are available for a price, but that is quickly compensated by the benefits you gain. A search engine optimized theme can even eliminate the need for using SEO plugins though you can always use some to give a further boost.
  2. Keep the Slug Short and Keyword Rich :- WordPress automatically generates the slug or the URL your blog post will be displayed on. But its usually pretty long and may contain irrelevant words which are useless from SEO point of view. Its advised to keep length of the slugs to 3-5 words and use keywords related to that blog post. Make it short and to the point. You can even use long-tail keywords.
  3. Use and Optimize Images :- I manage to get around 20% traffic of the total traffic to this blog via Google Images. Use images as they add not only color to your WordPress blog, but it can also help you gain some targeted organic traffic. Use keywords of your blog text in the description and “alt text” of your images and they will rank higher in the image directories of search engines.

Here are some of the high class articles written at some of the highly successful blogs for your reference :-

  1. 3 Ways to do SEO and Improve Your Organic Traffic – JohnChow
  2. The Blogger’s Essential Guide to SEO- TentBlogger
  3. Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers- ProBlogger
  4. What to Expect in SEO in the Coming Months- Matt Cutts

As a WordPress blogger, what techniques are you using to search engine optimize your blog? Do share with me.

13 Replies to “3 SEO Tips to Get the Most Out of Your WordPress Blog”

      1. Hi Suprabhat,

        It’s not right that all the themes are SEO friendly.

        You know when I started my blog I used a theme named Blue blog and it’s SEO was good but indexing of post was not in the write way.

        I asked many bloggers but the fault was in the theme only.
        So I had to change my theme.

        Try to use your before to any test website so that you can know about it clearly.


  1. Hi Vineet,

    For better SEO bloggers should use optimized images and any caching plugins to reduce the loading time.

    Slug shouldn’t be long as you have mentioned above. It;’s always recommended to use long tail keywords because they are good from SEO point of view.

    Most of premium themes are good in SEO. Many has in-built SEO.
    They are responsive and boost up the SEO.

    Great post indeed.:)


    1. Hey Ravi

      Not only this things help to have Good SEO
      but the main thing on Which SEO depends in the no. of quality backlinks you are getting to your blog posts.

      If you have high quality backlinks surely you will rank higher

      1. Hi Suprabhat,

        Only backlinks can’t help you in SEO of your blog.

        You have to work hard and make connections. I have seen many websites which have many backlinks but still stuck up because they don’t have their authority among their readers.

        A website with better backlinks can rank you high but if you fail to build your brand then it’s over.

        Try to maintain your brand and have good results.


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