Next Google PageRank Update For 2013


Google rolls out its PageRank updates approximately 4 times in a year and is awaited eagerly by most webmasters and bloggers. This year’s last update was rolled out on 4 February, 2013. This blog stats remained unchanged except for a few pages which rose from PageRank 0 to PageRank 2. ( Read : How to Increase Google PageRank)

Since Google gives webmasters an approximate time of 3-4 months to work on their blogs to improve their PageRank in the next update, we can expect an update in this last week of June or the first week of July.

Google PageRank is usually a not-so-important factor as it does not affect…

Optimizing a blog for Google and Other Search Engines


Did you know that your business blog is one of the most influential tools in your tool box? Wondering if you know how efficiently your mean and lean generation machine also called your “business blog” is running. If you are overwhelmed because of the number of readers that read you blog, then it’s good. But don’t you want this number to increase( Read : 3 Steps to Increase Search Engine Traffic to Your Blog)? Do you want to optimize your blog for Google and other search engines? Certainly Yes, Right? Then let’s see how you can optimize your blog.

Now days every business has started a blog, but how many of these…

3 Common SEO Mistakes and How Social Media Helps Avoid Them

Common SEO Misktakes

SEO lies at the core of success for any business today. SEO helps put your website at the top of the search engine results, driving greater traffic and increasing chances of conversion and sales. Yet there are some common SEO mistakes that can pull down your rankings. What are these? And how does social media help avoid them

3 Common SEO mistakes and How You can Avoid Them with Social Media

1. Prioritizing Quantity Of Links Over Quality :-

In the past, large quantity of links seemed…

How a VPN Connection Helps Verify SEO Keyword Rankings

With all the SEO tools available to evaluate the testing and modification methods of increasing keyword relevancy in search engine query results, there is one specific technology that is often overlooked. Virtual private network technology provides invaluable information when evaluating and verifying the rankings of selected keywords when enhancing their search engine optimization. Many SEO […]

Top SEO Themes and Plugins For 2013


The New Year is here finally!!! And I am sure that you would like to be at your best when you go after the SEO for your blog. I would like to mention some of the great WordPress themes and plugins which made their names last year as the best WordPress SEO tools.

But before I list out these SEO tools which you should give a try in 2013, I would like to mention one very important thing here : ” This list is based on my personal use and after-use experience”.

Best Themes and Plugins For SEO

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast :- No matter how much Scribe and SEOPressor boast about being the best SEO…