How to Increase Blog Comments for More Traffic?


Blog comments are a wonderful way to engage visitors on your blog. They are also effective in bringing more and constant traffic to your blog. Hence you must always look forward to attract your visitors to comment on your blog. Generally, controversial posts and content receive a lot of comments. You can use stuff like polls and debates and ask for opinions through comment form. Here are a few tips which you can use to significantly increase your blog comments:

  • Choose Content Wisely:- You need to write something which catches your readers’ eyes. People will comment only if they feel interested in your content.
  • Make it Easy to Comment:- Commenting on your blog should be an easy and simple process. If there is a tough procedure and a lot of complexities involved in the process, then you might lose out on some blog comments.
  • Invite Your Readers to Comment:- You can invite your readers to comment and write their reviews and opinions. This is an excellent way to make visitors feel interested in commenting on your blog. At the end of every post, you can use an invitation like this:

What do you think about this post? Feel free to provide your reviews and opinions below in the comments.”

  • Reply to All Comments:- This is really important if you want to build a strong communication network with your readers. You must make sure that you respond to all the comments as soon as possible. This helps in understanding and communicating with your audience.
  • Be Generous:- Always be grateful to anyone who provides feedback regarding your content.
  • Avoid Spam:- You must make sure that there are not any spam comments approved on your blog. Spam comments kill the spirit of any visitor who wishes to comment on your blog.
  • Comment on Other Blogs:- You get what you give. If you wish to receive a lot of blog comments, then you need to do the same for others too. Always comment on other blogs related to your niche. Try and provide value in your comments. You will see a significant increase in your blog’s traffic if you consistently comment on other blogs.
  • Give Away Rewards:- You can give away rewards to those who comment on your blog. For example, you can give a free ebook collection of your blog’s posts. Or you can award points for commenting. Displaying top commentators on your blog is also a good move. It encourages visitors to comment on your blog to gain the top positions.

So, start following the above simple tips and you will definitely see the difference.






16 Replies to “How to Increase Blog Comments for More Traffic?”

  1. very nice post . At the time of commenting on other's blog ,main thing must consider by us is that make an easy way for commentator's .

    Thanks for sharing it .

  2. Hi Vineet, You are right.

    I also go from one blog to another blog through his latest post

    For example, I commented on your latest post and after that I check all your post comment and go to another blog through his latest post. If any one blog title is eye catches then I go his blog, other wise I leave it.

    So here post Title is very very important to attract visitor.

    As you say invite your reader to comment my blog. Invitation is very good thing not in comment but in every thing.

    This post is really good for blogger to attract visitor and get lots of valuable comment.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful information with us

    Areesha Noor

  3. Hi Vineet,

    Every blogger wish to get more and more comments at his/her blogger but thinking is not the solution.

    If you want to get more comments then choose a niche which can interest your readers. Work hard to comment at others blog.

    Be humble to your commentators so that they will come back to your blog and drop their precious comment again.

    Make your commenting system clear and easy to comment. Don’t choose any complex commenting system.

    Great post indeed.;)


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