How To Get Any Website To Convert Like Crazy (A Step By Step Guide)

As you know, there’s only two steps to making money online: traffic and conversions. If you can get people to your website and convert them into customers, that’s it. You’re golden.

The good news is, it’s easy to get traffic. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of different methods, both free and paid. The bad news is, most internet marketers struggle with conversions and end up making little to nothing from all their hard work.

In this short article, I’m going to give you a simple strategy you can implement right now to get your website to convert like crazy. I’ve tested and refined this strategy on several websites in different niches and I can tell you for a fact that it works. And the best part is, it’s very, very simple.

First Off, Start At The Beginning

If you’re getting lots of traffic but it’s not converting, there’s a good chance you missed a key piece of the puzzle in the early stages of setting up your site: your market.

The truth is, if there aren’t any buyers in your niche, or no one wants your products or services, you’ve completely wasted your time and money.

The best markets to target online are what I call “desperate buyers”. These people have extremely frustrating problems that they’d do just about anything to solve.

When you target these people, your sales letter, marketing, product and/or service don’t even have to be that good. I’m certainly no John Carlton, but my sites convert like crazy.

So how do you find and target “desperate buyers”? Well, it’s very simple.

ClickBank Holds The Key

ClickBank is the largest retailer in the world of online, downloadable products. If there’s a profitable niche online, chances are, ClickBank retails products in that niche.

Visit their marketplace and look at the different categories. Look for one with tons of different products (at least 300) and make sure a decent amount of these products have a gravity of over 30.

Once you’ve identified a profitable niche or category, the next step is to go deeper and find a specific, frustrating, desperate problem that people have in that niche.

Here’s how:

Use A Popular Forum

Google “inurl:forum” and “[the name of your niche]”. Now find a popular forum (make sure it’s extremely busy) and find a sub forum where people ask for help.

Now start browsing through the different threads carefully. What you’ll soon discover is that people experience the same problems over and over again.

What you’re looking for are the most common, frustrating problems people have that they’re the most desperate to solve. Once you’ve found them, you now have a license to print money online.

Find Or Create A Product That Solves Those Problems

The next step is to sell a product that solves those problems. If you don’t want to create one yourself, there’s lots of products on ClickBank that will pay you a commission on each sale. My advice is to focus on membership sites as these earn you ongoing passive income.

Use An Ultimatum

This is only possible if you’re selling your own product, but this strategy has been phenomenally successful for me. What you do is simple. Get people to the point where you know they want your product, then force them to make a decision on the spot. Don’t give them the option. Threaten to block them from your site or take them off your list if they don’t buy.

I know this is controversial, and not everyone will be comfortable with this approach, but again, I can tell you for a fact that this works.

And That’s It

As you can see, it’s very simple. All you have to do is find extremely frustrating, common problems and then sell a product or service that solves them. If you use this strategy, everything else falls into place a lot easier. You can be the worst copywriter in the world, have the most pathetic looking website and still make money online.

Bring in traffic to your WordPress website with these amazing tips


A website is considered “Great” only if it has a lot of traffic coming in from different sources. Driving traffic for your website can turn to be a daunting experience if you aren’t sure about the best means of doing so. If you’re just like the many website owners who’re constantly struggling to drive more traffic to their site, then you’ve arrived at the right post. Through this blog, I’ll be putting forth some of the most amazing tips that will aid you in bringing a lot of traffic to your website. So, without keeping you waiting, let me introduce you to exciting tips you’ll love to follow for driving maximum traffic to your site.

Tip No.1- Opt for adding Breadcrumbs

Addition of breadcrumbs adds an entirely new dimension to your website’s visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). In addition to this, breadcrumbs also aid your visitors in getting an instant idea about your site’s structure and the basic navigation from one web page to another. You may choose to use the WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin to enable breadcrumbs onto your WordPress powered website.

Tip No.2- Split the web content using specific headlines

If you’ve been a regular blogger then you might be well familiar with the importance of headlines. The same rule applies to websites as well. One of the most effective means of boosting traffic to your WordPress website is splitting your site’s content into headlines. You may use the Title Split Testing for WordPress plugin for creating multiple headlines for each of the post/pages you’ve included within your website. These headlines are then randomly presented to the visitors and the click-through rate is measured. Once you’re able to attain a specific number of clicks, it’ll become easier for you to decide which headline works best for attracting visitors.

Tip No.3- Opt for interlinking within web pages

It’s always a better idea to interlinks the pages within your website. Doing this will allow you to boost visitor engagement. Even if your visitors get blind in navigating from one page to another, these interlinks will compel them to explore your site in a thorough manner. I recommend you to include as many relevant links within your posts/pages as possible while framing the same.

Tip No.4- Install Analytic and study the results obtained henceforth

Whether you’re running a corporate WordPress website or a WordPress blog, it’s beneficial to install Google Analytics tool (available free of cost) and analyze the results obtained from the different tests conducted by the same. You must keep a watch over the following aspects related to your website’s performance:

  • Total number of visits that are originated for your website

  • The sources that are driving traffic to your site

  • What people are saying about your site

Employing analytics will offer you a critical opinion on where you’re heading to and areas where you can find innovative business opportunities. It also offers you a fair chance of learning from your own mistakes and executing your potential to the maximum.

Tip No.5- Update your website’s ‘About Us’ Page on a regular basis

The very first page your visitors will likely want to view is your ‘About Us’ page because they’ll want to know something about who you are and what kind of products/services you offer. Hence, it becomes essential to update your ‘About Us’ page by including a short bio and a generic description of what you deal in. Text containing around two paragraphs is sufficient for an impressive ‘About Us’ page. Try including a clear and crisp language that serves your purpose of making the visitors come to your site repeatedly.

Tip No.6- Proofread your website content for grammatical and logical flaws

Whether it’s a less-content ‘Contact Us’ page or a content-rich Products/Services Page, you must make sure every detail included within your web pages is correct, both grammatically as well as logically. There shouldn’t be any spelling mistakes or jargon errors as these may easily turn off your visitors and they may head to a new website.

Wrapping Up

Often you might’ve heard about web traffic fast schemes, but I wouldn’t recommend you indulging in any such thing. The set of tips explained above are more than sufficient for enabling you to increase web traffic for your WordPress website. Just abide by these tips and you’ll be able to find your path towards online success.

If you have any suggestions for methods that can be utilized for improving website traffic, please don’t forget to share the same within the comments box below.

A/B Testing 101: The Brief Novice’s Guide to Split Testing for E-Commerce Website Owners

Online operation of a business is, by nature, fueled by a series of multiple choices – from target consumers, to products, presentation, and prices. Given the loads of options, it is imperative to acquire the best tools that can walk you through decisions and help you attain ideal results.

And indeed, it would be nice to trim down the multitude of selections to only two variants.

This is why A/B testing is highly recommended to fledgling online entrepreneurs who are at lost on the possible layout and designs that they can integrate in their business website.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing, also dubbed as split testing, is the process of creating two web page versions which will be subjected to an experiment participated by consumers. Webmasters will select a particular component and create two different variations. Suppose you chose to test the call to action button, you can craft a couple of version having different color or size, design, and font style.

These two element variations will then be integrated in the original web page, creating what is called as “variants.”

Your page variants will be shown to unsuspecting website visitor. A software or program created for test should be downloaded to split the traffic into two—one leading to variant A and the other towards variant B.

Throughout the testing period, you will have to record the number of clicks, hits, purchases, downloads or subscriptions. These will serve as your metric or basis for performance evaluation. At the end of the test, you are required to make an analysis on how the variants faired up with one another. Based from the raw data, you can assess which of the two versions can help you achieve your goals or provide the best solution to your website’s problems.

The final step would then be the implementation of the design that can bring potential success.

Suffice to say, A/B testing is a marketing tool that studies the behavior of your consumers, their motivation for taking action, priorities, and general interests. As such, entrepreneurs who conduct split testing are more likely to formulate a strategy that is in parallel with the character of their niche.

This is primarily the reason why A/B testing works.

Why does A/B testing work?

It is not too difficult to infer that accurate and appropriate A/B testing can make a colossal different to your “bottom line.” Given that the process involves plethora of controlled tests and generation of trustworthy empirical data, entrepreneurs can make wise decisions on probably marketing strategies that suits your company and products best.

After all, tweaking the websites without prior tests and weighing of consequences is outright ludicrous. As oppose to this, one variation that significantly performs better than the other ensures that the resources you earmarked and your investment would bear highly likable results.

When Split testing is conducted at a regular basis (ideally before updating the site for SEO purposes), you can earn great improvements in your bottom line. The procedure works as it gives you an idea on which decision or action should be made. Everything you do online would therefore have a new meaning and reason – A/B testing provides evidences that can back your choices.

As a result, you can integrate wiser marketing tactics and amass much-needed materials from the outset.

Additional Tips

Data from A/B testing is soundest when you reach statistical significance. This is when your test successfully matured and point to solid a conclusion on which version – A or B – is better. The trick is to check the confidence level from the test: the higher it is, the more accurate your test results are.

It is imperative to attain 95% confidence level in split testing, leaving mere 5% as the chance of basing your decisions on randomly gathered data.

Most importantly, you have to keep in mind that the success of the experiment depends on how well-versed you are in the process. It is therefore important to know the nitty-gritty of it all before plunging into the test. The more you know, the more split testing would work for you.


Ruben Corbo is a freelance writer that writes about technology, gaming, music, and online marketing especially topics about A/B split testing and how to run multivariate tests. Want to learn more about A/B testing? You can find more information on the guide to A/B testing. Ruben is also an avid gamer and music composer for short films and other visual arts.

5 Tips to Increase Comments on Your Blog


Do you know how some bloggers consistently attain high levels of comments on the blogs that they write( Read : How to Increase Blog Comments For More Traffic)? If you have a blog and are unable to attain ample amount of comments then it is either a matter of post or the number of traffic. Read their post and may be you will realize that the quality of your post is not that superior to the quality of their post. If you want to make your blog popular and spread a welcome mat for comments then possibly you need to look ways to increase interaction on your blog.

As there are so many blogs on the World Wide Web, people tend to get confused as to which place they must visit or which blog they must read. If your blog fails welcoming people, then they would read and leave without any comment. The actual litmus test for the success of your blog is gaining traffic and thereby hitting the counter. If you are trying to figure out how to accelerate comments on your blog then here is an authoritative guide that will help you in growing conversation on your blog.

Acknowledged as life blood of business, comments reveal the level of engagement amid the readers and the author. They fetch the experiences and ideas of the community together besides, they result in immense knowledge being shared. Bringing in high level of excitement, comments encourage the author to write more and share his knowledge. To spark a conversation amid your readers, take the following steps:

Ask for comments

This might seem bit surprising but the fact is that there are many bloggers that fail opening up this door. In today’s world, if you want something, you got to ask for it. If you want people to comment on your post, ask them! Tell your readers that you want to answer their queries, share their opinions and concerns. Believe us; you will be surprised on what this invitation will bring.

Adopt a proactive approach

Think out of the box and generate content which is worth reading. It should appeal the readers to comment. The content must engage the readers to join the debate and in no time you will have plenty of social comments.

Promote, Promote and Promote

As important as writing a blog, you must spread a word about your blog. Promote your current and upcoming post. Adopt the precise strategy and promote your blog on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Say that you want to hear them.

Spread the Comment Love

Many times an effective way to attract comments is – be an active blogger by commenting and spreading your opinion and ideas on other blogs. This will invite that blogger to come and comment on your post too. ( Read : 5 Blog Commenting Rules Every Blogger Should Follow)

Commit to Interaction

Go beyond the simple saying that you want comments. Make sure that you respond to them. Interact with your audience and certainly this will bring your readers back to your blog. Thank people for commenting on your blog. Make sure that the responses are promoted further.

So make your post relevant and opinionated and surely you will get comments in ample number.


5 Must Do’s to Have Insane Amount of Traffic to Your Blog


It takes a lot of efforts as well as time to gain a high number of loyal readership to your blog. Every blogger at some point of time, has to go through this stage of building a consistent and targeted traffic to his or her blog. In making efforts to achieve this, sometimes we may miss out on some really crucial and important must do’s which can result in less traffic and thus wasted time.

Here I have listed out some must do tasks which can gain you high quality and quantity of readers to your blog.

5 Must Do Things As a Blogger to Gain Traffic

  1. Consistent Blogging :- What else are you supposed to do as a blogger if you don’t blog regularly? Sometimes we get too involved or lost in building backlinks and traffic to our blog that we forget that we don’t update it for days, weeks or months. There is no law on how much and when to write. The basic rule is that whenever you write, write consistently. Still, updating a blog at least two times a week is advised keeping in mind the growing competition and tougher search engine algorithms.   
  2. Always be Active in Replying Comments :- A number of times we feel lazy to reply to a comment which is short or is from some unknown blogger. This can harm your readership and may take away readers from your blog. Always actively reply to comments and follow them to their blog and leave comments on their blog. This acts a great method to build relations with other bloggers. (Also Read : How to Increase Blog Comment For More Traffic? )
  3.  Internal Linking :- Ever wondered why Wikipedia remains on the top of search engine listings all the time? One reason is the high quality content that they provide and second being the intensity of internal linking they provide in their articles. When you link internally to you posts, it keeps your readers engaged on your blog and help them explore more and more in your blog. If your content is valuable, you  have gained loyal readers.
  4. Add Images :- I still get 25% of my traffic via Google Images. Adding images not only makes your blog more appealing and expressive, it also helps you gain backlinks and traffic to your blog in the search engines. The images which you add get indexed by the search engines and you gain highly targeted organic traffic to your blog.
  5. Try Google+ :- After Twitter and Facebook, Google+ emerged as one another useful social networking platform. No doubts, Google does take into account the number of plus 1s your blog managed to collect from its readers. So, try to make your presence in as many Google+ circles as possible and you will definitely bring in more traffic to your blog.

You can guest blog on as many sites as you can because that will increase your readership and will make you and your blog popular amongst readers of your niche. (Also Read : 3 Strategies to Maximize Guest Posting Benefits)