Make easy money as an affiliate marketer

Did you know that it is possible to make money from the comfort of your own chair by selling other people’s stuff? Does that sound easy or what? Well, you can make money affiliate marketing by selling an array of products, from software subscriptions to debt consolidation services, and even books on!

But if it were really that easy, everybody would do it and this would not be the first place you would be hearing about it. Being a successful affiliate marketer takes a lot of time and patience but it is something almost anybody can pick up. That is why I am sharing some ways on how you can make money as an affiliate marketer!

Website banner ads

Affiliate marketing programs almost always allow, if not require, merchants to create banner ads for publishers (that’s you!) to use on their websites. Instead of traditional ads like AdSense where you are do not get paid if somebody clicks one of your ads and buys a product, with affiliate marketing ads you get paid every single time somebody clicks and buys. Some affiliate programs offer pay per click as well.

Pay per lead

A lead is somebody who could become a buyer but has not bought the product yet. For example, somebody who has signed up for a trial or registered for a newsletter can be a lead. Some affiliate programs pay you if somebody signs up as a lead in your affiliate program in addition to paying you if the person who clicked your banner ad buys a product.

Mailing list

Mailing lists can be used after people register with your site. You can then email them about special offers, deals, and coupons, which both makes their life easier and makes you a lot of money. Some companies will pay you as much as 33 cents per person that you email about their product.