Use Yahoo Answers to gain more popularity


You can use Yahoo Answers to gain some popularity in the search engines. A huge number of people daily use Yahoo Answers to solve their issues and doubts on almost each and every topic. You can use this opportunity to build a good image online by answering to people and solving their doubts and issues . You can search for questions and fields related to your niche and provide valuable information in your answers. You can cleverly insert links back to your website in your answers such that it adds more value . In such a way you also gain backlinks to your site. But make sure that you do not spam. You gain points for answering. If you provide valuable and important information , you can soon gain some popularity and you can even get some subscribers for your website.  Never try to sell your business in your answers. Or you would be just lose on some important benefits.

Use Posterous to promote your blog and build backlinks

Posterous is an excellent way to promote your blog and spread your content online . What posterous does is that is autopost your posts and content on a network of blogs and social networking platforms like Facebook , Twitter etc. All you need to do is to create a bookmarklet , write content and post it. It will automatically be posted on all the blogs and platforms you choose. This saves a lot if time and build backlinks back to your site. You can link your blogs with your posterous spaces . Whatever you post in your space gets posted in your blogs too.

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