How to Design Your Blog to Improve SEO


Designing your blog not only helps you to make your blog appear presentable , it also helps in improving the SEO for your blog. Your blog elements should be at the right place if you want to rule the search engines. Here are a few tips to design your blog appropriately :-

  1. Have the simplest site navigation :-  Design your blog so that it is easy to navigate your site. Try to link your pages . This helps a visitor to easily browse your pages. A complex page design is bad for traffic as well as SEO of your blog. Blogs which perform fairly high have a very simple site navigation. All the pages should be visible at the top of your page.
  2. Use Webmaster tools :- You can use webmaster tools to analyze your site . Register your blog with all the major webmasters like Google , Yahoo and Bing to receive data and reports about your blog’s functionality.
  3. Repair broken links :- You have to repair all the broken links in your blog to gain the benefits of link juice.  You  can use Tentblogger’s 404 Repair for wordpress to repair broken pages or links automatically. I use this very plugin to manage 404 errors in my blog.
  4. Use site analytic :- Keeping track of the visitors and traffic is very much important if you want to analyse your blog properly. You need to know which page of your blog is receiving maximum traffic and which part is most popular among your readers. Google Analytics has served this purpose for some of the most successful blogs online. It has increase its usability since the launch of its real time tracking.
  5. Always use Call-to Action :- Your call-to-action decides the earnings of your blog to a large extent. Call t0-action compels a reader to visit the monetizing or landing page . It is important to convert the readers of your blog into potential buyers thus bringing in sales and clicks. Without call-to-action , the conversion rates will be very low for your blog.
  6. Use social sharing to promote your blog :-  Use social sharing buttons on your blog like Stumbleupon , Facebook , Twitter , Digg etc to socialize your blog and help your visitors spread your content all over the web. Use images in between your posts to increase readability of your blog.

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  1. says

    Hi Vineet,

    I always read posts about blog design as we all know that blog design matters a lot.

    If you have better blog design then only you can attract you readers to your blog. Google also loves the blogs with good design.

    Bloggers should have clear approach for their readers. there shouldn’t be any color mismatch.

    I hope I will do my best for my blog.:)

    Ravi Chahar wants you to read…You Can Add Special Characters In WordPress Post EasilyMy Profile

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