How to Squeeze Maximum Traffic out of Twitter


Many marketers complain lack of traffic through Twitter. Number of followers is no longer a criterion for traffic. We all know that followers on Twitter are commonly gained through following someone and them following in return. Therefore, there will hardly be any engagement. Interestingly making the use of below ideas, we can squeeze maximum traffic from Twitter.

Reach popular followers on Twitter:

Research your followers and list all those who have high number of followers of their own. After posting a status, tweet with their username. Consider you are about to post a status on blogging tips, for example. After updating the status include the username of anyone of the followers and ask a opinion. It does not have to be an opinion always. Creativity is the limit. You can connect with your followers with any idea you want in relation to the content.

The goal is to retweet your post to his/her followers. Eventually your site will get more exposure and more followers in the end.

Do a Case Study with any Agency or Software:

If you own software or have used a certain service, do a case study on it. Write an elaborate article discussing your experience. I would suggest keeping it positive. If you are negative towards the service then keep the tone neutral. After posting the content on your site tweet it to the related Twitter account of the software/service provider. Ninety-Nine percent of the time, it will be retweeted by the firm. If the case study is really of interest and value then the firm will not stop with just a retweet. They will probably send it all their subscribers. In the end, all the followers will eagerly arrive at your site.

Example: We recently did a case study as to how businesses prefer to outsource web development. Although we did not gain many followers, the traffic spiked and remained the same for few weeks.

Write content in response to viral contents:

There are several viral contents. All you have to do is pick one in relation to your niche, which is recently going viral (at least to some extent). Write an exclusive content in response to the post. After you are done with the content, retweet/reply to the viral tweet with your response and link to your site. Soon people will be coming to look at your response.

Though there are three ways mentioned, they are the best and create the largest impact. All you have to do is try them out.


5 Strategies to Make Your Readers Come Back Again


Your blog’s success indirectly depends a lot on how much your visitors engage themselves with your blog or website. The more your readers find your blog interesting and useful, more they tend to come back again and again. Let me explain it for you via simple case study.

Suppose you go to a restaurant A and order food. You dine there and in the end you are presented with the bill. You pay the bill and walk out of the restaurant.

Now consider another restaurant B. You walk in, dine and are again presented with the bill. But what you notice is that they give you 20% off on the billing amount as a thank you gift. You feel more satisfied don’t you?

The food quality was same at both places. Now answer me a very simple question.

Now which restaurant you are more likely to visit next time? It’s definitely B(for most of us).

I think you got the point am talking about.

The strategy restaurant B used helped them to retain their customers. If you want to make most out of your blog or website, then you must learn to make your readers come back again and again to your blog. Specially if you are running your blog to make money online, this is a must for you.

That is why in this blogging tip, I will share with you 5 effective and powerful tips which will compel your readers to visit your blog again and again.

5 Tips To Make Your Readers Come Back

  1. Write Frequently :- The more you write and update your blog regularly, more your readers will like to visit your blog again for new information. Updating your blog on regular intervals makes it appear alive to your readers who visit your blog first time. Moreover, if your content is fresh and informative, they will become loyal to your blog and will come back again.
  2. Be Focussed on Your Niche :- Your readers will love it if you constantly produce content which targets only one niche and is highly qualitative. Diversion from your niche can make you lose traffic. Writing high quality niche specific posts creates an image of expertise of yours in that niche in the minds of your readers.
  3. Make Subscribers :- This has been the most used technique ever since I started blogging. Subscribing to your blog keeps your readers updated about the new content and updates of your blog which keeps them in constant touch of your blog. Make sure that subscribing options are completely visible on your blog.
  4. Simple and Clean Blog Design :- Nobody likes to visit a blog which is hard to navigate, confusing or has links broken. Try to keep your blog design as simple and clean as possible and your readers will fall in love with your blog.
  5. Less Advertisements :- I know you are eager to make money online through your blog but not at the expense of you readers. Always keep in mind that whenever a user clicks on an ad on your blog, he/she is taken away from your blog. Moreover, there should always be a proportion between the ads and the content on your blog. If you display only ads everywhere, you will lose your readers.

Blogging is a two-way street. It survives only because of you readers. So use the above techniques to make them love your blog.

5 Ways to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank of Your Blog



Amazon’s alexa traffic rank of a website is a measure which indicates the amount and level of traffic to a website from people all over the world who have alexa toolbar installed. It represents how popular your website or blog is on the internet. Alexa Traffic Rank is used by advertisers to know about the traffic levels of your website and plays a big part in deciding the advertising cost. Hence, if you want to make money online from advertising or sponsorships on your blog, you must pay a lot of attention towards improving the alexa rank of your blog.

5 Simple Ways to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank

Higher the alexa traffic, higher is the traffic to your blog and more will be the advertising costs on your blog. These are some simple techniques to increase your alexa rank which I am going to share with you.

  • Alexa Toolbar :- Download the alexa toolbar and use it to visit your blog. Alexa ranking is based on the number of visitors to your blog having alexa toolbar installed. You generally visit your blog a number of times during a day. So why not utilise your visits to improve your rankings.
  • Search Engines :- You should try and get listed on as many number of search engines as possible. Try and get yourself listed on DMOZ directory which is widely used on the internet.
  • Write¬†Reviews¬†:- One more method to increase your alexa traffic rank is to get reviews for your blog. You can write them on your own or get them written by someone else. You can use top 500 or 1000 sites ranked by Alexa to generate reviews for your own blog.
  • SEO Forums and Blogs :- Try and participate in SEO forums and blogs available on the internet as these are most likely to use Alexa Toolbar. A lot webmaters are involved with SEO forums which can be a good source of traffic to your blog.
  • Keep Asiatic Audience In Mind :- Studies have shown that Asiatic countries like India and China have the most number of Alexa toolbars installed with the people. Hence traffic from these countries can help you to gain very high alexa traffic rank.

I have managed to get my blog to 325k in the Alexa Rankings in just 4 months. Just follow this blogging tip and you can really generate some good income from your blog using high alexa rankings.

5 Simple Ways to Decrease Bounce Rate of Your Blog

Worried From High Bounce Rate?

I have seen many bloggers suffer from this problem of high bounce rate from their blog. So I decided to write some effective ways to bring down the bounce rate of your blog significantly. It is just another blogging tip which is part of the process to make money online. So let’s start.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate can be defined as the biggest hindrance in the success of any blog. Generally speaking, it is the percentage of visitors coming to your blog who bounce back from your site immediately without further browsing. Just like when you click the back button as soon as a website appears on your screen. There are many reasons but the main reason for which you bounce back from a website is that you do not find what you are looking for. Or you were presented something else in place of what you wanted.

A high bounce rate shows that your visitors are not showing much interest in your blog or website and you need to do something immediately . If you want your blog to be successful, then you must make your visitors spend some time on your blog. If they will keep bouncing back from your blog, you will never be able to make a mark.

Then How to Decrease Bounce Rate of My Blog?

Here are some things which you might be missing or which you can follow to make people spend more time on your blog.

  1. Keep Your Blog Clean:– Your visitors might be turning away because your blog is full of unnecessary stuff which is not required. People like to visit sites which are clean, simple and easy to browse through. Your blog-design plays an important role here.
  2. Watch the Advertisements:- Are you displaying too many advertisements on your blog? If yes, then you must take some steps to reduce them to a decent level where your blog does not appear over-promotional to your visitors. If a visitor comes to your blog looking for some valuable information and finds tons of ads instead, he or she will definitely bounce back from your site. Excess advertisements are harmful no matter what.
  3. Content is the King:- I need not say any more I guess. Your visitors will click the back button if your content is not upto the level of their satisfaction thus increasing the bounce rate.
  4. Make Your Blog Load Fast:- I have paid extreme attention in my earlier posts to how important your blog’s loading time is for your blog. If your blog takes more than 5 seconds to load, chances are really high that your visitors might turn away from your blog.
  5. Avoid Pop-ups:- This tip is based on my personal experience. I started using pop-up newsletter subscription for my blog and the bounce rate suddenly increased. May be the visitors do not like any hindrance like a popup. So, I removed the pop-ups within two days.

These are some simple and effective tips which you can follow and hopefully the results will be good for you. Do let me know what you are doing to engage visitors on your blog.

What is Content Syndication and How to Use it For SEO and Traffic

Content-Syndication Gives You More Traffic

Most of the time a blogger is looking for different ways to generate traffic to his blog. In this post I will share an another powerful method known as content syndication to drive a lot of traffic to your blog from all parts of the world and internet. Content syndication is a method in which you allow your blog’s content to be published on many other sites on the internet provided you remain the original author of the content. In this way your content gets a lot of exposure over the internet and drives a lot of traffic to your blog.

What content syndication does for you that you need not worry that your content is not getting exposure. Let us understand this through an example.

Suppose I wrote a post on my blog on How to Make Money Online. If I am not syndicating my content, my post will be there on my blog only and will not receive much attention. Now suppose that I am syndicating my content, then my post will be available on numerous other sites on the internet and a lot of people can now read my content. Thus now I am getting maximum exposure and now I can focus on writing quality content for my blog.

Content Syndication Benefits

Content syndication also provides you with SEO benefits. When you allow other sites to publish your content, they have to retain link back to your blog so that you remain the original author and creator of the content. This way the number of backlinks to your blog also increase significantly. Hence syndicating content gives you more traffic, SEO, backlinks, subscribers, sales and more money.

Apart from the benefits, content syndication has some bad points too which I would like to share with you. You know that search engines penalize you for duplicate content. When they see that same content is published on so many sites, they may consider you as a spammer and punish your rankings. To avoid this situation, it is important that you allow your content to be published on other sites only if you get credit and link back to your blog. This will keep search engines informed that you are the original creator of the content. This will also make sure that other blogs do not outrank your blog with your content only.

One more technique to escape this situation is that you publish the content first on your blog before you allow it to be published anywhere else on the web. Also, you must not let each and very post to be syndicated. Content syndication can be extremely beneficial or extremely harmful if not used properly.

This was another blogging tip to help you gain more traffic to your blog and to make money online fast. Are you using content syndication for your blog? Which service are you using? Do let me know.