5 Reasons Why You Must Have WordPress

WordPress has acquired the position of the best content management system(CMS) on the internet. Thousands of sites are built daily and added to the internet using wordpress. The power of wordpress as a CMS is extreme. The most successful blogs on the internet have been built using wordpress. It is said that well begun is half done. I will give you some solid reasons that if you choose wordpress for your blog or website, you are way ahead in the process to make money online than those who are using some other CMS.

WordPress provides you with two kind of hosting options. One is absolutely free and you can create a website with a sub-domain of wordpress.com for absolutely free. The other option available is to use your own hosting and install wordpress as CMS. Generally all hosting providers have wordpress which can be installed in just a click. The second option comes out to be much better and profitable. I will discuss that later in detail. For now, let us take a look at five major benefits of wordpress as a whole.

5 Major Benefits of WordPress

  • Create and Publish Easily :- WordPress dashboard has one of the easiest and simplest design and usability to create and publish your content. Everything is crystal clear to use. You can create, edit and customize your content in whatever way you want. You can even publish your content, save drafts or schedule your posts to be published later. In short its a complete package.
  • Unlimited Themes :- WordPress gives you the option to choose from the uncountable number of themes available for your blog and that too for free. You can choose and select the one which suits your blog the most.
  • Faster Indexing :- Since wordpress sites are ranked higher in the search engines, your blog or website will get indexed faster in the search engines. For example, wordpress.com has a really high PR in Google. So, if you are using wordpress.com sub-domain, then your site will be indexed really fast.
  • Clean and SEO targeted code :- The code and design used by the wordpress is extremely simple and is highly SEO targeted. So the only thing you need to focus is on creating quality content.
  • Plugins :- Though this feature is not available for the free wordpress.com users, this feature has completely outranked the other CMSs in paid hosting. Plugins are the services or utilities which you can install on your blog just with a click of mouse. You name a thing and its plugin is available in wordpress.

These were some major benefits for which you must choose wordpress for your blog or website. In my next blogging tip, I will tell you the major differences between the free and paid hosting of wordpress. Till then you keep blogging!.


  1. says

    Hey Vineet,

    Wodpress is always famous for its sevral Plug-Ins as it relieves us from various hassles. As I am not comfortable to write any HTML code, but in case of WP, you don’t have to bother yourselves with such redundancy.

    Therefore Many Blogger prefer to install WordPress on their Blogs.

    Thanks revealing the truth of WordPress.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Swapnadip Chakraborty wants you to read…Why WordPress Is The Best Platform To Build Your BlogMy Profile

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