Google AdSense Stops Support For FeedBurner

I received an email from Google AdSense a couple of days back. Since I was serving AdSense in my FeedBurner feed, they wanting to inform me that they will discontinue serving AdSense ads in FeedBurner feeds from December 3, 2012. Here is what appeared in my inbox :



It came as a big blow to those who were earning potential revenue from their feeds. It further fuelled the rumours that Google will soon withdraw completely from FeedBurner.  Though for now there has been no confirmation or anything from Google.

Since many bloggers use FeedBurner since it allows them to monetize their feeds, I guess FeedBurner services will come to a fall. There are some other feed services too which can be used as a good alternative for FeedBurner :

Some Alternatives for FeedBurner

  1. Feedblitz :- Well they themselves claim to be a FeedBurner alternative on their homepage.
  2. RapidFeeds :- It looks pretty simple to setup and easy to use. Can be a good alternative for sure.
  3. Feedcat :-  A good service to create feeds and measure stats.

For me I am not changing my Feed Service as am pretty much comfortable with FeedBurner only. As soon as they continue to provide services I will keep going with them only. Let’s see what happens.

2 Replies to “Google AdSense Stops Support For FeedBurner”

  1. Vineet, I must admit that this is really a bad news for bloggers who has more than 1K RSs subscribers and were earning good money from Adsense for feeds.

    You know what, Daniel of DBT were earning $1000 a month just from Adsense for feeds, so don't you think It's bad news for him? No matter If there's any alternative.

  2. HI Ehsan,

    I have heard of many bloggers including the one you mentioned who were earning huge sums from their feeds. For now adsense is not supported by an feed services except feedburner to my knowledge.

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