How a VPN Connection Helps Verify SEO Keyword Rankings

With all the SEO tools available to evaluate the testing and modification methods of increasing keyword relevancy in search engine query results, there is one specific technology that is often overlooked. Virtual private network technology provides invaluable information when evaluating and verifying the rankings of selected keywords when enhancing their search engine optimization. Many SEO […]

Top SEO Themes and Plugins For 2013


The New Year is here finally!!! And I am sure that you would like to be at your best when you go after the SEO for your blog. I would like to mention some of the great WordPress themes and plugins which made their names last year as the best WordPress SEO tools.

But before I list out these SEO tools which you should give a try in 2013, I would like to mention one very important thing here : ” This list is based on my personal use and after-use experience”.

Best Themes and Plugins For SEO

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast :- No matter how much Scribe and SEOPressor boast about being the best SEO…

Link Building Services Can Help You with Penguin and Panda Google Standards


The Penguin and Panda updates to the Google search engine have dramatically impacted SEO procedures. It is a big concern to some but that does not mean you cannot fall back from what’s going on. You can do a variety of link building activities to help you out with fixing up your site’s link building plans so it can work well.

Look at Press Releases

The press releases that you use for promoting your site have to be taken care of the right way. Press releases can be used to help you out with getting up in search engines provided that you use the right tips that Google is using with its new standards.

Link building services have to work by…

Beginner’s Strategies for Search Engine Marketing

search engine

In today’s technologically advanced age, the online industry greatly affects its real world counterpart. There are now many businesses that exist solely online and thus only rely on internet marketing strategies to make money. This is why internet marketing and advertisement has become an essential factor in determining business plans and strategies in general.

Search engines also play an important role across the Internet. Since they are used to find things in the vast online world, being able to use search engines to your advantage is a must. Search engine marketing is basically composed of concepts, strategies and methods that involve the gathering, study and analysis of search engine query results. These help determine the proper elements, keywords and media that can be used in implementing a proper internet marketing strategy.

Determining Elements and Keywords

Keywords play an essential role in…

5 Techniques to Decrease Your Blog’s Load Time


The load time of your WordPress blog decides a lot in the success of your blog. If your blog loads fast, it gives your readers a better experience and they ultimately spend more time on your website.

Now it has been a proven fact that the load time of your blog is also crucial in determining the search engine rankings. Blogs which are slow in this aspect are usually not given preference…