A Closer Look at Tumblr


Social media networks are the rave right now, with giants such as Facebook and Twitter dominating the scene. Hot on their heels is Tumblr, which is now listed in the top ten social media websites in the US. It has really taken off as a go-to social media platform for users to share their content online. The social media site works somewhere between Twitter and blogging, and it is currently gathering page views in the billions as people come up with a variety of ways to creatively use it.

Accounts are very easy to set up, with barriers set really low. You can also upload content from anywhere within a few seconds through its smart phone app, allowing users creative freedom to use Tumblr the way they want it. Of course, this has both its positive and negative effects. Let’s take a closer look at what Tumblr has become.

The History

Tumblr was launched on April 27, 2007 by David Karp. Marco Arment served as the lead developer. Within two weeks of its launch, the service had gained 75,000 users. As of October 13, 2012, Tumblr has over 77 million blogs. According to comScore, it scored 13.4 million unique visitors in the United States alone in July 2011—up 218% from July 2010. Its headquarters is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City and reportedly employs around 175 people. Recently, Tumblr boasts 108.4 million blogs with 50.9 billion posts is sold to Yahoo and is now part of the company together with the acquisition of another social networking site Flickr.

The Good Stuff

  • Advice and Inspiration – For people looking to shower themselves with small pieces of advice and inspiration, Tumblr is a great place to go. It is a great resource for your daily pick-me-upper, with accounts that dish out advice to those who seek it.
  • Specialty Blogs – With over 24 million blogs, Tumblr can offer people almost anything according to their specific needs. This includes a host of other interests that you never knew existed.
  • Entertaining Gifs and Macros – Long time netizens know that there is nothing in the Internet that we can’t make fun of. This is the reason why Tumblr blogs that chronicle the funniest and most entertaining uses of gifs and macros exist.
  • Appealing Images – For the most part Tumblr is all about images. This makes it a lot more fun to use than its more popular counterparts Facebook and Twitter, mainly because instead of seeing a wall of text, you are bombarded with very appealing images.
  • You Can Keep All Your Strange Obsessions in One Place – Tumblr can help you keep a close eye on all your favorite websites and share or reblog entries you like. It can be your blog, your friend’s network and more.
  • Businesses are all in Tumblr – Tumblr is a source for networking and advertising. According to a recent study by Somply Measured Inc, 50% of large brands are active on TUmblr. Among the retailers measured were Tiffany & Co. and Gap Inc. Also, many of the brands that are on Tumblr are active on it. Nearly 52% of post at least three times a week and 20% post at least 10 times a week.

The Bad Stuff

  • Excessive Advertising – Since Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr, the company decided to change the social network’s unprofitability. However, the trick is ads should be incorporated tastefully.
  • The Proliferation of Porn – Tumblr’s culture involves the freedom of creative expression by its users, and this entails unrestricted posting of nudity, which is definitely not safe for kids and work.
  • Copyright Violation – The site has been criticized for its bloggers’ ability to violate copyright. This comes with Tumblr’s visual appeal, making it ideal for photoblogs that involve publishing copyright works made by others through reblogging without getting paid.
  • Spam and Security Issues – Tumblr has experienced spamming issues like the 2011 chain letter scam that left 130,000 victims in its wake. In December 2012, the site was also attacked by a cross-site scripting worm, encouraging users to inflict harm to themselves and criticizing bloggers as a whole.
  • Creepy Followers – These include strangers that always comment using double entendres and/or frequently reblog your posts.

Squeeze Facebook and Twitter For Traffic to Your Blog

facebook and twitter

As a business manager if you are left wondering about the impact of social media sources of different websites like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, then we are sure that this article is meant for you. We all know about the popular and top traffic generating websites (social media networks) like Facebook and Twitter( Read : 5 Ways to Improve Your Blog Using Twitter) . But did you know that you can use these social networking sources for generating quality traffic towards your website. Noteworthy you must consider if the time, energy, and money given to Twitter and Facebook business pages are getting translated to conversion, sales, and leads.

Exploit the potential of social media websites to generate traffic for your website!

In today’s competitive era, it has become essential to use social media network for generating quality traffic towards your website. Hardly, it matters if you are a locally owned company, fortune 500 company, a freelancer, or a home entrepreneur; you need social media like Twitter and Facebook for marketing your business online. As a matter of fact, it is very important for your business to generate website traffic if you aim to make your brand popular globally.

As per recent statistics, 2 million stories are published at Facebook & Twitter while 6 million visitors visit Facebook every day. Acknowledging this, don’t you think this is an excellent platform to promote your business? If you ever start an online campaign with Facebook and Twitter, it is sure to bring 15% lift in your business. Businessmen are now targeting and leveraging internet marketing for incredible growth of their business.

Target your audience

Target your audience first, as this is one of the most prominent parts of marketing and branding. The objective behind this is to use exposure and marketing to generate quality traffic which consists of your “target audience”( Read : 5 Ways to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Blog). By the time you develop strong online presence, your targeted customers shall see you as an expert. And there is natural flow of traffic towards your business.

Engaging Content:

The next thing which you ought to figure out is that “what kind of content shall engage your audience”. Your business pages at Facebook and Twitter must have content which is rich in quality and has relevant keywords. It must have attractive graphics too. This will help in building trust and reliability; besides retain your loyal fan base.

Which social media network is best for you?

  • Twitter – one of the big players in social media marketing, Twitter is one such platform which generates immense exposure in little time. Many companies have found that by having a Twitter page together with a Facebook business page is a perfect means to exploit the social media marketing recipe besides is an incredible way to generate traffic.
  • Facebook – another big player in present day’s social media realm, Facebook is a popular social media networking website. People use this website to stay connected, to carry research, shop, and raise money for different social and noble causes. No doubt this media has become a significant tool for your business’s social media marketing campaign.

So now it’s time to find the routine and see what is best for you. Remember consistent action is the main key for your business to accelerate the online exposure.

How to Use YouTube to Generate Big Dollars Online?


Did you know that you can make money through the popular video sharing website – You Tube? If you are among the millions of people who visit and watch videos at You Tube then you might know how lucrative this platform is. These millions of people who watch videos online can mint millions of dollars. But the question is how? Here we will tell you how you can make money online through this world wide famous video website – YouTtube!

Everyone must have heard of YouTube, the Google-owned video sharing website which is a well known educational tool and fashion setter for the whole world. Nearly every internet user by now must have visited this site, and this is sufficient to speak about its popularity. Hardly people know that besides being a source of entertainment and fun, this website can help you mint money too. (Read : How to Make Money Online Using YouTube?) So let’s have a step by step insight as to how you can mint money from You-tube:

Ascertain the content:

Basic thing – You need to have a video to enter this world. This video can have content in the form of short simple guide or a live demonstration guide etc. The comedians and musicians generally upload popular videos and many of these earn money in good figures. This is owing to a main reason that relaxation and entertainment are must and this is what drives people to You-tube.

Make a framework:

Once you have decided the kind of content your video will feature, it is time to strengthen your idea. Prepare a basic framework on kinds of videos that you are trying to make. Try and keep your budget low in the start. In fact it must be nil.

Create a channel

Do you have a YouTube account? If no, then make one like you make for other websites. Once you have an account, you get a personal channel where you can upload your videos. Make your channel as attractive and unique as possible, by using the cool editing features which it offers.

Create videos and edit them

Now comes the tricky part. Shoot your video but make sure you are using a good quality camera which has strong video and audio features. Shoot from different angles. Edit the video carefully so that your video speaks of what you want to show.

Upload the videos

So now, when you are done with shooting the video it’s time to upload it. Log in to your account and upload it. This process is very easy and so doesn’t need much explanation. Keep in mind to upload the video in .wmv format for better result. Your video must not contain any copyrighted material, else in no time your video will be taken down. Title the video appropriately and add a suitable description to it. Include search tags so that people can easily locate your video.


Promote your video through different social media networking websites.

The bottom line – “Now it’s time to wait and watch.” Select the precise placement for your video and create Google AdSense account for your channel. ( Read : How to Increase Your Google AdSense Earnings?) Once the amount of your profit crosses $100, you will get a cheque. By far you must have realized that You Tube is an amazing place, so get going and mint money.

Why Having A Social Presence Is Important

Social media

I was at a marketing meeting lately, representing a major consulting firm. I was extremely surprised to learn how social media can affect the overall performance of a firm.  This inspired me to research the vast impact social media had on firms.  Over the last decade, competition has changed significantly.  The way business is carried out these days has also changed significantly.  Firms had to have an office to operate in the last century.  With all of the changes, firms have had to embrace social media so that they can stay ahead of competitors.

Social media presence is the use of the Internet to spread information about a business, accomplish branding and learn the desires of consumers through indulgence in constant communication. Building a strong social media presence takes creating websites to share knowledge and syndicating advertisements regarding products and services.  Firms must build online communities so that they can communicate directly and quickly with their customers.  It is imperative for businesses to be on social media these days.

Corporations like Pepsi and McDonalds have established major online presences.  Facebook has over one billion users logging in once a month these days.  If a company can reach even a small portion of those users, it can go a long way for the company.  The cost of reaching an audience on social media sites is much more cost effective than other advertising mediums too.  These are the main reasons why companies are hurrying to create their social presences.

The Negative Aspect Of Social Media

Social media platforms can be double-edged swords.  An executive of Sensei Marketing, Jeff Wilson, has stated that social networks have negative effects too.  Social media users can network anonymously.  Due to this, they can do as they please without feeling guilt or remorse.  They don’t have any real accountability.  This can cause defamation of a firm’s products as well as its reputation.

An example of the negative effects of social media is the #McDstories crisis.  It was the direct result of online defamation of McDonalds.  People went online and posted negative stories and comments about the company.  Firms who do have strong social presences can counter such attacks much easier than those firms who do not have social presences at all.

Creating A Social Presence

There are multiple ways for a company to establish a social presence.  Multinational companies can create Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.  They can use these platforms to advertise their products.  In order to gain popularity, the company must be astute to social issues that are relevant to their audience.  For example, if a country is suffering from the poor treatment of their labour force, a company can use this to their advantage by spreading petitions in favour of the workers and supporting the victims.  Doing such facilitates branding and earns companies benevolent reputations.

For local businesses, they can partner with local organisations and support local causes through Facebook and Twitter.  They can effectively manage their corporate responsibility and share their information through these methods and make sure it reaches consumers.  Creating an online social community can help in organizing events that support local communities and this will increase brand popularity.  It also gives prospective business partners avenues to learn more about the business.

The concept that drives social presence is treating the target audience’s causes as the company’s causes to establish positive reputations and rapport with communities.  This creates trust and spreads goodwill.  While this happens, the company spreads its brand information and attracts consumers and partners alike.  The continuous flow of communication makes it easy to provide over-the-top customer service too.

How To Use Twitter To Expose Your Online Business

Why Use Twitter

If you are not yet on Twitter, you may be missing out on major exposure for your company. Although using a social media marketing strategy can be daunting, it certainly has its rewards. To help you out, here are 5 tips on how to use Twitter to expose your online business:

1. Link your Twitter account to various other accounts.

To really get your name out there, you need to have as many social media profiles as possible. By linking them all together, you will be able to reach more people to expose your online business. Make sure to include links on offline products as well, such as business cards, pamphlets, or even store signs. There are also various tools you can use across multiple platforms to make your work easier.

2. Be insistent and consistent with your Tweets.

One of the best ways to succeed online using Twitter is to Tweet often. Although many people are reluctant to push too hard, it is a must to use multiple Tweets to promote a new service, product, or content. By being consistent, you will better expose your online business to others.

Some marketers recommend using Hootsuite to schedule your Tweets. For promoting something new, you may want to send anywhere between 3 to 12 Tweets within a 24-hour period. To find out the best times to schedule Tweets for during the day, you can use another tool called Crowdbooster.

3. Optimize your profile.

Remember to completely fill out your profile using keywords and phrases to help people find you. Because there are various tools used to find different keywords, optimizing your profile will help expose your online business by categorizing you with other relevant businesses.

You can also use your header and profile images to attract attention. However, if you are using an image of yourself, make sure that you are smiling because it is the easiest to interpret and attract people.

4. Optimize your Tweets.

When composing your Tweets, be sure to take advantage of keywords and hashtags. By using keywords and hashtags, you will increase your visibility. You can also do a search for keywords and hashtags to connect with others with relevant interests and learn what is trending. By keeping on top of the trends, you will make it much easier to be seen and potentially earn more followers to interact with.

5. Use Twitter to see what others have to say about your online business:

If you type “to: @username” and “from: @username” using actual business names, you can see what others are saying about you or the competition. This is an excellent way of discovering your strengths and weaknesses when compared to others. Doing such searches can also alert you to key areas that you need to work on, such as customer service.

(Also Read : How to Squeeze Maximum Traffic Out of Twitter)

With these 5 tips on how to use Twitter to expose your online business, you can get the recognition you need and deserve.