5 Reasons Why You Must Have WordPress

WordPress has acquired the position of the best content management system(CMS) on the internet. Thousands of sites are built daily and added to the internet using wordpress. The power of wordpress as a CMS is extreme. The most successful blogs on the internet have been built using wordpress. It is said that well begun is half done. I will give you some solid reasons that if you choose wordpress for your blog or website, you are way ahead in the process to make money online than those who are using some other CMS.

WordPress provides you with two kind of hosting options. One is absolutely free and you can create a website with a sub-domain of wordpress.com for absolutely free. The other option available is to use your own hosting and install wordpress as CMS. Generally all hosting providers have wordpress which can be installed in just a click. The second option comes out to be much better and profitable. I will discuss that later in detail. For now, let us take a look at five major benefits of wordpress as a whole.

5 Major Benefits of WordPress

  • Create and Publish Easily :- WordPress dashboard has one of the easiest and simplest design and usability to create and publish your content. Everything is crystal clear to use. You can create, edit and customize your content in whatever way you want. You can even publish your content, save drafts or schedule your posts to be published later. In short its a complete package.
  • Unlimited Themes :- WordPress gives you the option to choose from the uncountable number of themes available for your blog and that too for free. You can choose and select the one which suits your blog the most.
  • Faster Indexing :- Since wordpress sites are ranked higher in the search engines, your blog or website will get indexed faster in the search engines. For example, wordpress.com has a really high PR in Google. So, if you are using wordpress.com sub-domain, then your site will be indexed really fast.
  • Clean and SEO targeted code :- The code and design used by the wordpress is extremely simple and is highly SEO targeted. So the only thing you need to focus is on creating quality content.
  • Plugins :- Though this feature is not available for the free wordpress.com users, this feature has completely outranked the other CMSs in paid hosting. Plugins are the services or utilities which you can install on your blog just with a click of mouse. You name a thing and its plugin is available in wordpress.

These were some major benefits for which you must choose wordpress for your blog or website. In my next blogging tip, I will tell you the major differences between the free and paid hosting of wordpress. Till then you keep blogging!.

Top 3 Premium Themes for WordPress in 2012

Standard Theme-Best Premium Theme

In the last post, I discussed some benefits of using Premium Themes on your wordpress blog rather than free ones. By now you must have made your mind to switch from your free wordpress theme to some Premium wordpress theme as you want to be a professional blogger and make money online like a pro.

I promised that I will share with you some of the top wordpress Premium Themes for 2012 which you can use on your blog to have an amazing blogging experience. All good things come for a price. But what you pay gets paid to you in return.

Best 3 Premium Themes for WordPress in 2012!

Here are some of the Premium Themes which are used by tops blogs like Mashable, Problogger, JohnChow, TentBlogger and many more top bloggers of the internet world.

  1. Standard Theme:- You might go away with the name of this Premium WordPress Theme and consider it to be just an ordinary theme. But in reality this theme is extra-ordinary designed exclusively for the bloggers. Designed with effective SEO  techniques to increase traffic to your blog and to help you generate profits in no time. The theme’s social sharing capabilities enhance it’s utiliity. Also, the theme is easily customizable. The theme has kept your advertising needs in mind. The site’s load time gets decreased due to simple design and coding. In short,  this theme is a complete package and is one of the most preferred Premium Theme for 2012. Go check it out here.
  2. Genesis:-Genesis Framework is again one of the best WordPress Premium Themes which offers state of the art coding and SEO with beautiful and amazing designs to make your blog look professional and load faster than ever before. The theme has highly customizable widgets and menus and lots more. Highly referred for 2012.
  3. Thesis:- Again Thesis is one another world class theme with efficient coding, world class designs and world class SEO. Its easy to customize and control according to your wish without any knowledge of coding. Just another awesome Premium WordPress Theme.

These are the top three Premium Themes though there are many more. But you must look forward to these three. I will be upgrading to the Standard Theme next week as its version 3.0 is about to be released which is extremely powerful.

So this was all from the Premium Themes gallery. I will soon come up with more effective blogging tips for you,


6 Benefits of WordPress Premium Themes



You might be very satisfied with the free wordpress themes which you are using on your blog. But you are losing out on some really important features and benefits which you get in using Premium Themes. I decided to give you an overview of what you are missing by using free wordpress themes. This blogging tip will definitely help you improve your blog’s platform to make money online more easily. Let us begin.

What are Premium Themes?

Premium Themes for wordpress are the ones which are available for a cost. Quite simple isn’t it? The reason for them not being available for free is that a lot of time and work is done in creating these themes since they are fully loaded with features, high quality coding and much more to give an amazing experience to bloggers as well as your visitors. These themes are generally more clean,simple in design and can be easily customized to the full without any programming or coding knowledge.

What are benefits of Premium Themes?

Now I will give you complete insights into the advantages of a Premium WordPress Theme.

  1. SEO Enabled:- How many plugins are you using to search engine optimize your blog or website? Well, a Premium Theme is specifically programmed and built keeping in mind the SEO needs of bloggers. A Premium Theme handles all the SEO and hence the only thing which you need to worry about is generating quality content.
  2. Fast Loading:- These themes are designed keeping in mind the CSS, javascript and HTML for your blog. The pages load extremely fast once you start using Premium Theme on your blog. Hence adding to SEO and increased conversion rates for your blog.
  3. Highly Customizable:- These themes are highly customizable and require no coding at all. You can completely change the appearance of your blog to whatever you want without writing even a single code.
  4. Loaded with Features:- Premium themes are fully loaded with features like Google Analytics, Google Adsense and much more so that you need not use a plugin for any of them. Just customize your theme and you are done. Low number of plugins keep your blog loading fast within a second or so.
  5. Social Sharing Enabled:- Premium Themes include highly efficient social sharing of your content. With options like floating share box, your content spreads more than ever before.
  6. Advertising Spots:- These themes already include advertising spots for your blog. You can easily monetize your ad spaces using Premium Themes. The ad spots have been designed to give you high CTR and maximum conversions.

And there are many more to count like lifetime upgrades, page templates to improve SEO and much more.

I will list out some of the best Premium Themes in my next post and will tell you which one I will be using for my blog. I would like to know which one you are using.

How Many Plugins Your WordPress Blog Should Have?


WordPress plugins help in the developement, usability and design of your blog. It is due to the availability of plugins only that the WordPress is considered the best out of hundreds of Content Management Systems(CMS) available. There is a plugin available for every feature you want in your blog. But the main questions are :

Is it good to use plugin for everything? What is the limit on the number of  plugins I should use on my blog? Do excess of plugins have a side effect on my blog?

Now I will try to answer these questions one by one.

First of all, You should use only those plugins on your blog which find some use and without which adding an important feature to your blog will not be possible.  Here is a list of WordPress plugins which you must use on your blog. In this case a lot depends on the theme you are using. I will explain it why in a little time.

Before I answer the second question, I would like to throw a bit of limelight on the third one. Every plugin requires space and time to load and work for your blog. Hence every plugin you add, there is an increase in the loading time of your blog and load on your server. This is harmful for SEO and your search engine rankings as load-time has a crucial role to play. Therefore it is highly advised to not to use any excess plugin on your wordpress blog. Here is where theme has a role to play. If your theme already has inbuilt features, then there is no need to add plugins for them. Hence it keeps your blog clean and make it load really fast.

Generally the free wordpress themes lack this facility. Hence if you really want to avoid this plugin problem, then you can switch to Standard Theme which is an excellent theme for bloggers. It is fully loaded with features and its design makes it the fastest loading theme ever. Many top bloggers are using this theme to make money online on a large scale from their blogs.

So now the final answer to how many plugins you shopuld use is that it depends!

That is right. List your requirements on your blog and then look out for plugins. As I said before, choose your theme wisely. In any case, it is not advised to use more than 20 plugins if you do not have dedicated servers for your blog. For shared hosting, it would be best if you keep the count till 15 only.

I would like to know how many plugins you use on your blog.

6 Must have WordPress plugins for your blog



1. All in one SEO :- This is the very first plugin that you need to install when you start you wordpress blog. This plugins handles all the SEO for your blog and keep your content search engine optimized . You can enter keywords , description and meta tags for each of your posts using this plugin.

2. MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate :- This is the best ever plugin designed for those who want to make a fortune in affiliate marketing with their wordpress blog. This plugin automatically converts keywords into affiliate links thus giving you complete freedom from the heck of inserting affiliate links here and there in your blog. Also you can keep track of your affiliate links.

3. Awesome ads :- This plugin handles all the Google Adsense and Chitika ads on your blog. You can easily customize everything related to your ads using this plugin.

4. Akismet spam killer :- This plugin takes care of all the spam that you might receive in the form of comments. Generally , you will receive 100s of spam comments daily once your blog gets going. Moderating such a huge amount daily is a tough task. Akismet solves this problem by distinguishing spam with almost 100% success rate.

5. Sociable wordpress3 :- This plugins integrates social media into your posts, pages, categories or almost anywhere you want . This plugin has over 100 social media sites to share you content. Your visitors can easily share your content if you use this plugin.

6. FeedBurner Feedsmith :- This plugin extends and redirects all your wordpress feeds to feedburner feed which is more profitable and can be monetized easily.

With these must have plugins , you can also use:

1.Subscribe to comments

2.Follow my blog post

3.XML- sitemap

4.Tentblogger SEO