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As you can notice, I recently added an “Archives” page on this blog. I created this page to give all my readers an overview of each and every post written on this blog. Adding an Archives page helps your blog in SEO, better navigation and increased usability.

Here are some of the biggest benefits for which you should create an Archives page for your blog:

  • Creating an Archives page provides your readers a place where they can have a view of all your blog’s posts in an order. You can use category-wise archives where your readers can look for content related to a particular category on your blog. It saves their time and provides you with highly targeted audience for your posts.
  • Your Archives page helps search engines to directly crawl your links and index them. This improves SEO for your blog.
  • Helps your readers to check out your month old posts which generally become less on traffic as they get older. This helps in maintaining the traffic throughout your blog. It is highly advisable if you want to consistently make money online.

With time you will notice that your Archives page has become a good source of traffic to your blog posts. Now if you agree with me and want to create one like me, then you can use either of the following methods:

  •  Using Theme:- If your wordpress theme has inbuilt Archives page template, its really easy for you. Just follow these steps:
  1. Click on Pages->Add New in your Dashboard.
  2. Next type the page title as Archives.
  3. On the right hand side, choose page template as Archives in the drop-down menu.
  4. Hit Publish and Voila!! You have created an Archives Page for your blog.
  • Using Plugin:- If your theme do not has the Archives template, then you can use the below plugin to add a fully-functional Archives page to your blog:

 Clean Archives Reloaded

You can then easily customize your Archive page using the plugin.

There is nothing to lose. You will only benefit in doing a little amount of work. So act now and create one for your blog.




    • says

      Hi Ravi,
      You should always create an Archives page for your blog. With WordPress blogs. it is really really easy to do so because of plugins or WordPress themes.
      Not only this gives your site an SEO boost, but it also gives your readers an idea about how your blog has been structured. Hence it is really important to have an Archives page.
      Thanks for reading this and sharing your views.
      Vineet Saxena
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