5 Tips to Increase Comments on Your Blog


Do you know how some bloggers consistently attain high levels of comments on the blogs that they write( Read : How to Increase Blog Comments For More Traffic)? If you have a blog and are unable to attain ample amount of comments then it is either a matter of post or the number of traffic. Read their post and may be you will realize that the quality of your post is not that superior to the quality of their post. If you want to make your blog popular and spread a welcome mat for comments then possibly you need to look ways to increase interaction on your blog.

As there are so many blogs on the World Wide Web, people tend to get confused as to which place they must visit or which blog they must read. If your blog fails welcoming people, then they would read and leave without any comment. The actual litmus test for the success of your blog is gaining traffic and thereby hitting the counter. If you are trying to figure out how to accelerate comments on your blog then here is an authoritative guide that will help you in growing conversation on your blog.

Acknowledged as life blood of business, comments reveal the level of engagement amid the readers and the author. They fetch the experiences and ideas of the community together besides, they result in immense knowledge being shared. Bringing in high level of excitement, comments encourage the author to write more and share his knowledge. To spark a conversation amid your readers, take the following steps:

Ask for comments

This might seem bit surprising but the fact is that there are many bloggers that fail opening up this door. In today’s world, if you want something, you got to ask for it. If you want people to comment on your post, ask them! Tell your readers that you want to answer their queries, share their opinions and concerns. Believe us; you will be surprised on what this invitation will bring.

Adopt a proactive approach

Think out of the box and generate content which is worth reading. It should appeal the readers to comment. The content must engage the readers to join the debate and in no time you will have plenty of social comments.

Promote, Promote and Promote

As important as writing a blog, you must spread a word about your blog. Promote your current and upcoming post. Adopt the precise strategy and promote your blog on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Say that you want to hear them.

Spread the Comment Love

Many times an effective way to attract comments is – be an active blogger by commenting and spreading your opinion and ideas on other blogs. This will invite that blogger to come and comment on your post too. ( Read : 5 Blog Commenting Rules Every Blogger Should Follow)

Commit to Interaction

Go beyond the simple saying that you want comments. Make sure that you respond to them. Interact with your audience and certainly this will bring your readers back to your blog. Thank people for commenting on your blog. Make sure that the responses are promoted further.

So make your post relevant and opinionated and surely you will get comments in ample number.



  1. says

    Hi Vineet, I always try to end my posts with questions besides I’m a very curious person. I’m a little shy on the promotion side, always afraid to show my own stuff too often. I may have to do a chart and see if I’m really 80/20 or 95/5 with that one. I like your blog, nice, simple and clean :)
    Lisa wants you to read…Plug-In Happy – Are Plug-Ins Really Magical?My Profile

  2. says

    I wrote a similar post recently and my number point was ‘asking’ just like yours.
    Asking for comments is an ideal way of getting them.

  3. HP van Duuren says

    Usually you can find a ‘What Do You Think…?” Sub-heading
    with a question near the end of the post.

    Also at the end of each post you can find a special Comment Writing Reminder, (Btw. as you can read about in a recent post about Success Journal Notes) and when you actually do write your Comment (or Reply on a Comment from an other Commenter), besides an About the Author Box.

    Now recently you can also see a – Thank You for Your Comments - Message under that Autors Box. to help motivate you to also keep on writing Coments & Replies on other, or new posts in the future.

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