Day 2 Bonus Prize Winner Announced – New Rules

So, I am ready with the results. It took somewhat longer than I had expected because I do all this work manually since I don’t want to use plugin for everything. It slows down the website and negates user experience.

Yesterday’s competition was real tough with Suprabhat Mondal notching the highest comment count, Ravi Chahar raising the bar by exceptional commenting and sharing on social media and Krishnan and Rajaraman and a couple of other contestants making it a tough competition.

These are stats of Day 2 at 11:59 PM exactly:

Day 2 -$200 blog commenting contesta

Let’s start by calculating the final points of the top two contestants.

  • Ravi Chahar : Ravi made a total of 44 comments yesterday. Out of these 44 comments, I have approved 37 as rest 7 were generic comments. He tweeted 42 posts on Twitter and shared 9 posts on Google+. So his total points come out to be:

Points From Day 1 = 180

Comments Points From Day 2 = 37*2= 74

Sharing Points From Day 2= 51

Total = 180+74+51 = 305 Points

  • Suprabhat Mondal : Suprabhat did an excellent job by leaving 91 comments on Day 2. I am really stunned to see the efforts of Suprabhat. He is new but he is fast. Out of these 91 comments, I have approved 75 comments as the rest were too generic. He shared 28 posts on Google+ and tweeted 9 posts on Twitter. So his total points come out to be:

Points From Day 1 = 110 Points

Comment Points From Day 2 = 75*2= 150 Points

Sharing Points From Day 2 = 37 Points

Total = 110+150+37 = 297 Points

So, Ravi Chahar with 305 points is the winner of Day 2’s Bonus Prize Contest. I think the lead from Day 1 helped him get here and the rest was his hard work on day 2.

Note : The approval of comments is totally my discretion and my decision will be final in this regard. This is necessary to keep up the spirit of the contest.

New Rules For $200 Blog Commenting Contest :

After publishing of this post, no comment below 50 words will be allowed. I have set the CommentLuv Premium in this fashion only. Any comment below 60 words will either be pushed into spam or not accepted.

You need to spend at least two minutes on a page before your comment can be submitted. This is to ensure that the post is read thoroughly before commenting.

If you have any one liner query or suggestion, contact me via this page only and not in comments.

I hope these rules will be acceptable to all the contestants.

Good Luck For Day 3’s Bonus Prize Contest!!!

Congratulation to Ravi Chahar!!!

1,131 Replies to “Day 2 Bonus Prize Winner Announced – New Rules”

      1. Hey Vineet,

        I had checked the new rules and all rules are good and making this competition more tough and tougher.
        Everyone have to get more skill to win this.

        I have very tough competition in front of me.
        So i am going to work harder


        1. Hi Suprabhat,
          These new rules have been designed to make sure that the quality of the competition is not compromised.
          Further I want to make sure that contestants don’t comment only to make money and win prize. I want to make sure that people connect and share quality with each other.

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          3. Ah, I get what your saying Lloyd. Yes, 1st Corinthians 13 is much more important than, say, Revelation 1. Nevertheless, "all scripture is profitable". For me, my conviction of the divinity of the Book of Mormon convinces me even further in my devotion to Jesus Christ. I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that truly appreciating the teachings in the Book of Mormon will actually lead to more "love in action". Surly there can't be anything wrong with giving a sermon about a topic of which the Lord himself spoke.

          4. you did GREAT!!! did you have a second shooter? i LOVE the one of the bride holding back the curtains. awesome light. and my goodness what a gorgeous bride! she should model!XOXOXO

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          8. The Willards from 1995 were all snail mail, which is why they could be printed; since then, they’ve all been on line, and I think perhaps would, if printed, be the size of an Encyclopedia Britannia… BUT, if we ever have time to do it, they would be fun to look back on, like a diary!

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          11. I’m officially addicted to reading your stories. I just signed up for the trial, and I’m going to explore your different features. One thing I think you need (and I’m sure you’ve thought of this), when I schedule a tweet, it’d be nice to have a Calendar popup instead of requiring me to type in the date and time.Keep up the great work!

          12. It must be a Michigan thing!!! That’s where I grew up. I was in landscaping for 17 years and was always in the sun…no sign yet either Mom but who knows when these things show up..Now I live on Lake Ontario.

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          18. Lo unico que me hizo soltar una lagrima en el juego, es las palabras finales finales (despues de los creditos).Del resto me pareció demasiado predecible, y por sobre todo muy copia a sus antecesores…yo jugue el 1, el 3 (no pude jugar al 2 ), y el ODST y en cuanto calidad grafica han mejorado mucho.

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          23. Sad to hear about your chicken! That sponge recipe sounds great though. How do you use coconut oil, I guess you have to melt it first? I’d like to try it, I have a huge jar of it in the cupboard I’m trying to figure out how to use!

          24. The Jews are not a people because of genetic identity as can be currently quantified, but because they persisted as a group, marrying within the group, and maintaining a group identity. We clearly do know that people from surrounding areas did move in. Surnames alone testify to that as does the history of various clans like the Al-Husayinis. As Pilpula points out, the changing conditions spurred on major migration.

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          27. Ooh you look AMAZING in that fab frock! I love the little space-age pointy bits on the shoulders and that belt is frickin FABULOUS and I love all of your details… as always. You know I absolutely cannot resist a 50s frock – ever! Is that Jon at the front left? What a bunch of spunks!! Loveyou! Sarah xxx

          28. Sehr schöner Bericht und tolle Bilder. Leider bin ich erst jetzt dazu gekommen, ihn zu lesen. Ich hoffe ja auch nächstes Jahr und die 50er Tour. Das wird bestimmt auch spaßig. 🙂

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          31. I cannot thank you enough for sharing Clays story with everyone. I remember the day I got the phone call from Anna. One of the hardest days of my entire life, as we had received bad news as well. It was evident that the Hammond family would have to rely on Jesus to make it through each day. Your an incredible person and my best friend. I am so proud of you actually living out your dreams. Hike it brother. We are behind you 500%Jeff

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          36. Oh, goodness, I frankly never thought about it (which is probably why I’ll never have a million euros).. I know I wouldn’t stash it away, but use it to “fulfill my dreams” (as soon as I figure out what they are!). Still, till then, I guess I’ll need to put it somewhere, and I’m not sure how much I trust (or like) “traditional” banks/investment companies these days.. (Would I give my money to the devil if it promised me a good return? Perhaps. But can I trust the devil to keep its promise? And would I have anyone but myself to blame if it doesn’t?)

          37. 144da – 118Heya just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same results.d4

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          39. Khalilah, blogging suits you well! You’re a very talented writer. I’ll be following your blog from now on. Yes, the joy and enthusiasm is contagious. It comes from seeing the overall picture. I believe in your positivity and it could shoot through darkness effortlessly when we focus and strengthen it. It makes it easier when we have an understanding to lift each other up when we see our friends who need it. Grow as individuals and work for a common goal. I’m so happy to share want I know to you. You inspire me.

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          42. It’s funny, but I’ve been looking at your photos for so long and never realized you wrote poetry. Odd how that happens. It’s a nice surprise. If you haven’t already, you really should check out that Charlie Bukowski video I posted a day or two back. It’s beautiful and very moving.

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          45. > (ma da quando in qua la Polizia di Stato dice “ti abbiamo beccato, ma se prometti che non lo farai più, potrai evitare la punizione”?)Non hanno pochi giorni fa mandato delle lettere (ok, non la Polizia di Stato) a 4000 italiani “pizzicati” a scaricare mp3?

          46. bonsoir, je viens de lire quelques techniques pour draguer les femmes elles paraissent asses efficaces, mais pour moi mesemble difficile car je suis resté asse longtemps en couple et je m’aperçois que cela mes moins évidents de draguer maintenant je pense que cela est du à un manque de confiance de ma part auriez vous quelques conseil à me donner merci d’avance

          47. This design is steller! You certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

          48. I like Chilly’s idea of having a younger person, a teen or someone like that. When people grow older, very often we are our own obstacles and cannot see the reservoir of resources our Father has.

          49. Kudzu Bob – It doesnt help that a Jewish magnate popped up out of nowhere and bought himself the Sierra Club. Only one triffling little condition, a change in their stance on immigration.Its certainly been covered on and elsewhere.Which is why the TO THE CONTRARY episode was so remarkable: they covered the deal in great detail, implying that the Sierra Club sold out. It's certainly the first time I've heard that brought up on anything on PBS.

          50. Habits, like looking for the bucket.Not sure if that was apocryphal or not, but I read about a department that had a strict rule about emptying brass into a bucket having a cop get shot during a fight because he stopped for a second and looked down while reloading … looking for that damned bucket …

          51. Je pense que le mot « intervalle » est ambivalnet (espace et temps) mais pas ambiguë. Chacun comprendra qu’il aura àttendre 7 minutes, sur le quai 7 bis, s’il a vu le derrière d’un train s’éloigner, avant d’en voir un autre arriver. L’esprit humain surfe volontiers sur l’espace spatio-temporel.

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          54. 1c0Get over yourselves people. I think this has more to do with someone sitting on the floor of a busy retail store, during the beginning of the peak shopping season rather than an attack on a breastfeeding mother. Not every incident of someone being asked to move while breastfeeding is an “attack” on breastfeeding itself. I think you all are looking for a reason to get your panties in a wad.

          55. Rike a perprexed stereotypical Chinaman, I have to ask myself “Wry?” Who the hell has got time for wry?It looks harmless enough and there’s no sign of that god awful stepping in dogshit running gag that Altman used in his boring Paris fashion movie, Prêt-à-Porter.

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          57. Raven wrote:Googling prior copyright registration turns up lots of links on how to do it, and why to do it, but none that I could find on what problems that creates for getting a book published. So please, Jane, share.Don’t worry, I intend to (and I think I alluded to that in my previous comment to you). This is a huge issue which can’t properly be addressed in a few quick comments.

          58. ntah nye….ko knal sgt ke si fasha ni??ak pn bkn la pminat die,tp kalo da ckp smpai mcm tu skali,mlampau la tu…..die pnah tido ngan laki ko ke yg ko nk hangin sgt ni??smpai org tu wat nsik kangkang pn ko taw……kalo die x wat,meraban ko nk crik die nt,nk mintak mahap…..lg 1,ape mslahnye ngan mamak??ko jeles ke sb mamak sorg tu lg lawa dr ko??Hot debate. What do you think? 8  3

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          60. "Overall" twice to start a paragraph? Is that the new "all in all"? If so, he's a shoe-in for any of the hard-copy gun rags. The only thing he missed was telling us about "acceptable combat accuracy", although "accurate as I can be" is a clever do on the overused "if I do my part".Gads. May someday there be an original gun writer…like the excellent one here at VFTP. The reason discerning readers don't buy 'mainstream' gun rags anymore: the premium writing is on certain blogs, like this one.

          61. Entertainment vs outlay is always going to be a personal thing. I just find it interesting to discuss as other people might have views that I hadn’t considered before. I’m not sure what the general experience of FFG is. Certainly they seem to get less flak than GW, but then they’re younger, smaller and dealing mainly with board games rather than mainly with tabletops, and I expect that makes quite a big difference. You’re entirely right that there’s no reason why a company can’t be both pleasant and profitable at the same time though.

          62. uts:to each their own.what does that have to do with u not putting mareally your racist white canine whore on a leash though?really?u r so quick to attack laa/me/fp for things we do not even say…but you let your nicole rant freely as she slanders steve h as illiterate and blatantly typically lies about his nonexistent ghost writer????wtf???????

          63. Entro en las páginas de los partidos y no encuentro el dato de los lugares o locales donde uno puede buscar las boletas. Ustedes ¿podrán publicar un listado de esos lugares, de todos los partidos?? o diganles a todos ellos (si tienen llegada ) que publiciten bien este dato. Si no, la campaña es inútil.

          64. I’m curious to find out what blog platform you happen to be using? I’m having some minor security issues with my latest blog and I’d like to find something more safe. Do you have any recommendations?

          65. herzlichen glückwunsch und alles gute zum hochzeitstag, euch beiden! bei so einer aktion hört der spass wirklich auf. ich wäre auch stinksauer geworden und hätte dem der's angezettelt hat sicher die freundschaft gekündigt. bei meiner hochzeit seinerzeit gab's keine scherze, meine freunde wissen aber auch, dass ich ziemlich "humorlos" bin. lieben gruß von sabine

          66. No, porn video stores have long died out. Porn off the net killed them and nothing will reverse that trend. Getting it off the net means no one knows you’re watching it. And the porn video store did the same to the porn movie theater. Porn video enabled you to watch it without being around strangers or seen by those you know (and know you) in theater. And now free porn is killing off the “traditional” porn industry. Ah, life. It is always evolving.

          67. I love the nursery! It is just so simple and sweet, with lots of loving touches. You guys did a great job on the collaborated canvas! Maybe I missed the link, but where is the growth chart from? I haven’t seen one like it before, so classic and fun without being too babylike for when she is older.

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          70. I’m an Oz lover, too! I watched the original and “Return to Oz” over and over as a kid. I’ve also read a couple of the books, and they are fantastic.I’ve introduced my husband to a decent amount of food, most notably Thai and Indian cuisines, which are now two of his favorites. Oh, and Brussels sprouts. He said he hated them, so I figured he’d just never had them properly roasted before. I was right. They are a fall fave in our home now.

          71. obama/shabazz lived in indonesia and speaks fluent arabic. it is doubtful he was "legallly" adopted by the Ayerses. He could have been a foreign exchange student that stayed, OR it could be that AYERS SENIOR could have been an agent for the CIA and Obama was placed in his home.Bill Ayers, no doubt is protective of Obama. I am certain he had Breitbart whacked.

          72. Also ich bin kein Experte, aber angablich ist es ja weder Grund- noch Abwasser, hat nichts mit den Fernwärmeleitungen zu tun und Mineralwasser Canstatter Charackteristik soll es auch nicht sein. Tretzdem weißt es ja ein paar Charakteristiken von Mineralwasser auf: Höhere Temperatur, höhere Leitfähigkeit und einen höheren Mineralgehalt als “normales” Wasser. Klingt für mich wie eine Mischung mit zum Teil Mineralwasser.

          73. You may take the video to your local pro or submit it to some sites for critique and feedback. Stretch your back, arms, shoulders, and legs ( legs are typically overlooked in pre-golf stretches ). Build your confidence, better your swing and enhance your game.

          74. Actually, the only ‘synth’ sounds in Anamanaguchi are the ones produced by the NES, which are left completely intact here. The acoustic (instead of electric) guitars are pretty much the sole difference between this set and their normal stuff.

          75. Turned in the old Ford Explorer with 170k miles in a c4c deal. Got a Hyundai Elantra Touring. Nice litte car OTD 14k. Ridiculous that I had to pay sales tax on the $4,500 c4c rebate and the $1,500 mfg rebate. The dealership was mad busy and you could forget about getting the color/package you really wanted. I used the Costco car buying program and recommend it to anyone who’s a member.

          76. Walking to work for me is not an option. First, I have to take my girls to preschool and etc. daily. But only being about 2 miles from work, it would seem like walking would be no problem. But navigating the current US 27 situation is like a deathwish. I know sidewalks are coming, but until then, the go-go machine is my safest bet. I keep saying I will try riding my bike to work during the summer when my wife is home with the kids, but hospital hill is still VERY scary.

          77. Thanks, all these tips have just boosted my confidence for teaching theatre performance at the senior level. I have been teaching just the juniors for 3 years. I’ve really enjoyed it and haven’t been afraid to show that to my students, and the kids really responded to my enthusiasm. This is a great reminder for myself that I am a great Drama/Theatre and that teaching the senior kids doesn’t have to be any different. Sometimes I feel that with the senior classes I have to be more serious but thanks for the reminder that I just have to be my self! Thanks!

          78. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who was conducting a little homework on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast simply because I discovered it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending some time to talk about this issue here on your internet site.

          79. Y’all sure are pushing the boundaries of kaddish. Copious quantities of Anglo-Saxon expletives are not what I’m used to associating with the prayer. Anger is a natural stage of mourning, of course, but I personally have never felt the urge to swear during kaddish. No doubt others have. You’ve got me thinking, at least.

          80. the only issue i’ve had with way low watt amps, is yes you can push them at a much lower volume. (great for rock in a small club) however if your running delays in a modern worship vibe, the delays won’t sound good. its like running delay before an overdrive pedal.

          81. Its very sad to see this site go to sleep, it was my salvation a while back when I was out of work, depressed and in serious need of fnm shaped distraction. Cant thank you enough for all your hard work and enthusiasm, its been great. Heres hoping for some major fnm news / developments to wake 2.0 from its slumber! In the meantime Adrian, all the best with fatherhood and life in general, and hope to bump into the rest of you guys somewhere else on the web.

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          85. Suzana Não acompanhei a notícia que nos retrata. Tive apenas conhecimento que a Professora Ana Caldas não tinha sido reconduzida. Seria da mais elementar ética que o jornal que noticiou as “irregularidades” com rótulo de escândalo, tivesse agora o gesto de “limpar a mancha” que tratou de lançar e aproveitasse o facto para relatar o excelente trabalho da Professora Ana Caldas à frente da Companhia Nacional de Bailado.

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          88. Some people call satan, “lucifer”. I grew up with thinking that satan was his title and lucifer was his proper name. Jerome, writing the Latin Vulgate, coined a Hebrew word, (howl) and called it Lucifer, which is, “shining”.What are some of the hosts that God created? Let’s post it as a new thought.

          89. Au passage, tu peux reposer la question sur les missions spatiales, quand donneront-ils plus de liberté sur le contrôle des vaisseaux? Pour le moment a part tirer a droite à gauche on ne fait pas grand chose… Je ne les fait pas d’ailleurs, c’est sans interet dans leur forme actuelle.Quid de leur grand projet top secret sur le développement de l’espace?

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          91. J’aime forcément… j’ai assisté à un mariage indien (un vrai) il y a quelques années à Versailles, mais le traiteur français n’a pas été à la hauteur pour le repas qui n’avait d’indien que le nom!

          92. Na seriál se chci podívat až si přečtu oba díly, které se tam zatím objevují, nechci přijít o žádné překvapení. Teď bych se asi mohla podívat na první sérii ale to bych pak chtěla rovnou sledovat i druhou a to zatím nemůžu.

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          95. Hi Amber,So glad you enjoyed your trip to Vegas. I’m a local and a relatively new vegan, so I’ve been exploring the options. Red Velvet and Pura Vida are definitely favorites, but I haven’t yet made it to Mint – gotta put that on the top of the list. Go Raw is awesome! Being a local, I was unable to resist a t-shirt I found on Amazon not long ago – that iconic Las Vegas welcome sign printed with Las Vegan.I hope that you can find a dietary key to feeling better.Alane

          96. Sushi!!! Indeed, let’s go there, all three of us one day. I’m sure it’s be fun having JM around too, if he’s truly the buffet master you tell me he is! Nyahahaha! Yes, it is! Now, I don’t find the need to stay at work just to finish a blog post. I’m beginning to find writing blog posts much more conducive at home.

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          102. Yum! I’ve always wondered why people freak out over “best ever” guac recipes. I believe you that white beans are a great addition, though. I’ve gotten in the habit of making a giant batch of Northern beans and freezing them, so I can just defrost them whenever I want some. I’ve been putting ‘em in everything!Cookie and Kate recently posted..

          103. Y’avait pas d’ingérence, on était en guerre et c’était un allié… Pourquoi les USA d’ailleurs ? C’est surtout l’URSS qui a vaincu les nazis. Les USA ont en revanche participé à la libération de la France.

          104. John Daily7 février 2013Tous les malades du crohn n’ont pas été des fumeurs actifs loin de là. D’après ma propre expérience de malade de crohn, je dois dire que mon père qui fumait la cigarette et la pipe dans la maison (c’étaient les années 80…) jusqu’à ce que je tombe à 14 ans n’a pas aidé c’est sûr. Bon courage à tous les crohnies !

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          107. Oi, Carol!Não conhecia esse livro. Que pena que a leitura não foi proveitosa. :~ Deu pra entender o seu ponto de vista e porque a história não te agradou. Preguiça dessa Cassie só pela descrição que você fez dela. hahaha :X Nossa, mas a ideia que esse livro quer passar é louca, hein? 😮 Tomara que ninguém que leia leve a sério. rsBeijos.Amanda recently posted..[]garotaquele Reply:April 12th, 2012 at 12:11 pmExato!! Tomara que não leve msmo pq a mensagem é mto bizarra :S[]

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          109. Kathleen : Solobollene i Alta var fantastiske! Håper de smaker godt der sørpå også :-)Mette: India er sikkert fantastisk. Jeg gleder meg allerede hele tiden, og har ikke klart å slutte å smile i dag.

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          111. Excellent! Rothfuss’ story (Kvothe vs. Jaime) was just as good as I remembered it. There also was a lot that I didn’t fully get the first time around, as I hadn’t yet read the books. Also really enjoyed Kvothe vs. Aslan. Thanks for your quick response!

          112. Amazon sells almost everything at zero cost. Is Amazon not impressive? It’s a 100B EV company – that’s impressive enough for me. Google isn’t a hardware company, they don’t aspire to make maximum profit off their devices. They want Android ubiquity so they can dominate mobile search — a very very profitable business.

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          118. Five months ago, Arianna Huffington (and, one presumes, her bags of money) lured Maura Egan away from The New York Times. Now, as WWD Egan is leaving her gig as deputy culture, and lifestyle editor of the Huffington Post/AOL behemoth. She doesn’t have any immediate plans, other than going to the beach. There are two ways to look […]

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          122. I flipping love that quilt, too! You should be VERY proud of it! Re. the cat. Hmmm. My white cat always makes a bed for herself on any dark colored fabrics, quilts, sweaters, etc. and my black cat always makes herself at home on any light colored fabrics, quilts, sweaters, etc. If they have taken turns sleeping in the same spot, I get this mix of black and white that appears gray. Personally — I have just given up. It's their house, I'm just a guest — apparently.

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      7. Ah… Luciana, mas vou contar-lhe um segredo: desde pequena, sempre observei as expressões faciais alheias, na tentativa de adivinhar o que estavam pensando :o)Tanto que costumo dar muitos palpites na construção de personagens alheios.O que eles pensam, como reagem, como exteriorizam seus sentimentos e coisas assim.

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      9. Splendidly vital concurring opinion from Bonello. Given how listless the general prose of the Court can be, it is rather depressing to discover that such peppery prose and rhetorical fireworks are generally only loosed behind the scenes, without the rest of us getting the opportunity to admire their sparkle.

      10. , over half of that variety ever successfully bloom annually (and thus die) — it is some fluke of the engineering of man.He said the trees were actually a gift from someone (he knew; I forget who) who lived in Michigan before moving to Taylorville. Wish I knew more, but, as Bob would say “THIS IS WAY OFF THE SUBJECT!”

      11. У нас тоже была классным руководитеем Бажуткина Тамара Петровна, дочь с радостью перешла в 5 класс и сказала: Ура, мы от нее ушли

      12. some Arab governments at the time did not handle the issue smartly, why they sacrificed Jewish communities for short-term political expediency, or did not sufficiently resist the rapid conflation of "Jewish" with "Zionist".I don't get it when people blame the victims for their persecution as if the persecutors had grounds for excuse.

      13. I was born in the late 90s and had a couple other Sarahs in my school…one was even a Sarah G like me, so we had to go by Sarah Go and Sarah Ga. In later years we switched to colors. I’ve noticed lots of girls these days named McKenna or McKayla or some other variation.

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      25. Just caught up on the last 3 posts…you are a machine!The cookie bites a few posts agoThe smores from GhiradelliThe vegan dining options in this post (yay!)And you!!All look great!I am shocked you dont like mushrooms b/c you love hummus, tofu, pickles, mustard…anything thats kinda smoky, salty, savory…shocked you dont like shrooms but glad you may be headed in that direction It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet you!!!!!xoxo

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      27. Maybe the reason a lobbyist is required to accomplish anything in Washington or Sacramento is that everyone else has a lobbyist, especially the opposition. And yes, the reason CCSD’s image needs repair is probably the failure to follow through and get things done, which is obviously due to local obstructionists.

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      29. #25 – It would be nice not to have to discuss politics from the pulpit, but how do you reconcile say a churches religious views on abortion to the political realities of the day without engaging in political discussion?

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      31. The msm swallowed this crock full of excrement and even licked their collective lips as they gave the lying leader of the liebral party a “get out of questions” free card.They are sickening in their sycophantic behaviour and history will judge them harshly for being the flunkies of a nutter who should never be the holder of any high office, much less Prime Minister.

      32. Yo tengo un glosario de tontuneces utilizadas indistintamente por periodistas y políticos: recepcionar, poner en valor, perfil bajo, la señalética de las ciudades (por la señalización de las ciudades), en base a, y es que, ofertar una oferta…

      33. What about something for your friend like a massage or facial.i got a dust buster from a friend (who had 3 kids) and i thought what a crappy baby gift but in 6 months when that bub is eating solid it was like a gift from god!Whats with the bottles? Doesnt anyone breastfeed anymore?

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      39. The dress looks beyond amazing <3 (urgh..sorry if all my comments sound the same, i'm not very good with words and it's just not possible to sum up how great you and your blog is into a little comment box. i annoy myself sometimes hah)x x x

      40. Hi Dina–the Plath event is not closed at all. Where did it say that? I should correct it. We’re meeting on this coming Saturday, 2/26 at 2 pm at the Baltimore Free School, and you’re more than welcome to come. You can also email me at paralleloctaveATgmail and we can discuss–would love to hear more about your work.Dara

      41. Kim- Well, I have a couple of words for that person that left the nasty comment but I am too much of a lady to say them…and NO one of them is NOT the really BAD WORD.I LOVE your whole room but I REALLY love those pillows. Is that middle one appliqued or is it printed? Love it- xo Diana

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      44. “the Way is to live your life fully and share it freely, not hold too hard to it. ”Yes. Thank you David. And thankfully we can take delight in others’ lives and being with them, standing close to their fires. Especially little ones.

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      46. Stephanie: Ha tÃ¥lamod! 😉 Under fredagen eller lördagen dyker det upp bilder pÃ¥ resultatet. M: Japp, det blev kalasfint!!! Nästa gÃ¥ng kan vi ju tapetsera istället för att Ã¥ka till Iittala Outlet. Ã… fika det kan vi väl hinna med ändÃ¥. 🙂 Kram

      47. Isn’t this INBBC’s Middle East Editor, TARIK KAFALA in a nutshell?1.) he’s a Muslim as part of a heavily Islamic staff of INBBC Middle East  contingent;2.) he supports the Muslim Brotherhood;3.) he opposes Israel.INBBC licencepayers are expected to accept, and pay for this INBBC propaganda.   0 likes

      48. Dear Mr. Field, so many people out there get their daily news from FN. Don't know if you have noticed but Whites and Blacks read the news on FN. It's better than Fox News. So I urge you to keep blogging for the sake of wingnuts. They would be lost without you. Heck, so would the lefties, Black and White.

      49. Escribe tu comentario Puedes usar las siguientes etiquetas HTML: <a> <abbr> <acronym> <b> <blockquote> <cite> <code> <del> <em> <i> <q> <strike> <strong> Notificarme los nuevos comentarios por correo electrónico. También puedes sin comentar.

      50. that is one sweet ass set of panels and would be a great thing if everyone would get something like that. unfortunatly something like that is well out of my price range, so i’ll have to settle for my 1/2 kw off grid system for now. i’ve been adding to it little by little so maybe after a few more years lol i’ll be able to have an gridtied. but that is one nice setup.

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      53. Let's! that's a great point, but as, leftists — not even leftists, just PC syncophants — are quite comfortable holding two contradictory thoughts in their heads at the very same time. Kind of like a sword swallower or a porn star has to conquer the gag reflex, the typical pundit has to overcome aversion to cognitive dissonance.

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      57. Thanks Pat. I’m glad you enjoy my blog. Many times I think I’m wasting my time with it and consider stopping. I’m not too picky about my panels because I usually prepare them before I use them so a particular surface doesn’t really matter to me, and if they were expensive I’d be hesitant to take risks or experiment. So usually I use the standard, cheapo Fredrix panels. Lately I also like to just tape pieces of canvas to a larger panel. The extra room around the edge makes them easier to carry.

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      60. Just taking a quick scan of that list, I think you’ll be covered by my Top 150 overall list – as almost all of those guys should make it, plus possibly a whole bunch of others you didn’t list who may be available as well. In the meantime, if you have any other specific questions, feel free to ask.

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      62. They should have done it – instead of Saddamizing (nice) a boy, it should have been a goat. I don’t know what’s worse in the Middle East, a goat or a homo, but I’m pretty sure they’re both pretty far down on the totem pole. Like under dogs but just above women.

      63. Speaking of California, you can rest easier knowing that Berkeley is going to close its high school science labs. It seems that the white students are , while the minorities avoid the subject. Gotta level the playing field by making the white kids as uneducated as the minorities. Nice move, Berkeley. Keep it up, and soon enough they'll be calling you "Zimbabwe By the Bay." Idiots.

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      65. I don't know what variety of pumpkin but I'm guessing any local variety would work in this wonderful recipe. I saw lots of pumpkins at the farmers' market yesterday and there's a chill in the air this week so soup season is definitely upon us. The flavors in your lovely soup sound delicious!

      66. Pois é coronel. Um exemplo simples, mas que mostra como o PSDB está anos-luz atrás do PT. Se você tiver a coragem de entrar no site do PT de São Paulo, verá um mapa com todos os municípios administrados pelo partido. Lá você consegue ver quanto de dinheiro federal entrou e o que foi feito. Custa ao PSDB se organizar, padronizar programas e fazer uma propaganda decente?

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      69. There are so MANY decisions parents have to make nowadays with regards to what their kids will see, hear and read, I'm thankful my kids are all grown up! It sounds like you handled the situation wonderfully and allowed it to have an open discussion with your daughter – the sign of a terrific parent! Good job!DD

      70. Hi there, just whizzed thru this post and wanted to cheer on your consumption of massive amounts of USDA beef – I'm just back from Georgia and I too ate beef at almost every meal. So good. Wanted to tell you that if you plan on going back you should try Five Guys Burger and Fries, their burgers are also excellent and the fries are too. Apparently Obama likes them. Gotta go bake but will catch up on yr other posts soon.

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      73. Though I never had the privilege of meeting the late great Clifford Brown, the 1st time I heard and felt his soul flow through his trumpet I was 15 or 16 years old and I said a prayer – “Lord, let me express myself like that one day”… More than 15 years later I’m still praying that prayer! Happy Birthday Clifford… You still continue to inspire me!

      74. By Pat Barela November 28, 2011 – 12:20 pmHi Becky.I made your chicken and dumplings recipe over the Thanksgiving holidays. And it was a big HIT with the family! We loved it!Thanks for sharing.Btw, congrats on ‘woman of the week’ — great segment! You did great.XOXO

      75. 04/04/2010 – 12:15pmLa soberbia es un mal que cada vez mas se instala en nuestra sociedad, pero que la unica forma de combatirla es con la indiferencia. si le hicieramos caso omiso a Marca y otros periodicos de ese estilo, puede que pensaran seriamente en cambiar su estilo de “periodismo”.

      76. In addition to , which many of us knows quite well, I can recommend the predecessor , which focuses more directly on the Israel-Palestine conflict and the egnigma that these people are still fighting after 60 years of peace efforts.That movie set quite a few facts straight to me and made me a better pro-Israel debater.

      77. Interesting comments, everybody!I am working a double today, so I just have a minute. The bee has another sync – the Super Bowl is being played in New Orleans, and the New Orleans football team, the Saints, uses the fleur-de-lis as their symbol. According to Manley P. Hall, this symbol is a stylized bee.Let's all hope tonight's game is fun and safe!

      78. You forget to mention Croatia! At least 3 of the shown costumes origin from croatia. By the way, Croatia was part of the hungarian crown since 1102 and equal to Hungaria till the late 15th cent. when it was more and more percieved as a part of the Hungarian Kingdom in stead of being a wholly different ethnic group with a independet history. As the hungarian crown 1527 became part of the austro-hungarian empire croatia, slavonia and dalmatia were mentioned separatly in the titels of the Emperor.Greetings

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      80. Alexis quite right.One other fact immediately demolishes the DfT’s argument that conversion is “too expensive”. There is a good chance that a very modern, internationally-minded President (Barak Obama) will take office next year with a Democratic majority in Congress. If we here in the States succeed in starting a conversion program to metric (hopefully, a la Australia), which will include converting road signs, how long do you think the DfT will take before it decides the UK should adopt a sensible conversion program as well? Suddenly, the “it’s too expensive” argument will magically melt away, I’m quite certain!

      81. Right on, SOG, mine is a Yugoslav SKS with a telescopic sight. I sometimes think Nietszche must have been thinking directly of Ed when he wrote"The weak and impotent will never cease to fantasize about revenge against the powerful. It is why they are inferior."

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