Call-to-Action in Blog Posts?

A lot of bloggers argue over the point that whether they should use call-to-action in their blog posts or not. Blogs are sometimes used to promote your product or your business. You need a call-to-action line to encourage and attract your visitors to buy or visit your main landing page from where you directly sell your products. But is it advisable to use such marketing lines on your blog?

You write posts keeping in mind a targeted audience which is interested in your content and visitors who will buy your products. But you must make sure that you always maintain a balance between the content and the amount of selling you do on your blog. A call-to-action line sometimes makes your blog appear overly promoted and your visitors might stop visiting your blog anymore. It is important to keep in mind that blogs are meant to share useful and valuable information with your readers. You cannot afford to ruin your blog image and brand in the race to make money online fast.

Call-to-action should always be used keeping in mind the situation and content of your blog’s posts. You must always focus first on providing valuable information to your readers. I would suggest not to use call-to-action. You can use your post’s content to do any such thing if you want. A call-to-action makes your blog appears like a sales page even if you were not selling anything in the rest of your content.

It is better to use keywords in your posts and make them link to wherever you want to instead of using a call-to-action. This issue is highly argued. Though stats show that those blogs without call-to-action perform better than those who use it extensively. You must prefer information over selling on your blog. Once you have built enough confidence and trust within your readers, you will automatically start earning more and more.


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    Hi Vineet,

    Call-to-action line in your blog post may give you another reason to your readers to get more engagement with your blog post.

    People like the lines which can motivate them. Like you are writing any blog post about motivation the stick to any line which can add value to your blog post.

    Using keywords in your blog post will be helpful.

    Glad to know about this.;)

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