Age of Your Blog Impacts Search Engine Results

Age of your blog has a huge impact on the SEO and other factors such as authority of your blog.  The older your blog is , more likely it is to appear in the search engine results and queries.  Age of your blog represents for how long your blog has been putting up valuable content on the web. Thus your blog’s authority in the search results keeps on increasing with the age of your blog and domain.

The search engines trust those websites which have been there for quite some time more than those which have just started and thus it affects your search engine rankings and traffic. Search engines put those blogs more in search results which have high credibility. Just like we trust an experienced person more in a field than someone who is just a beginner.

This can be used as a powerful tool in the competition . The early you start , more ahead you will be against your competitors . You do not have to start right , you only have to start . You have to start building the authority of your blog in the search engines. This would give you SEO benefits too over the others .

Some of best experts of SEO have always argued over the point whether age of a blog helps your search engine rankings or not. The conclusion drawn was that it is the age of a domain which matters more to the search engines. Though keywords and other optimization still have the majority.

Thus if you are planning to start a blog , start now and publish your posts. Happy Blogging!!!


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