Day 4 Winner Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

There was a slight delay yesterday in announcing the results of  Day 4 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

Well, it’s time now that we declare the winner of Day 4.

I feel proud that Ravi Chahar has once again won the contest. He is the winner of Part 1, part 2 and the most shares part.

So what he gets is Rs.1,500 for the Day 4.

Although his payment for Day 2 has not been processed yet due to some bank delays. But it will be done as soon as possible.

Day 5 saw no contest, because everyone got a chance to win some cash simply commenting. Who won and how much, that I will publish later.

For now, its time to announce the Day 6 Bonus Prize Contest – $15.

In today’s contest the most consistent commentator will be chosen the winner.

The rules of Day 6 Bonus Prize Contest Are:

  1. You need to share at least 10 comments in every 3 hours to qualify. Comments must be of atleast 60 words each.
  2. If you do not share 10 comments in every 3 hours, you will not eligible for the prize.
  3. Rest of the rules regarding sharing of each post on Google+ or Twitter remain same.

Today’s contest will ensure that contestants even short on time can manage to do atleast 10 comments.

The contest will start from exactly 12:00 PM IST today. Good Luck to everyone!!!

1,457 Replies to “Day 4 Winner Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest”

  1. Hi Vineet,

    Thank you for announcing the ‘Day 6 Bonus Prize Contest’.

    You have stated “Today’s contest will ensure that contestants even short on time can manage to do at least 10 comments”. That’s okay and fine. But will they qualify for winning the prize?

    It is because you also say “You need to share at least 10 comments in every 3 hours to qualify” and “If you do not share 10 comments in every 3 hours, you will not eligible for the prize”.

    Little bit confusing. Please clarify. (87 words)

    1. Hi Rajaraman ,

      Somehow the question you are asking is bothering me like you.

      Vineet has stated that you have to share 10 articles in every three hours. I mean its not possible for all the commentators to stay online for long time.

      But I think that you should do your best to provide shares and valuable comments.

      Rules are not for people who know the real value of sharing from heart. Sharing for some benefit is not the right approach.


  2. Hi Vineet,

    Thanks for announcing the results and let me know that I have something great last days.

    I am really happy to know that my efforts have brought amazing results in front of me. But still waiting for the results of the fifth day.

    I hope you will declare them soon because its hard to wait so long. I understand that its not easy for you to do so.

    Hoping for the best.


  3. Hi Ravi,

    I do not understand as to why my question should bother you. I do not understand in what context you used the word ’bother’. The meaning of ‘bother’ or ‘bothering’ is ‘trouble’, ‘difficulty’, ‘problem’, ‘nuisance’, ‘inconvenience’, ‘worry’, and ‘anxiety’.

    In what way you are put in any of the above situations because of my observation to Vineet is not clear to me. And my dear brother it is 10 ‘comments’ and not ‘articles’. It is better for you to proof-read your comments before hitting the publish button. (87 words)


    1. Hi Rajaraman ,

      I agree with you that we should check our comments before publishing and its good that you have raised your question because the proper rules of the contest of the present day were not clear to you.

      But the question bothered me due to some aspects about blog commenting here. You know many famous bloggers say that if you want to get succeed in the field of blogging then never see for the limits and barriers in your path.

      Likewise in this contest trying your best is the key and it you worry as to drop 10 comments or anything then it will show your unwillingness because we are here to connect through this contest which will help us to meet with many bloggers.


      1. It is always better to check our comments before publishing. If any aspect of blog commenting here on wpmoneyblog bothers you, you can always bring to the notice of Vineet, owner of this blog.

        I agree with you on the point of ‘limits’ and ‘barriers’. At the same time, I also feel that we should get things clear that too when we are participating in a contest. (67 words)

        1. Hi Rajaraman,

          You are absolutely right.

          May be I got your words wrong. My intention was not to say anything which will effect any of the blogger here.

          We all are here to connect and through this blog commenting contest we all can build trust at each other.

          To make things clear is necessary and I hope it will for sure in the remaining days.


          1. Hi Ravi,

            Beyond doubt, we are here to connect with each other and exchange our thoughts and observations by way of comments on the beautiful and quality articles that are made available here.

            With this wonderful blog commenting contest run by Vineet, all of us can build trust here with each other. So there is no meaning in casting aspersions with each other.

            Thank you for your response. (66 words)

    2. Hey Rajaraman,

      You are absolutely right. One must absolutely proofread his/her comments before submitting them.

      Because after submitting you cant do anything and its all upto the owner then. Glad that you raised this thing.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a thoughtful comment.

      Hope you have a great day!


      – Rohit

      1. Hey Rohit,

        Whether I am right or wrong, proof-reading what we write before hitting the ‘publish’ button will help us avoid mistakes of any kind going online.

        Simply increasing the number of our comments to win the contest should not be our goal. As far as possible, it should be error free, spellings are OK and grammar is OK.

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  4. Hi Vineet,

    You are taking this ‘comment contest’ to great heights everyday by announcing ‘bonus prize’ for each day in addition to your initial offer/announcement of $200.

    Now, I am sure that you may be rubbing your grey cells to find situations or grounds to announce bonus prize for the remaining four days of the contest too.

    Something flashed in my mind too and I want to suggest it to you.

    In today’s hectic world, everyone is hard pressed for time. So I suggest the following. Announce a prize of $15. Divide 24 hours into 3 parts of 8 hours each. Those who submit the most number of comments (60 words) in each part (8 hours) will win $5.

    How is it? If you like it you can implement it for day 7 or 8 or 9 or 10. Day jobbers and students will be really benefited by this. If you like the idea and also intend to implement it, you can also thank me with a ‘small’ gift of a dollar or two. (just kidding).(172 words)


    1. Hi Rajaraman,

      Here you are with your amazing idea of dividing the day into three parts.
      And I must agree with you that Vineet has done a great job by organizing this contest and he is taking to great height by announcing bonus prize for every single day.

      Its my first time I am the part of such type of contest which has many opportunities to earn dollars through blog commenting.

      The idea you have suggested to Vineet is quite good because in the night time of India the users of other country will get benefit to make some dollars because in the day time of India they go to sleep.

      Its good to think about every kind of users here.
      There are many students like me who don’t get much time during 9 to 5 in the college time but still I manage to do few comments here.

      I hope for the best in the next upcoming days.

      Great point.;)


      1. Hey Ravi,

        I must say that I got to agree with both of you guys. Every user must get an equal opportunity. When it is day in India and while we guys are busy in commenting and earning rewards then other users might be busy in sleeping and dreaming. 😀

        We got to think about something that will benefit them and also let them participate more and more in the contest.

        Again, Congratulations to you Ravi for winning the reward. I hope you keep it up.

        Have a great week ahead!


        – Rohit

        1. Hi Rohit,

          Yeah! every bloggers should get equal opportunity to show their value. In the day time of India others will get chance to boost the number of comments here at this blog blog.

          Commentators can show their experience via their comments.
          There are many bloggers are trying to win this contest.

          Thanks for wishing me.:)


      2. Hi Ravi,

        Thank you for recognizing my suggestion as ‘amazing’. Vineet’s sincerity and efforts should be lauded by all bloggers. For me, it is the second time participating in a comment contest.

        When a contest of this size is conducted, it is always better to consider every type of users. My suggestion is intended mainly towards day jobbers and students. Even, I do hope for the best in the coming days. (69 words)

        1. Hi Rajaraman,

          You have given your suggestion and now its time to implement on it.

          Don’t know but Vineet seems too busy in other things. I haven’t seen him from last day. May be he is planning for the further days or may be something else.

          I hope everything is alright and he is fine.

          Lets wait for him and know about the results of fifth day.


          1. Hi Ravi,

            Just like you and many others who participated on fifth day, I am also eagerly waiting for the outcome of the results of fifth day blog commenting contest.

            Probably, since Vineet is doing everything manually as he said once, it is taking so much time for him to announce the results. Any way, we have to wait. There is no other option.

  5. Hey Vineet,

    Thanks for announcing the winner. The thing I love the most about this contest is that you don’t have to wait for long to know about the results. Also, the contest lasts for a short duration of time.

    BTW, congratulations Ravi. You deserved it my friend.

    Happy Blogging!


    – Rohit

    1. Hi Rohit.

      Thanks a lot for giving your wishes.:)

      You are right. Vineet does his best to make his readers good and he provides fair results. In the previous days many bloggers were struggling to win but Suparbhat did a great job and then Rajaraman.
      I was just doing my best to win and I did.;)

      Today all the bloggers are waiting for Vineet’s arrival to announce the remaining results.

      Hopefully he will come soon.


    2. When I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added I recieve four emails with the exact same comment. There has to be an easy method you can remove me from that service? Thanks a lot!

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  6. Hi Ravi,

    Congratulations for winning this contest. Really, You made lot of effort here. Good work. Keep it up.

    Wonderful discussion and debate of yours and Rajaraman. I really enjoyed it. All of you done great work here.

    Thanks Vineet for organizing this wonderful contest. Due to my busy schedule, i was not able to participate. I will try my luck next time.

    Have a wonderful day ahead all of you.

    1. Hi Nisha,

      Thanks for wishing me.:)
      You know its an amazing feeling when you win. I never participated in such type of contests. Its my first one.

      I am doing my best to win this contest. Vineet has provide the opportunity to make some money through this contest.

      The most important thing is that I am going to meet many new bloggers here.



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      9. Quote:From Winston Churchill, “Mahommedan religion increases, instead of lessening, the fury of intolerance” to Karl Marx, “Islamism proscribes the nation of the Infidels, constituting a state of permanent hostility between the Mussulman and the unbeliever”, leading figures on the right and the left held a realistic understanding of Islam.end quote.Winston and Karl!Two realists on Islam, two men who had read the history of the world and decided to define its struggles in some way.We have no intellectuals of this stature now.No one is willing to create a thoroughly textured perspective because of the fear of giving offense.

      10. above, after Utegate Round 1 (before ANAO) the majority of the media commentariat said that Swan had a case to answer, at least prima facie. All of those agreed Swan’s indiscretion was minor.Since ANAO I have not seen any commentary on whether opinions have changed.

      11. I was invited too (although I still have no idea why – perhaps because I live only ten minutes away?) and I got a bit worried when I registered on their site. They ask you to provide three reasons why you want to join Club Mom and one of the choices is “Because I like Meredith Vieira”. I think they have no clue what they’re in for. But I totally can’t wait.

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      15. Jag är med på den där. Ikea behöver besökas för att få ordning på förvaringen. Men jag har hittills prioriterat träningsskorna framför vardagsskorna. Kanske kan kombineras genom att springa längs labyrintgångarna på Ikea?

      16. Have you ever thought about adding a little bit much more than just your thoughts? I mean, what you say is essential and everything. But its got no punch, no pop! Perhaps in the event you added a pic or two, a video? You could have such a more powerful blog should you let folks SEE what youre talking about as opposed to just reading it.

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      18. at one point the ~12% of gamers played using the female Shepard. If the default option within the game had been female, and gamers had to switch over to change to male, I wonder how that number would have changed. Just by having male as default that option will get more numbers and more attention. The same holds true for the cover. Male is default, with female as optional. I am glad it IS an option rather than being invisible… but it still has male as the default.

      19. Although, of course, since we have no right to judge, we cannot say for sure that he is not indeed a Christian. We can only make “educated guesses” based on his actions (which, I agree, would indicate the negative), but there is no way to prove decidedly if he is or isn’t.

      20. Wow, this is a random mish-mash. What happened to the network’s plans for a daytime “She’s the Sheriff” toddler pageant smackdown intervention game show with Mr. Snuffleupagus, Connie Chung and the other girl from “Roseanne”?

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    2. 12 SECOND MARK… the lifeless person behind Jack; confirmation of the toast sniper (the same light blue shirt) … I guess that’s Jack’s face in realiztion of Logan involvement in the conspiracy! As for Meredith Reed not being in the picture of that frame… my guess is Jack uses the sniper’s only emotion for Meredith Reed against him FIRST during the interogation. When that doesn’t work, ofcouse, Jack disposes of her.

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    6. Oh, wow – You know how often in the past 3 months I have said “I can't do this God!”? And you know what, it is freeing…I think that I finally get it – maybe. I have to check out his book – thank you so much for sharing this, Lori.Have a blessed Resurrection Day.

    7. Hi BillLooks awesome, but like another commenter asked – The small green triangle on the USD/JPY chart does not appear to meet the rules (B is lower than C). It does look like a nice “spring” trade though! Is this a special case?Thanks

    8. sako:KÄ… reiÅ¡kia eisenos metu skanduojamas Å¡Å«kis – “Lietuva lietuviams”?„Lietuva – lietuviams“ reiÅ¡kia ne kÄ… kitÄ…, o Lietuvos Respublikos Konstitucijoje įtvirtintus tautinÄ—s valstybÄ—s pamatus. Ten aiÅ¡kiai paraÅ¡yta: „suverenas priklauso tautai“. Taigi, tautai, o ne kažkokiems abstraktiems betaučiams-belyčiams piliečiams, kÄ… mums nuolat bando įteigti kosmopolitai, globalistai ir jų klapčiukai. Visi užsieniečiai, kurie gerbia mÅ«sų valstybÄ™ ir KonstitucijÄ…, nuolat dalyvauja eitynÄ—se, ir dÄ—l to mes tik džiaugiamÄ—s.

    9. For the record, I’m glad Kobe is on our team but I am a laker fan before I’m a Kobe fan.I’m grateful for what he has done and we don’t win the titles e did with out him. Yet while I appreciate what he has done for us, he was also paid handsomely for those contributions. Therefore while I am glad he is still here, I will be ready to move on to the next chapter in Lakerdom once he moves on. I just think it is curious that all of the superstars are tagging up but not when Kobe is involved.

    10. Pour ce qui est de la finance, ça consiste en quoi finalement? Faire de l’argent avec de l’argent. Qu’est-ce que ça produit de réellement CONCRET? Rien.Ça a une utilité, oui, mais dans MA vision, c’est déconnecté des varies affaires. L’humanité s’en ai passé pendant la plus grande partie de son histoire et on est encore là.

    11. To zwyczajnie przygotowania do przyszłorocznych powodzi których ma nie być. Jako że studzienek udrożnić się nie da, należy ograniczyć odpływ do tychże. I oczywiście to nie kosmici ( choć możnaby ich i tak nazwać ), ale trzej urzędnicy EU niczym trzej królowie In, Ko i Gnitto.

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    13. Nobody is playing consistent championship ball right now, not Cleveland and not the Celtics. Nobody. What matters is getting this team playing right when it does matter. That means things should be worked on, but the “woe is me, the world is ending” stuff has just gotten over the top. It’s sucking the fun out of being a fan right now.

    14. Where is the evidence, anonymous? What I’m getting out of the EPO DG2: swift EESR’s, 71(3)’s, fast handling of oppositions. But admittedly that’s not in one of those technical fields where the EPO can’t find enough Examiners. As to everybody doing what they are told to do by the President, I bet that’s not how it feels like to Alison. But you’re right about VP-DG3. He is painfully aware of the possibility of his herd of cats running riot.

    15. Har har. I do know things are different in England. Of course, being an Island, there is a whole different dynamic (both among natural UK citizens and those who can make it to the UK illegally). Of course I understand about limited resources (the USA has it’s own cash crunch right now) and no argument, citizens should get the resources, not illegal immigrants. I think the trick there is enforcing the laws, not giving people unfair advantage, and still maintaining that humaneness. And I believe it can be done.

    16. 27/08/2011 – 1:24pmEra de esperar: aparte del doble portadón, ¿cuántos días nos estaría dando la brasa MARCA si llega a ganar la Supercopa el R. Moudrid?Pues bien, en su web ya está relegada la noticia del partido al fondo, quedando a la izquierda (cielo) unas cinco o seis noticias del R. Moudrid prometiendo ya ganar todo, y a la derecha (infierno) varias del Barça, pero ya me entendéis: de esas cizañeras…Son una banda. Una puta banda de hijos de puta.

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    18. November 3, 2011 at 11:12 pmI know I probably go over the top where the EU is concerned but I can’t help it, I hate this elistist organisation with a passion, I hate to see what it’s doing to ordinary people all over Europe, especially the Greeks at present, no doubt our turn will come around before too long. But I really do wish you all the best and hope things turn out well.

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    20. KatiaNão perde, todo o tempo contribuído é sempre aproveitado, é só voltar a contribuir e recuperar a qualidade, e no caso das aposentadorias por tempo e por idade não há perda de qualidade, só carência.

    21. Olá amiga, bem vinda ao VITRINE2009, espero que possa corresponder as suas expectativas e interesses. Parabéns pelo seu blog. Limpo e bem organizado, além de é claro, ótimos textos.É fato, o preconceito é presente e independe de culturas. Mas será que todos nós sabemos o que de fato é preconceito ou julgamos apenas o termo usando já de preconceito? Abraço.

    22. The MRAs have come out in force to spew nastiness all over your site Greg. I think that while the subreddit site is hateful, and full of misogynists that reddit as a whole shouldn’t be boycotted because of one part of it that is full of hateful bigots. I’m sure most of these people have facebook pages that are full of the same amount of hatred that they are spewing here and on reddit. It is a tough choice though. As for the MRAs that have come here grow up, and stop being hateful bigots.

    23. *haha* jag är född -73 och minns absolut lampan ;)När katalogen kommer… dÃ¥ tar inte jag disken!!! Min stund att sitta och bara fundera pÃ¥ vad vi behöver eller rättare sagt, hur argumenten skall vara till allt jag tycker vi behöver *tihi*kram kram Malin

    24. As a child I remember going through the neighborhood block, by block…It was hard work for a plastic pumpkin full of candy.Today, we take the kids trunk-or-treating (and to Dad’s office). They come home with such a haul, it usually lasts all year. We love trunk-or-treating. It is convenient, safe and warm on those particularly cold Utah Halloween nights. But, it certainly speaks to how things have changed…I imagine we worked off quite a few of the calories ingested with all of our walking

    25. Case closed? Again? Your assertions are all based on what you believe to be the data.Do you know any “average people” ?You obviously measure success by financial gain, I am sure you will outgrow this doctrine sooner or later. Good luck with your path.

    26. , there are people out there that don’t know as much as we know or had it worse. We have to realize that whatever you’re sharing we’ll help those people. It’s not an easy thing to do but it’s doable. I think every person just has to ask themselves how bad to they want this. If it’s bad enough they’ll do it anyway.Great post Ken…~AdrienneAdrienne recently posted..

    27. comentou em 25 de maio de 2011 às 23:55. Pode ser a qualidade ou pode ser que a água estava quente demais. Mas normalmente dá certo lavá-los. Só nos caidos não se deve pintar na pálpebra inferior . Os pequenos pode.BJssss!!!!!

    28. All well and good, but what is also needed are congressional hearings on 9/11, intelligence fabrication pre-Iraq, and non-enforcement of immigration laws and border controls vis-a-vis much larger numbers of criminal, illegal Mexicans.

    29. Corella, the butter adds a richness and thickness that is lovely. You could reduce the wine and balsamic to a certain point and just pour it over the steaks, of course. It would be more of a glaze as opposed this buttery sauce. The classic cooking phrase is “mounting a sauce with butter.” I encourage experimenting, though. And let us know how you like it without the butter.Barb


    31. meilenstein also, na gut … auf deutsch heisst das ihr rudert zurück *g* aber …wenn dem so stimmt, muss ich euch tatsächlich auch mal loben 🙂 – das supplement war nichts als ökonomie, das verstehen wir schon, suchmaschinentechnisch war es schwachsinn LOL

    32. Sue Jones Excellent analysis Tomaz which I am sure many of our club team players at Oadby (Leicester) will recognise when they read it! I recognise many of the adult learning situations when observing my colleagues on court!thanks for the good feedback

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  8. earlier Barry must be rolling over laughing, if he's read any of this. I'm not an obot. My point is, and has always been, to think outside the box. Soetoro and co.(that includes congress) don't think or believe we can gather in the multitudes to fix this. So far, they're right. I say, do the unexpected. Organize, choose a leader, and pick a date in the sometime near future. Now, If Barry were to read that, he might not be laughing so much, or so loud. Hell, I can hear him laughing thousands of miles away.

  9. En lo mas profundo de la memoria de nuestras celulas, algo nos ha dicho siempre – y no a pocos- que esta “realidad” que estamos experimentando, es una “ilusion” o algo virtual.Cuando con certeza lo percibimos asi, pareciera que se dan los ingredientes necesarios para dar inicio al despertar o toma de consciencia en la persona. Su vida cambia.

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  11. Amor, you look beautiful in that gorgeous print! I love the off the shoulders on you too and as always, your jewellery is exquisite. I am sorry about Gilbert… can he be resurrected? I hope you have the most marvellous tmie at the festival and have a pear cider for me! Loveyourmaxi, Sarah xxx

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  16. quoi, les espagnols et les italiens ont ils une confiance absolue en leurs gouvernements? Surtout après Zapatero et Berlusconi?Attendons de voir quand les gouvernements pourront mériter une telle confiance, après on pourra décider s’il est bon de déclarer “ennemi de la nation” quiconque spécule contre la dette publique. Ok?Â

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  18. , your Oprah/Obama comparo is just so valid, it hurts. Still, Oprah seems to fulfill the needs of her context. And here's a thing, arguably, if all Obama is is a good laugh, maybe that fulfills the context, too. Our president is not the god-king of the USA, he's the top of the administrative branch. In may large organizations, all that is is a figurehead that people can unite behind, the real work being done in the bureaus. So, as hollow and wrong as Obama might be, let's not blame it all on him, personally.

  19. August 22, 2010 Actually, I do understand that sometimes there is no hidden spiritual meaning Before this statement causes undue concern, I want to say that I don’t read my Bible with the intention of finding “new” information that was previously hidden from everyone else.By “hidden”, I only meant that which is able to be scripturally confirmed but not readily obvious to a casual reader of the text.

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  23. Oh! I forgot one more thing, which has helped me tremendously with the mommy guilt.Stop trying so hard to seek everyone else’s approval. I say that from the bottom of my heart, because really, *you* are the only person who knows what’s best for your family. xoxoxox

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  26. why??? this is breaking my heart as much as when Ryutaro got removed from JUMP 🙁 i can’t really say anything if this is really what you want to do, but you were one of my favorite fandom bloggers and i’ll really miss your posts a lot…thank you for all that you’ve done for the fandom *cries* but at least maybe drop us a line when your book is done!

  27. BC,If I could get one more datapoint, it would be unaccepted bid prices.We’ve got the ask and the volume, and we’ve got the settlement, but we don’t have bid. The spread between ask and settle looks to be near 10%, could the spread between bid and settle be just as wide?

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