3 Important Features of WordPress 3.7 – Basie

wordpress 3.7

Its been almost a week since WordPress 3.7, also named as Basie has been launched for millions of bloggers using WordPress as CMS. Let’s take a look on what WordPress offered with this update.

3 Features of WordPress 3.7 You Must Know

  1. Automatic Updates :- This one feature is being the most debated in the past week. After WordPress 3.7, you don’t need to update your WordPress versions manually. Just in case you have not paid attention, your WordPress version has already been updated to 3.7.1 automatically. While some have applauded WordPress for taking away the hassle of keeping WordPress up to date with the latest available version, some criticised it too. The reason for this being that it also took away the freedom to test the newer versions for compatibility with existing themes and plugins. Anyhow, this proved out to be a crucial improvement so far.
  2. Stronger Password Meter :- Security just got better with WordPress improving its password strength meter. With this security update, WordPress now offers better algorithms which measure the password strengths better and more realistically. This helps the users to choose stronger passwords and keep their blogs secure.
  3. Better WordPress Search :- Most of us used Google Custom Search on our blogs till WordPress 3.6. But with WordPress 3.7, the search bar has been drastically improved to cater better to the needs of the users. Search results are now displayed with more relevancy to the search query. Features like keyword matching the titles and the content have been added.

In addition to these, some other features include better language support for its users. WordPress 3.7 now automatically adds and updates the appropriate language files. This helps better support for all users globally. Irrespective of the fact that they use English or not.

What is your take on these new features of WordPress 3.7. Do you support the theory of automatic updates for your WordPress versions? Do let me know if I have missed anything.

5 Reasons Why You Must Use Child Themes For WordPress

There is no rocket science in child theme. Child themes are those themes which inherit their basic design and programming from parent theme.

Its as simple as that.


But the next question that would arise is then why do we need child themes?

Child themes can be used to create, tweak and customize the site design and other functionalities. A child theme can be used to create a design which is unique for your blog.

Let me throw some more light on the benefits of using a child theme for your WordPress site.

5 Benefits of Using a Child Theme

  1. More Reliable :- Just imagine a situation. You tried to edit your parent theme or template and made some error. Your whole site will be down to the earth at that very moment. And until you identify and correct the error from your parent theme, it will remain like that only. But if this was the case with child theme, you could have easily switched to your parent theme and your site would have remained live. Hence, with child themes, you are always free to try and customize your design and make changes without any fear.
  2. Update Easily Without Losing Changes :- Generally, WordPress themes are updated once or twice a month to remain updated with the latest SEO patterns or to fix bugs and errors. If you make changes on your parent theme and update it, you will lose all the changes you made and all the work will have to be redone. But with the child theme, all the customizations made are retained even if you update the parent theme.
  3. Easily Creatable :- If you have a programming background and go easy with the coding and that kind of stuff, you can easily create a child theme for your base or parent theme. Alternatively, WordPress once comes to your rescue with plugins to help you create child themes for your site. You can use Orbisius Child Theme Creator for this purpose. Though I never put my hands on it, I hope it will work just fine.
  4. Proven Results :- Many bloggers have given their blogs awesome designs which are highly unique and stand out from others in the crowd. Almost every blog which is appreciated for its design and rich user-experience uses a child theme developed on a great framework or parent theme.
  5. Numerous Options Available :- There are many frameworks or parent themes which when used with a child theme can give a killer look and boost to your blog. One such framework is Genesis Framework which has about thousands of child themes available to use. All themes including the framework are rich in SEO and are highly efficient in every aspect.

I am also searching for a child theme for this blog. Any suggestion from you is most welcomed below.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress Over Blogger

Image Credits : allbloggingtips.com

Both Blogger and WordPress have been the favorites when it comes to blogging. I started out with Blogger with my first blog being “How to Make Money Online Fast“. Then WordPress struck to my eyes as the best known CMS for blogging. Then I switched to WordPress Money Blog with Hostgator doing an excellent job in transferring my site from Blogger to WordPress.

So far, WordPress has come out as an excellent platform where I can blog according to my wish, design and even customize anything to anything!!!

WordPress is an Automattic invention whereas Blogger is owned by Google. Let’s take a look why latter lacks behind and why WordPress made a monopoly as the first choice among bloggers. (We are talking of paid-hosting version of WordPress, i.e., WordPress.org)

5 Reasons to Go With WordPress

  1. Unlimited Designs and Customizations :- WordPress offers you to create next to unlimited designs and customize your blog as uniquely as possible. This feature is absent in Blogger where there are only a few available templates and designs and you can find almost thousands of blogs similar to the design of your own.
  2. Complete Freedom :- Whatever you create with WordPress, is completely your choice and there are no restrictions whatsoever. You can create a blog or website from a pin to an aeroplane and there will be no one stopping you from doing so. But with blogger, there are always content restrictions which are monitored by harsh Google policies. One small wrong step and you may find your blog removed from Blogspot.com.
  3. Best SEO Features :- WordPress has been known for its out-of-the-box SEO features. It is the best CMS till now when it comes to optimizing your blog for search engines. As a proof, you will find that some of the top rankings blogs or websites have been created on WordPress. Though Blogger is also equally competent as their blogs get indexed by Google very quickly.
  4. Plugins :- This is where WordPress gets no competition from Blogger. With millions of plugins available at your feet to add unlimited functionalities and features to your blog, WordPress can give your blog unique look even among the thousands of blogs which are using the same theme or template.
  5. Better Growth Opportunity :- Believe it or not, if you want you business or website to grow to a bigger level, you need to look forward to the option of paid WordPress hosting. It takes only 1-click to install WordPress and get started.

I am not against Blogger as a CMS though. It too has some advantages of its own. Its free to use, easy to install, goes great with Google, the biggest organic traffic provider, adsense friendly and moreover, I wrote my first blog post with blogger.

Which CMS do you find better? Fell free to write the pros and cons of both.

WordPress 3.5.2 Rolled Out


It’s been a week since 21 June, 2013 when WordPress 3.5.2 was released addressing and fixing around 10-12 bugs and about 7 improvised security features. WordPress is always know to provide top-notch user experience which keeps on going better and better with every updates. Let us take a quick look at what WordPress 3.5.2 has to offer :

  1. Crystal Clear Dashboard
  2. All- New Media Manager
  3. New and Better Default Theme – Twenty Twelve
  4. Around 7 security fixes to assure you that your WordPress blog is safe.
  5. Under the hood improvisations.

…and much more. You can take a complete look at features of WordPress 3.5.2 here.

You would have received notification in your WordPress dashboard by now. If you haven’t updated yet, its high time you do it now. You can also download WordPress 3.5.2 and manually update your blog or website.

10 WP plug-ins For Celebrative Virtual Success

WP plug-ins behaves like confusing kittens for a majority of WP site owners. The availability of thousands of plug- at WordPress.org site puts business owners in a situation of ambivalence. If you also belong to this circle of website owners then this post will be helpful for you. Technically, WordPress is an open source web content management system that ensures simple management & easy virtual promotion of web sites, made using this CMS. In addition to this, the installation of suitable plug-ins adds value in a WordPress site. Therefore, you should try to find and install best plug-ins in your WP site.

In case, it is a matter of great confusion and trouble then you can easily chose your plug-ins from below given list.

  1. Jetpack- The All in One Solution

Frankly Speaking, JetPack is a sum of multiple plug-ins that set you free from adding plug-ins separately for easy reason. You need to have a WordPress.com account to use this tool in your website. With the help of this tool, you can simply check the stats and understand the traffic flow at your website. You can simply explore the rising trends and explore the demographics of your visitors without adding Google analytics. Further, your web site will also get social networking enabled comment system that will increase the momentum of your WordPress site. Moreover, it adds CSS editor and Mobile theme in your WP site. Therefore, it can be coined as all in one plug-in for a WordPress website.

  1. AkisMet

If you are new to virtual business then you may not have the experience of spamming but veteran online internet entrepreneurs understands the risk of being spammed. Technically, spambots send some similar messages to a website, which slows down the website. Interestingly, the addition of this plug-in will ensure the drastic decrement of spammed messages at your web site. It will also increase the speed of your website. You can get this plug-in from the official website of WordPress and install in your website.

  1. Contact Form 7

In case, you are not a PHP friendly web site manager then this plug-in will be very useful for you. Considerably, you will just have the need to paste a short code in your page for adding contact form. Moreover, you can also make changes in the fields of your form. Apart from this, this plug-in is also compatible with CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filter, and Ajax powered submission. Therefore, you will not have to be worried for spam comments on the pages, created using this plug-in.

  1. WP-PageNavi

You will certainly find this plug-in with a tag of most essential WordPress plug-in over web. Technically, it links one page from other in a simple manner. In simple words, your blog readers or website users can easily reach on newer posts without reaching on header menus. This plug-in can be installed in WP site for better pagination.

  1. Adminimize

It is an impressive plug-in for all WP site owners, who want to bring some changes in their WP dashboards. It provides easy options for setting up different roles for different authors, contributors, and subscribers. Moreover, you can also customize menus, admin bar, and other features like import & export.

  1. BreadCrumb NavXT

With the help of this plug-in, you can make your internal linking better. You just need to create right links because internal linking plays a vital role in the search engine optimization of a WordPress website. Moreover, you can also customize this plug-in. Therefore, it is a great solution for creating special breadcrumbs in your WP site.

  1. GDStar Rating

Do not you think that high ratings of a blog post intend a reader to read a post? You will surely say yes. Therefore, you should add a plug-in in your WP site for adding a star rating feature in every page and post of your website. It will increase the potential of your website in an amazing manner.

  1. PHP Code Widget

If you like to add some changes in your website with the help of PHP codes and possess little knowledge about this programming language then this plug-in will be helpful for you. It will help you to paste your PHP code in the widget and save like text/HTML widget. You just need to use this plug-in to add specially contrived PHP codes for your site.

  1. WP-DBManager

Self-back up is best back up when it comes to third party hosting. Your host company can forget taking back up of your WordPress website, which can cause data loss. However, you can sue your host company in court for such disaster but cannot get your data back. Therefore, you should load your site with this plug-in for frequent back-ups.

  1. W3 Total Catch

If your site is facing the deathblow of slow loading speed then this plug-in will work like remedy. It includes minify CSS and Java script, browser cache, content delivery network and many other things. You just need to download this plug-in from WordPress site and install in your website. Apart from this, this plug-in also provide cloud protection facility, which ensures fast loading speed of your website.

After reading about these plug-ins, you can pick the usable ones and install in your website. In case, you still are not seeing the plug-ins of your special requirements then you can go for custom plug-ins. The addition of custom tools will enhance the functional stature of your website.

Author bio – Nick Carter has  experience in web design and development. He is currently working  for wordpress development company. Hire wordpress developers to get best services for wordpress theme customization.