8 SureFire Ways To Monetize Your Blog

One of the most discussed topics in the blogosphere, I realized, is the issue of “Blog Monetization” and its one thing I also noticed give a lot of folks headache and sure sleepless nights. You’d say, “But Rohit how do you manage to know these things?” You can say it’s owing to the fact that I have once threaded that route having no clue as to how I should monetize my blog.

And one of the many ways to measuring blogging success is through the ROI you generate from your blogging endeavor but mind you, it’s not so easy to make money online. It takes a lot of technical know-hows and the likes…

However, newbie bloggers make the mistake of starting a blog with the aim of making huge money from it. If you’re like that, (I’m going to give you a shocker), you won’t be able to go far in the journey as you’ve started with the wrong mindset and success in blogging thrives on the right mindset which involves passion, vision, time, effort, energy, technical know-how , money(as in “investment”) and of course value.

I’m not going to be talking about all those listed success traits today but rather about the 5 ways to monetize your blog. Yes…..today I will be helping you with some ideas which will help you to monetize your blog.

So in this post, I will expound on the 5 ways to monetize your blog – simple things you can do to improve your profit! Are you still with me?

Monetize your blog with these 5 best ways:

#1. Affiliate Marketing

A blog is a great way to promote affiliate products to your subscribers who trust and respect your opinion. The key to doing it successfully is to employ a subtle touch.
Oh sorry, you’re not familiar with what affiliate marketing is, right? It is the process of you advertising someone else’s product for them and if you get a sale for the owner then you get a good percentage of the sale, usually between 50% and 75%.

There are a few ways that you can use affiliate marketing as a source of income on your blog.

Firstly you can simply put picture or text adverts up in your sidebar so that people can click on them that way. Or alternatively you can slip an affiliate link to a product that you would like to recommend into one of your posts.
This way of putting affiliate links in usually gets you more clicks in a short time but it can annoy some readers if you keep reviewing products and trying to blatantly get money off of them instead of just writing good helpful content.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Ask yourself what types of products your readers might be interested in.
    Think about the quality of the product — promoting just one or two inferior offerings (and there are plenty available) could be enough to destroy months of work building up trust and credibility.
  • A good promotion educates readers on the problem and how the product solves it. Consider ‘building up’ to a promotion by talking about a problem one week, and providing a solution the following week.
  • Spread out your promotions to avoid making your readers feel like they have subscribed to “1001 Ways to Part with Your Hard-Earned Cash”!

#2. Inserting Google AdSense

Another fabulous way to monetize your blog is through Google’s Adesense Program. Now, I mentioned this as the second way of making money online because it is one of the best known advertisers on the internet as well as being a good source of income for any website or blog.

The way that this income stream works is that you put some Adsense adverts up on your site and then every time one of your visitors clicks on one of those adverts then you get a payment from Google into your Adsense account.

Now depending on what niche you are in any one of these clicks can give you any money between a few pennies and about £10. It is fair to say though that £10 is really cool. I also mentioned this is my post 3 Effective Ways To Earn Money With Your Blog.

Let me reiterate more on this “money making stream”, Google Adsense is a risk-free way to make some money as it costs nothing to sign up. As with Adsense generally, the more targeted the content and the better your use of keywords, the more relevant the ads are likely to be, and the more money you will make.

How do I insert the codes on my blog?

Good question there folks. See, the easiest way to insert Adsense blocks into your posts is via the WordPress Adsense Deluxe plugin. This application provides shortcuts for automatically inserting Adsense code into your blog. All you have to do then is add simple HTML comments wherever you want the three ad blocks to show.

#3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the ultimate marketing tool for bloggers. It allows you to instantly deliver your message directly to the inbox of readers. This makes it a more powerful marketing tool than Facebook or Twitter.

I encourage you all to start building your email list now. Do not wait until your blog is established. You should be collecting emails from day one. This will allow you to market all the products, services and monetization methods we have discussed in his post so far.

Email marketing is what separates hobby bloggers from professional bloggers. If you can build a list of a few thousand email subscribers, you are half way to owning a profitable blog.

#4. Sell Your Own Products

I am one of the advocates that blogging in itself does not make you money but rather what you do around blogging. I first heard this phrase from Sam Adeyinka and later thought of it and found out that he was in fact right!

So if blogging is not going to make me money, why do it then?

Quickly, 3 Reasons why you need to blog:

  1. It will make you an expert in your field
  2. It will connect you to the world and helps you to actually
  3. Make money online sharing your knowledge.

The selling of knowledge is HUGE. If you build up your position in your market, you can then sell quality information to that market. This can take the form of e-books, audio, videos, or all of the above. You can package them up or just sell them digitally. If you author the product yourself (recommended), then you keep 100% of the profit. Isn’t that cool?

#5. Writing ‘product name’ reviews

Writing product name reviews can be extremely lucrative as they are easy to get ranking highly in Google searches on “product name” + “review”. Even better, because people are already thinking of purchasing a product when they search for a review, blog reviews usually convert very highly!

The secret to writing successful product name reviews is to be honest — and place the product name throughout the post three or four times.

Just because you are trying to make a sale doesn’t mean you have to be glowing. In fact, reviews are more believable when the author is clearly taking an objective view and commenting on the negatives as well as the positives. Everyone knows that there is no such thing as pure perfection and trying to make something appear that way smacks of insincerity and motives that are blatantly financial.

“The Secret to a glowing and converting review is to be honest as possible as you can”. Sam Adeyinka

#6. Become a Reviewme.com writer

This isn’t exactly affiliate marketing, but it’s still a pretty decent way to make some money, which is why we are giving it a mention.

Reviewme.com is a site that brings bloggers and product owners together for mutual benefit. It’s widely recognised that blogging is extremely effective as advertising that isn’t advertising. The power of reviews, recommendations and general opinion pieces is huge and product owners are willing to pay bloggers good money to mention their widgets to readers with their ad defenses down.

Your blog is reviewed before being accepted by Reviewme so it’s a good idea to get it in good shape before applying. Once you’re accepted however, you can earn anything from $20 to $200 for each review you write.

#7. Paid & Sponsored Posts

Yes, you can get paid to review products and sites on your blog. Sites like PayPerPost and ReviewMe are popular options. I’ve seen some blogs sell this option directly. When doing this, it is important to disclose the fact that it is a paid review. It is also important that you maintain your integrity and never give a positive review unless you’re really feel need to so.

Another way I’ve come to be in the know of is sponsored post. There are quite a number of sites that offer this kinda service. I have personally tried PostJoint and trust me it make sense and it helped me make some deserved dollar bills.
What you have to do here is simple, offer to help publish advertisers’ posts on your blog and viola…….dollar flowing in your paypal account.

#8. Sell your blogs

Finally, I would like to talk about the possibility of selling your blog. If your circumstances change and you need more time or more money (or both), you could make good money by selling your blog.

There are many factors that are considered when a potential buyer prices your blog. My friend’s friend – Gilbert Samuel has over $200,000 in sales on Flippa and around $150,000 of those sales came from blogs. In my experience, the biggest influence on the final selling price is income.

If your blog is making money, you will have buyers fighting against each other in order to win the auction for your blog. Conversely, if your blog does not make much money, there is a good chance that you will be the one spending all your time asking people to bid. It is therefore always better to sell your blog once it has become profitable.

Lesson Summary

In this lesson I took you by the hand in to my world ands ways to monetize your blog with my 8 amazing ways of actually monetizing your amazing blog; these were:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Inserting Google AdSense
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Sell Your Own Products
  5. Writing ‘Product Name’ Reviews
  6. Becoming a Reviewme.com Writer
  7. Paid & Sponsored Posts
  8. Selling your blogs!


I hope you have enjoyed this article on monetizing your blog. Did you? I tried to touch upon the main ways that bloggers monetize their blogs, however there are many other methods. When it comes to making money from your blog; your only limitation however is your imagination…remember, “Imagination is greater than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

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  1. Hi Rohit,

    Good to see you that you have written a guest post here.:)

    You are right about blog monetizing. It is required many things to do for monetizing any blog. While setting up a blog many things come into mind in which monetizing is one of them.

    When I started my blogging journey I used to read about affiliate marketing but not so much aware about it. But you know with the passing of time we learn a lot.

    You have included many things for boosting up your blog but getting Google AdSense ads is not so easy. You need to maintain quality in your blog.

    Your blog should follow all the policies and terms of Google AdSense.

    Thanks for providing these tips.

    Have a great day ahead.:)


    1. Hey Ravi,

      First of all I wanna thank Vineet for letting me guest post on his blog. It was really an honor for me.

      Coming to the point, Your comment added value to my post. You are absolutely right one must be aware of google’s policies before applying for adsense otherwise He/She will get rejected.

      Nonetheless, thanks for stopping by and leaving a meaningful and thoughtful comment.

      1. Hi Rohit,

        You deserve to be appreciated for writing such a wonderful post about monetizing. Though I am not much into it but still making money for bloggers is really important.

        There are many ways to earn money online but many bloggers don’t know the right path for it. They need to be guided in a perfect manner.

        Hope you are having fun today.:)


        1. Hey Ravi,

          Thanks again. I devoted this post to newbies as well as pro bloggers who face troubles in monetizing their blog.

          It was really a big pleasure to write on Vineet’s blog. Looking forward when you’ll also allow guest posting on your blog and I’ll post.

          Nonetheless, thanks for your kind words Ravi and have a great week ahead!


          – Rohit

          1. Hi Rohit,

            Sorry for denying and not to allow you for writing any guest post at my blog. I hope you don’t mind.

            You know there are some goals of every person which he/she wants to to achieve. And I have some thoughts in my mind and somehow you know we all dream about and I am trying to do that.

            As I have said earlier that if I ever think to allow any one for guest posting then you will be informed.

            Have an awesome day.;)


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    61. that’s not true.Again you want it you pay for it or organize a group that can completely fund it without any taxpayer support. Don’t look to others to fund and keep things that appeal to your “tastes”. What is it about the Fiscal Cliff, the county, state, and city budget deficits that you don’t understand….? there’s no money, the DEMs (mostly0 have spent it all on lots of other things we didn’t need.

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    63. I can totally relate to your post. While we are not living in a different country, my husband ventured to the west coast for a job after college, we then got married, I followed, we started our own family, and now our own families remain on the east coast. We love the quality of life out here, but I too never considered how hard it would be to see my girls growing up with long-distance relationships with their grandparents and cousins. Le sigh once again. You’re right…we do what we can.

    64. Ach, ich finde es nicht sooo schlimm, dass ich mich nicht mehr wirklich dran erinnern kann. Dann waren es einfach auch keine sooo tollen Bücher ;)Aber stimmt schon. Mit den Rezensionen, etc. hat das alles schon ne neue Dimension angenommen. Da weiß man besser was man gelesen hat *g*

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    102. Chose dit :Radisson,Tu dis exactement la meme chose que moi. Sauf que mon point etait que ce que tu as compris et ce que j’ai compris n’est pas ce que David laisse entendre dans son billet. Je trouvais ca particulier de la part de quelqu’un qui sert des lecon de professionnalisme au journalistes!

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    104. Good for Thornton. He went to a small school and has been bouncing around the league awhile (including the Giants), but it appears he has been working hard. Giants have the same situation with a DT in Hendricks, a guy who has been to several camps but finally shined last Friday night.

    105. My resolution is to create world peace and end suffering to all mankind — oh, and of course, to lose weight and to reorganize my craft room. Hopefully, since the first two are pretty unrealistic, I can make some headway on the last two, both of which are desperately needed! Thanks, Michelle!

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    108. Great idea posting the link to Seth’s blog—whenever I need inspiration, a kick in the pants, or have a “lizard brain” moment, I read, re-read and then read again.Thinking that perhaps Bodhi is making you think???? Is that why you want to slap him? Great work on the blog girl!

    109. love the comment about in NOLA this not making the news….used to get coffee at the Starbucks where this happened…ex-girlfriend still lives there….I predict a riot by the Kaiser Chiefs is my new favorite song btwDan in DC

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    112. Shane on September 8, 2012 I love that you have shared so many templates and thank you for that. Much appreciated! One thing though, how do I use the magazine design templates on my iPad. The files open and extract just fine, it is the actual designing/ editing on the iPad that is the problem. Please help!

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    118. Yes, if only loving relationships were encouraged and supported and focused on, the church "at large" could get on with preaching as Jesus did! It's as if some (calling themselves "church guardians") had posted a gigantic DETOUR sign – without providing any other road to actually travel on. Meanwhile people pile up at the "detour" – the lines of people with nowhere to go growing ever longer. Except for those who simply hop over the pretend detour. And carry on down the road!It would be funny, were it not so sad.

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    123. L-am urmarit in seara aceasta, mi s-a parut un intelectual si un profesionist care a prezentat cum stau lucrurile de fapt in ceea ce priveste acuzatiile ce i se aduc. In plus, dezvaluirile despre interesele mafiei pedeliste din jurul Ministerului Educatiei cred ca au facut deliciul telespectatorilor; multi nu isi inchipuie cat s-a putut fura din functia de ministru al Educatiei in timpul guvernelor Boc si MRU!

    124. ह्या माणसाच्या मनात इतका द्वेश आहे हिंदूंच्या बद्दल आणि तो प्रत्येक कृती मधे, पेंटींग मधे दिसून येतो. मिडीया खरंच खूप बायस आहे, आणि या गोष्टी ज्या ठिकाणी लिहिल्या आहेत तिकडे ( त्या साईटला) आपण भेट देत नाही.

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    126. People who do not work for City Government are now just finding out what most of us have known for 4 years and before: This mayor is a complete joke.He is inexperienced and unqualified..All he does is travel on the taxpayers dime and push is own tired agenda of self-aggrandizement. Anyone who flunked the California Bar 4 times is not very bright, thus we ended up with mini mayor.Instead of most of the City’s General Managers leaving the Mayor should just resign or be recalled. Hey LA….you got the mayor you deserve!

    127. PauvreFrance dit :Plus que confus vos propos John… si les gens ne votent pas c’est peut être aussi parce qu’il pensent que les politiques sont tous les même carriériste et tout simplement qu’ils ne se sentent pas représentés dans le chois à faire non? Ah oui mais c’est vrai que vous les journalistes vous trouvez toujours des idéologies utopistes pour voter à gauche…

    128. naturally just like your web-site however you need to check the actual spelling on several of your own posts. Many of these are rife together with spelling troubles and I to discover it extremely bothersome to tell the reality alternatively I’ll absolutely come yet again again.

    129. Su peor error fue haber dicho que Keiko Ganaria. Por experiencia propia, la mayoria de mi familia se dijo: “Me da igual, votare por Ollanta, porque de todas maneras Keiko ganara”. A lo que voy es que lo que dijo hizo que tambalearan esas elecciones

  2. Hi Ravi,

    No qualms my friend. Some bloggers allow and some don’t allow guest posts on their blog and even I am not allowing guest posts on my blog for now.

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    Yeah, I’ll be really glad to post on your blog in future someday.

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    1. Hi Rohit,

      Its the matter of choice about allowing guest posting at your blog and mine too. But still connections matter a lot.

      Yeah! that’s great to do.;)
      Commenting at Vineet’s blog is a regular habit now a days. There is always a hope to meet any new blogger here.

      Its good to know that you understand it.


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    2. You look fab. I don't get the characters from the musicals at all!Your garden is still looking fantastic even now we're in to Autumn, I love how Charlie is hunting around in the creeper.What an amazing parcel of stunning goodies. Look forward to seeing you wearing them soon. xx

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    4. Hei pÃ¥ deg min vennSÃ¥ stilig dette var. Høres kjempegøy ut og jobbe med gips, det har jeg ikke prøvd siden ungdomskolen… Fikk lyst Ã¥ prøve det igjen!Du er jo bare såå kreativ:)Nydelig hÃ¥ndsydd bilde, kanske en gave..eller kanskje laget det selv??Stor snarthelg klem fra meg

    5. "But what of social fabric in such cases?"…More leftist nonsense… 'Moral fabric'?!?! Just code words to induce panicked reactions into people who haven't been paying attention…If people think it through the idea that the federal government could handle the is just ludicrous…"Incentives are not the only thing that influences behavior"…Hmmm, is a polite way of saying 'more extortions' from the federal government for those who don't want to play…Anyone want to take a guess at what the following really means?

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    10. First, I’m sorry for the loss in your friends life. I hope she can come out on the other side of her sorrow with no lasting scars.I’m so glad you made that leap and got out of something that was making you miserable. I wish more folks could do that. Good luck on your new path!!

    11. Its a small society. Saint Lucians would never let your forget. They never make it easy for you to move on. They would use even the lives of your parents to keep you back. Baptiste is a strong man. I remember the good work he did with the Derek Walcott Square; the pride with which he managed cared for the facility and managed its use.

    12. I am playing Guild Wars 2 in the end, and kinda hopping between EU worlds. I picked the game because a lot of my friends are playing it, during premiere I’ve got like 8 pokes “hi, my ID gw2 is… add me” and I was like but I don’t even have that game…!! So in the end I did bought it to keep in touch but in the end I didn’t thought of one thing- all of them play on different servers, with different guilds and people, so wanting to socialize ingame with IRL known people turned weird, and so I play solo. Good thing the game is lot of fun to play alone, but still…

    13. I wonder if Constitution humper Ron Paul has ever bothered to read the Constitution of the Confederate States of America? It codifies the right to own “negro slaves” and “Africans” and infringes upon all-important “state’s rights” for the express purpose of expanding slavery into new territories.

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