How to Set Social Media Goals?

Most people have general social media goals, like acquiring 2,000 Facebook followers or getting 100 “likes” on every Instagram post. This is too haphazard a way of defining social media goals, though, especially if you run a business. By creating better, more realistic, and more defined goals, you can create pathways to reaching them. Need some extra help? Consider hiring professional online marketing services.

1. Think about your BHAG, or your big, hairy, audacious goals. This is a great first step, because you can set big-picture social media goals. These are your long-term goals for months or years in the future. They’re not defined yet, but they give you a good vision of what you’re working toward.

2. Figure out your objectives and your key results. The objectives are what you want to accomplish, usually in the form of broad goals that aren’t measurable. Key results are the more defined parts of the objectives, and they should have a specific number. For example, if your main goal is to increase your number of Instagram followers, that would be your objective. The key results would be something like, “Grow Instagram to 1,000 fans and increase post reach by five percent.”

3. All of your goals should be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. This is one of the most popular and effective strategies for creating business goals. This technique is both easy to understand and to act on.

4. Use the “5 Principles of Goal-Setting” from Locke and Latham: clarity, challenge, commitment, feedback, and task complexity. The “clarity” portion is similar to SMART goals. The “challenge” portion says that goals should be challenging without being too difficult to achieve. The “commitment” portion says that other people should be involved and invested in the goal. “Feedback” suggests that progress is measured, while “task complexity” warns against adding anything that’s too complex.

5. Apply BSQ, which means thinking big, acting small, and moving quickly. Define your main goal, figure out the milestones you want to reach on your way to that goal, and then move quickly by coming up with a timeline for each milestone.

Many tried-and-true goal-setting techniques can be applied to social media. If you’ve found something that’s worked for you in the past with other business goals, try to apply it to your social media.

Latest Social Media Optimization Trends of 2014

Social media optimization is a holistic approach in the natural search optimization process. It is very useful for your business websites that make them easy to spread over the web. In short, it is a good way to generate a high traffic to a website. Through this medium, you can easily popularize your website on different social media platforms. Let’s start a discussion about some of the latest social media trends of this year.

Popularity of Social Paid Advertising

Today, many social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are offering paid advertising services and they are continuously working to make the website popular accurately. Have a look on some of the statistics; it appears that the brands are using these social paid advertising services to a huge extent.

LinkedIn is one of the major popular social media platforms and its sponsored updates forty-five percent higher engagement as compared to the other social networking websites like Twitter or Facebook.

Facebook offers retargeted ads in the user’s news feed section that is used by numerous brands. It reports more than 49 times clicks as compared to other sidebar ads.

Twitter allows you to avail three types of social paid advertising including tweets, accounts and trends.

Major Aspect in Social Media: Google+

In terms of social media optimization, Google+ has attained a high reputation in 2014. It reports that more than three hundred people are using Google+ every month. Due to this, it has become a major part of the search algorithm. It is easy to use and rewards the websites with a high page rank and SEO IQ. Google+ becomes a necessity of search engine optimization because people are adopting it in a very effective way.

Growing Popularity

Just because of the same reason you can easily target your business and marketing with the help of these social media specialized sites. Some popular social media platforms help you to target the potential customers with your latest updates. If you want to target some more particular audience, it is good to try searching the niche social media platforms.

More Mobility

In the present scenario, mobile applications are highly used all across the world with the advent of the android phones and tablets. We can hardly imagine ourselves without them. According to the recent survey, only thirty-three percent mobiles’ sites are good, which implies there are many rooms for improvement. And this provides a huge opportunity to the business enterprises to make use of these mobile devices and networks and to make their business more popular generating a huge traffic.

Unique Quality Content

Definitely, you can easily target potential consumers in today’s market using these several latest social media optimization trends. So, making quality and relevant content is very important. It is a fact that having quality content on your business site implies that you will win a social media successfully. The use of the right and the best social media platform will benefit you in all aspects that include potential customers, business site’s online presence, etc.

Obviously, these are some of the social media optimization trends of this year. They are dynamic and fluid that will be widely implemented in all types of businesses over the next few months to a huge extent.

Social Media Websites: Features and Great Achievements

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Social media platform is highly dedicated to companies and technology professionals to collaborate, connect and create a balanced ecosystem. No doubt, social media websites are gaining huge popularity all over the world. Social media is basically a widely used and broad term. It covers a large number of websites. However, the common link among these websites is that they allow you to interact with other visitors. Here, get a short roundup of the trendiest social networks people are using on the web as well as in mobile right now.

  • Facebook: Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the topmost social networks in the present social networking scenario. It is a user-friendly platform that allows customization of user interface which includes installing applications for personalizing the experience further.
  • Twitter: Twitter is another popular social media website widely used by celebrities, businessmen and general public. It allows you to share tweets and follow others.
  • LinkedIn: It is also a widely used website in the social networking platform. It has attained a high reputation among the business owners and job seekers. It assists people and companies to build and maintain their business and careers.
  • MySpace: A diverse and large audience uses this website. Hence, it is very difficult to tell who they actually are. It is available in almost fifteen different languages. It allows profile customization and integration of features like groups, widgets, blogs, bulletin, etc.

There are many other websites that help you to fulfill the similar purpose as that by the above-mentioned sites. Fortunately, many tools are available in these social media sites that can assist you to group some of the updating tasks into a single post.

Social Media Websites’ Features Adopted By the Developers

With the success of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Digg etc, many web developers have started adopting the social media features into their own websites. User profile and authentication are the most important features of these sites that attract developers to implement them in their sites. Different methods can be used to set up user management system. It depends on certain factors which include how many levels of access do you want? In which language do you want to make your website? Do you want to create a new solution or want to use the pre-existing one?

Protect Your Brand with Social Media Websites

It is a fact that social media is a very strong tool for making online reputation of the company or the brand. Day to day, millions of people are using social media sites to promote their company and gain leverage in the market. Just like a puzzle, a company or a brand’s name consists of different pieces. These tiny pieces come together to build a whole brand image in the market. A social media campaign is an addition to your business. Update the social media accounts regularly to accomplish the desired results.

Having a profile on social media sites has become a vogue, but some people are still not sure about how beneficial it is for their business. These sites are 90% concerned about giving huge profits to all types of businesses. All the above-mentioned information aids to get a brief idea about the features and benefits of the social media sites in a business point of view.

Top 5 Articles – How to Create Your Social Media Strategy?


How do you intend to promote your blog or business through social media? Marketing through social media channels or tools has become an essential and crucial part of any business promotion these days.

In a time when everyone is taking advantage of Facebook, Twitter etc., it is important to develop a social media strategy of your own to compete and make your business stand out from the others. Social media marketing is a highly tedious work and can drain out most of your time and efforts if carried out without a proper strategy and technique.

I am no expert on social media and hence I decided to write down top 5 articles amongst the many best written on creating and boosting your social media strategy.

Top 5 Articles on Creating Your Social Media Strategy

  1. 7 Steps to Create a Social Media Strategy – Social Media Examiner :- This article, though written by Nick Shin long back in 2010, still serves as the best source to read about creating a social media strategy even in 2014. He has written in seven precise steps the exact approach you should be taking to devise an effective and productive social media strategy.
  2. 10 Steps to a Social Media Strategy – AlleyWatch :- This another tremendous piece of work by Terra on AlleyWatch describes how a business can take a positive social media approach via engagement and branding.
  3. The Three Colourful Circles of Social Media Strategy – Micheal Leis :- In this article, Micheal contained a social media strategy in three circles of Social, Distributed and Integrated. A must read for simple understanding of concepts.
  4. Why You Should Have a Social Media Strategy – Basic Blog Tips :-  This article by Wade Harman on Basic Blog Tips can explain a social media strategy for beginners in the simplest form.
  5. My Two Step Social Media Starter Plan – Problogger :-  This article on Problogger is a two step plan to create content and how to publicize it on social media effectively using a simple tool.

If I have missed anything important or you have any suggestions, please feel free to write them down below. You are free to submit more links to awesome articles on social media strategies in your comments.

5 Ways to Use Google+ to Increase Traffic to Your Blog


Google+ has been one of the fastest growing social networking platform in the past one year or so. Friends, social groups, business networks, all find their place on Google+. In addition of being an excellent social networking site, Google+ also has the capability to drive tonnes of targeted traffic to your website. Let’s see how.

5 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Google+

  1. Create Your Blog’s Profile Page :- The first thing you got to do is to create a profile page for your blog on Google+. Use your blog’s logo on the page so that it can be easily identified with. This will give you a platform to promote your blog and manage your readers easily.
  2. Promote Your Blog’s Posts on Profile Page :- Make sure that each and every post you publish on your blog appears on the profile page of your blog on Google+. This is will not only help in faster indexing of your posts by Google, but it will also help you to increase the backlink count of your blog.
  3. Connect With More and More People :- With Facebook imposing a limit on the number of friends you can have in your profile to around 5,000, I think Google+ has emerged as the new option to make more and more connections and create circles of like minded people. The more +1’s your posts will have, the better will be the impression on the minds of your readers.
  4. Use Keywords on Google+ Profile :- When promoting your blog’s content on the Google+ profile, make sure to use the highly trafficked keywords in the content which will give a boost to your SERPs. Since Google+ is owned and monitored by Google, it will definitely bring out positive results if used correctly.
  5. Share Everyone’s Content  :- Don’t just keep posting links from your own blog without bothering what is going on in the rest of the world. Be aware of what others are promoting in your circles and always share anything which you happen to like and appreciate. Your efforts will always be reciprocated by the others.

The above 5 tips can give a great boost to the traffic of your blog if you use them regularly. Just let me know how you promote your stuff on Google+.