5 Reasons Why You Will Fail in Affiliate Marketing


I started with affiliate marketing a couple of years back. I still consider myself as a beginner as there is lot yet to be learned and practiced. My path of affiliate marketing has seen many ups and downs. When I started, I just wanted to kick-start with lots of traffic and lots of commissions.

That did happen partially but it took me about six months to make my first sale and earn my first commission. That sale I earned was from promotion of Standard Theme 3 which unfortunately now has been terminated by its designers. After that it was 2-3 sales per week.

During this journey of mine, I learned lots of Do’s and Don’t s and I am going to share with you some of the never do mistakes which might be the reason for your failure in affiliate marketing.

 5 Things Which Lead You to Failure in Affiliate Marketing

  • You Only Sell and Promote :- If you make your blog a TV advertisement rather than helping out people, it is very rare that you will ever make a sale in your affiliate marketing campaign. The very basic task of an affiliate marketer is to take a visitor to the product’s sales page or letter.

            But sometimes this might not be enough to convert that visitor into a potential customer. What you need to do is to write two to three articles explaining in detail what your product offers, what kinds of problems and issues will it target, who can benefit from it and who not, what are the solutions offered by the product and much more. You need to describe in detail if there are any hidden costs of the affiliate product you are promoting otherwise your visitors will feel cheated and they will rarely look up to you again for any solution.

  • Selling Mobile Phone on a Weight Loss Blog :- There is no relevance in promoting something out of your niche on your blog or website no matter how high the commissions are.  A person looking for weight loss solutions on your niche blog for weight loss will be barely interested in buying a new smartphone from your website. This might be killing your efforts and your affiliate marketing campaigns since you are selling something which you are not supposed to and for which your blog is not the suitable place.
  • You are Selling the Wrong Product :- Even if the product you are promoting belongs to your niche, you have to be extremely careful in your choice. This is because there are thousands and thousands of product available for every niche. Some will be having a very tough competition as they would be having a high conversion rate. Some of them would be too low in the standard to include them in your affiliate marketing campaign. Hence you need to choose the one which is moderately good on the competition and has a good conversion rate too. You can check the product’s reviews on Warrior Forum before starting to promote it as your main affiliate product. Warrior Forum is the one which is highly relied upon for honest reviews of products of every niche.

            And once you are done with choosing the right product better stick to it in your complete affiliate campaign. This will give your readers a positive feeling about the righteousness and usability of that product.

  • Non-Availability of Essential Tools :- To start a journey you should be adequately equipped with essential tools and stuff so as to make your journey smooth and easy. Same goes with affiliate marketing too. There are some essential tools like link tracker and affiliate link cloaker which you need to have at your disposal before starting with your affiliate marketing campaign. These tools will help you increase conversions, keep your commissions safe and ultimately make more profit. If you have not been using these tools, then you are certainly leaving money on the table for no reason.
  • Sales But No Profit :- Sometimes affiliate marketers manage to generate sales out of their blog or website yet they are not able to generate any profit out of their campaign. This happens in only two scenarios :-

1. Your Incurred Costs Exceed Your Sales’ Commissions :- You might be paying more in advertising in your affiliate marketing campaign than that campaign is able to generate profit for you. If that is the case, then it is time that you revise your campaign and take help from some expert or professional, if possible.

2. Sales Getting Returned :- Most of the products on the internet now have a 30 or 45 day return or refund policy with them. If the sales you made are getting refunded or returned in large proportions, then you need to think again on the product you have chosen as you might be wasting your time and efforts in promoting the wrong product.

These are some common but deadly mistakes which you must avoid on any term. It is better to start by creating free affiliate marketing campaign and then slowly move towards paid advertising once you excel in this field.

How do you manage your affiliate campaigns? Is there anything I missed? Please feel free to drop your views and inputs below.

5 Must Have Tools to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is being used by many internet marketers and bloggers to generate huge income out of their websites. Just by selling other people’s products in return for a commission, people have made fortunes worldwide.

What is it that it takes to succeed in affiliate marketing? It’s true that being a successful affiliate is no child’s play. A lot of time and effort has to be put in to actually make some profit out of campaigns.

In addition to your efforts, some tools are required to run your affiliate marketing campaigns successfully. The list could be endless as every marketer tries different tools to generate sales and thus income. Yet, I have tried to list down 5 basic tools that you must include in your tool box before starting as affiliate.

5 Must Have Tools For an Affiliate Marketer

  1. Link Cloaking Software :- This is the first and the foremost thing you must keep on your checklist. You always need to cloak your affiliate links so as to avoid commissions thefts and increase your conversion rates (Read : Use Link Cloaking to Increase Your Sales). As a WordPress blogger and user, I would suggest using MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate. This is the all-in-one and the all-you-need affiliate link cloaking plugin for WordPress.
  2. Affiliate Link Trackers :- You must track the performance of your affiliate links so as to increase your sales and make more profit. Though MaxBlogPress handles this task efficiently, you would still need a complete link tracking system to measure your demographics, bounce rate and to know more about your visitors and customers. Link Trackr is one such complete affiliate link tracking system.
  3. Autoresponders and Squeeze Forms :- Squeeze pages are a favorites of affiliate marketers since a very long time. Though old-fashioned, they still work like a charm and help you gain tonnes of leads and customers. With squeeze page comes the need to have an autoresponder to do the email marketing to your leads. You can choose different squeeze page generators and autoresponders. I would suggest using AWeber as it is the best email marketing solution available right now. You can try it for as low as $1 for 30 days.
  4. Niche Specific Domain Name :- It always gives you an upper hand if you have a self-hosted website with niche specific domain. Its always advised to a bit of keyword research before deciding on the niche of your affiliate campaign and even before choosing your domain name.
  5. A Successful Affiliate Program :- I don’t know why I left that to the last. If you are not on the side of a great affiliate program, you might be wasting all your efforts. The payout should be high enough so as to cover the investment and time you put in your campaigns.

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  3. 11 Things I Learned Earning $119,725 from the Amazon Associates Program – ProBlogger

My Online Business Empire – New Proven Place to Skyrocket Affiliate Commissions.

Online Business Empire1
Online Business Empire1

Its been a while since My Online Business Empire is raising a lot of voices in its favor as the best place to make some quick and big affiliate commissions. Started by Matt Lloyd, one of the many internet millionaires (or even billionaires, I don’t know), MOBE has become the top choice amongst people looking to make a fortune over the internet.

So What Exactly is My Online Business Empire?

My Online Business Empire or MOBE is famous for its License Rights Program. In this program, all you have to do is to just buy a license to become a partner of a highly successful business model which is making over $350,000+ every month in sales and this figure is increasing as I am writing this post. Once you become a licensed partner, you don’t have to :

  1. Go from place to place to choose or find high converting products.
  2. Create signup forms, websites to generate leads.
  3. Create and manage autoresponders.
  4. Sit in front of your laptop promoting your affiliate products for hours for a couple of hundred bucks per month.

In short, what it gives you a complete hassle free job where you can earn commissions upto 90% which are as huge as $1k, $3k and $5k per sale. Click here to take a complete look at MOBE LICENSE RIGHTS PROGRAM. They have an excellent customer support team which handles everything for you right from the scratch. So, you can just sit back and watch the money roll in. Matt Lloyd, one of the biggest affiliate and internet marketers ever claims that he will transfer $500 in you paypal account if you fail to make a minimum of $1,000 in 30 days. Quite Confident isn’t he? Further, they provide you one-to-one coaching for free to help you setup each and everything. To find more about Matt Lloyd’s MOBE Licence Rights Program, CLICK HERE.

How to Generate Passive Income Using Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is another top method to generate passive income online. Many bloggers turn into affiliates once in a while in their blogging lifetime. Though generating a regular passive income from one’s blog just by selling other people’s products is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Let’ see what exactly needs to be done right from the beginning to make a living as an affiliate.

3 Strategies to Follow to Start Selling Affiliate Products!!!

  1. Choose Moderately Selling Products :- Pay attention to the word “moderately” here. The reason why I replaced “best-selling” with “moderately-selling” is to save you from getting lost in the competition you will face for the best-selling products. When you start as an affiliate, your inexperience might ask you to go straight-away for the best sellers on the list in the hope of sure shot success. But, you must keep in mind that there will be loads of competition from the biggies who have made fortunes selling that best-seller. They might even be resorting to paid-advertising. Thus it would be a wiser choice to first gain some experience selling products which have lesser competition for them in the market online.
  2. Build Your Own Self-Hosted Website :- Unless you have a blog or website popular in the niche of the product you have chosen, it would be best to build an affiliate website on a self-hosted platform. This would give you a head-start and will put you ahead of those competitors who are using free-hosting platforms. You may choose WordPress to start your website. However, the success of your website will depend on the efforts you put in.
  3. Go For ClickBank :- ClickBank is the most affiliate friendly affiliate store where you can find millions of products in almost every niche available on the internet. Their policies are user-friendly and they make sure that each and every dime is paid on time.

I will discuss the next steps in the upcoming posts. If you are a complete newbie and you wish to make a passive income on the internet using affiliate marketing, then you must give Google Sniper a try. It is best available guide available on the internet who are serious about being successful affiliate.

Debt affiliate marketing: Tips to make money through it

Image and video hosting by TinyPicCurrently, debts are turning out to be the most familiar form of financial obligations. These things in a way are proving to be a burden not only for the common man but also for the U.S economy. For that reason, it has become extremely important for the people to get rid of their debts as soon as possible through whatever method they think will suit them the best.

In this case, debt affiliate program can be a suitable alternative to all those debt relief programs where debtors will earn money to pay off their debts rather than pay others to help them manage their financial obligations.

What do you understand by debt affiliate program?

This is basically a type of affiliate marketing program where debtors act as affiliates to promote products or services of merchant websites (e-commerce websites). They make money when visitors generated by them perform the desired actions like close an online purchase deal or sign up for the services offered by the merchants. These merchants provide compensation for every sale in the form of commission to the affiliates (here, it is the debtors).

Debtors will have to create a website or blog where they’ll place a banner or the hyperlinks of the merchant websites in strategic positions. Through these banners or hyperlinks visitors of the debtors’ blog will enter the shopping cart of the merchant.

Why choose a debt affiliate program?

Selling and promoting brands or services on the World Wide Web is quite affordable and is not capital intensive too. So, here are some more advantages of choosing debt affiliate program as a debt repayment substitute:

  • No enrollment fees – Being a debtor, you’ll find signing up for debt affiliate programs a viable financial decision since you’ll be able to make money without investing a dime. Moreover, whatever money you make can be put towards your debt payments.
  • Lucrative money making option – There are thousands of affiliate marketing programs to choose from. You can opt for any one of them based on your interest and niche market in which you can use your expertise to make good business.

How do you begin with a debt affiliate program?

If you’ve never ever worked for a debt affiliate program in your life, then you might feel lost with the idea to make money online. So, here is a simple guideline for you to get started with your online money making program:

  • Verify the mode of compensation – You must find out the way a particular merchant provides compensation to his affiliates. Many a times, merchants offer lucrative compensation to their affiliates but then their products or services are sub-standard ones or hard to sell/promote.
  • Verify the quality of the commodity – Before selling or promoting any brand or service, find out whether or not you would’ve used the same, if some other affiliate tried to sell that to you. This will help you to gauge the quality of the product or service you’ll have to promote on behalf of a particular merchant.

Finally, you must check out who’ll be your target customers or rather audience for your blog or website, before agreeing to work for any debt affiliate program.