Top 5 Articles – How to Create Your Social Media Strategy?


How do you intend to promote your blog or business through social media? Marketing through social media channels or tools has become an essential and crucial part of any business promotion these days.

In a time when everyone is taking advantage of Facebook, Twitter etc., it is important to develop a social media strategy of your own to compete and make your business stand out from the others. Social media marketing is a highly tedious work and can drain out most of your time and efforts if carried out without a proper strategy and technique.

I am no expert on social media and hence I decided to write down top 5 articles amongst the many best written on creating and boosting your social media strategy.

Top 5 Articles on Creating Your Social Media Strategy

  1. 7 Steps to Create a Social Media Strategy – Social Media Examiner :- This article, though written by Nick Shin long back in 2010, still serves as the best source to read about creating a social media strategy even in 2014. He has written in seven precise steps the exact approach you should be taking to devise an effective and productive social media strategy.
  2. 10 Steps to a Social Media Strategy – AlleyWatch :- This another tremendous piece of work by Terra on AlleyWatch describes how a business can take a positive social media approach via engagement and branding.
  3. The Three Colourful Circles of Social Media Strategy – Micheal Leis :- In this article, Micheal contained a social media strategy in three circles of Social, Distributed and Integrated. A must read for simple understanding of concepts.
  4. Why You Should Have a Social Media Strategy – Basic Blog Tips :-  This article by Wade Harman on Basic Blog Tips can explain a social media strategy for beginners in the simplest form.
  5. My Two Step Social Media Starter Plan – Problogger :-  This article on Problogger is a two step plan to create content and how to publicize it on social media effectively using a simple tool.

If I have missed anything important or you have any suggestions, please feel free to write them down below. You are free to submit more links to awesome articles on social media strategies in your comments.

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