3 Steps to Increase Search Engine Traffic


What every blogger seeks for his blog is the direct traffic from the search engines or what is also known as organic traffic. The traffic from search engines has enormous potential to make you sales and money online. Visitors of organic traffic are more likely to buy your products and help you improve your conversion rates. People browse through search engines looking for products , services and information. Once , they see your blog or website for a certain keyword , they are likely to browse through your blog and buy your products. But the main question is how to get a lot of traffic from the search engines? Here are a few tips to increase your blog’s current search engine traffic:-

  1. Targeted content :-  You need to be focused with your content and niche. Make sure you pick one subject and blog about only things related to that subject. Search engines give more value to blog or sites which are built around only one particular niche. Do not try to integrate everything into one blog. Like one day you blogged about iPhone 4 and next day you blogged about pancake recipe. These things generally do not work out well with the search engines as they will keep on guessing what your blog is about. Is it about IT or food recipes?Write only targeted content which will give you higher rankings in the search engines.
  2. Originality and brand :-  Whatever you write should be your own mind’s creation. This is a must if you want to see an extra-ordinary search engine traffic to your blog. If you write original content which is valuable and informative , then search engines are definitely going to notice your blog over time. One more thing is a brand for your blog. Search engines love brands. Create a brand name for your blog and promote it with that only.
  3. Search Engine Optimization :- Now this is the most important part. Not only for organic traffic , but for any kind of traffic you want for your blog. Check here for some easy tips for SEO of your blog. SEO helps you to improve your search engine rankings which results in more traffic from the search engines.