Disabled W3 Total Cache On My Blog

After spending almost 1 week on the slow loading of my blog’s post pages and slow response time, finally I found the culprit today.  I wrote several emails to Godaddy, my hosting provider regarding the issue. Well, there was no problem from the server side and they advised me to have a check at all the plugins installed on my blog. I disabled all the plugins and enabled them all one by one to find out that it was the W3 Total Cache which was responsible for slow connectivity of my blog to the server.

Well it sounds a bit odd because generally W3 Total Cache is known to decrease the load time of the website on which it is being used. But the truth for me is that now all the pages of my blog are loading within two seconds and now there are no load-time issues with the website. Though I am still using this plugin to serve the CDN on my blog. But all the caches have been disabled by me. It definitely looks that W3 Total Cache is not compatible with all kinds of servers or websites.

Well whatever the reason may be, the good news is that I have solved this issue. The main area of concern for me was the increased bounce rate from past two to three weeks. Now with the issue resolved , it is expected to go down and improve significantly. If you too are suffering from the same issue of excessive load time of your blog’s post pages, then you must take a look at whichever caching plugin you are using for your blog.  I have already discussed how important load-time is to earn online from your blog. If there are any other good caching alternatives to W3 Total Cache, I would definitely like to hear them from you.


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    At the time of this writing I can see that W3TC is still running on this site. However the recommended default setting of disk enhanced mode for page caching is not set and as a result (depending on your host, server etc etc), you will definitely not have the optimal response time for pages as a result. Please change that setting and things shold improve.

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      HI Frederick,
      I was using the disk enhanced setting earlier but that was slowing down the loading of pages due to reason I dont know. That is why I am using only basic page caching.

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    Hi Vineet,

    There is nothing wrong in it.
    I have read many articles about W3Total cache being the reason to slow down the website.

    There are many reasons for not working properly. W3 total cache doesn’t work fine with every theme and SEO tools.

    And if you are using any other caching plugin then this plugin may affect your blog.
    If you have faced this problem then you did it right.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.:)

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