4 Ways to Find Advertisers For Your Blog

In this post I am going to share a few tips with you which can help you make some good money online by finding advertisers and sponsors for your blog.

If you have a decent traffic coming to your blog and you are planning to make money online by selling your advertising space, then you will need to plan out a few things first. If your blog receives thousands of unique visitors daily, then you can easily find advertisers who are willing to shed huge sums to advertise on your blog. But if your blog is new and you do not have that much traffic coming to your blog currently, then its going to be a bit tough to find potential advertisers. Yet, with a bit of planning you can find advertisers who still want to buy your ad space.

Here are a few useful tips which can help you attract advertisers to your blog:

  • Create an “Advertise” Page:- It is important to be professional before approaching your advertisers. Create an “Advertise” page on your blog (though I haven’t created one for this blog till now). This page should describe how big are going to be your ad spaces and where are they going to be placed. It would be better not to mention the price of advertising if you are yet to find any advertisers. Just give complete information of your ad spaces of your blog in this page. This helps in creating a good impression on the minds of advertisers and they take you as a professional.
  • Refer to Similar Niche Blogs:- Look around for blogs which have similar niche to your blog. Find advertisers on their blog and make a list of them. For now, eliminate the big ones from the list. I have assumed that you are getting at least some hundred visitors to your blog daily. Prepare a list of small advertisers who you think can be willing to buy ad space on your blog.
  •  Approach Advertisers:- Next thing you need to do is to approach the advertisers you have listed out. You need to put a formal proposal before them. Present them a report about your blog having details like:
  1. Daily page views
  2. Unique visitors
  3. Alexa rank
  4. Monthly stats
  5. Keyword rankings
  6. Subscribers
       Then you can ask them if they are interested to advertise on your blog. You can even offer a discounted price or trial for a few first 10 or 15 days. This keeps the advertisers at no loss. If they are able to make some profits during these days, they will definitely stick to you. Do not charge high in the beginning. Just keep the cost modest. Once the traffic to your blog increases, you can then increase the charges. Later you can also find advertisers which can pay huge sums to you to buy your advertising space.
  • Take Care of Your Advertisers:- Once you have advertisers displaying their ads on your blog, do not ignore them thinking that now you have got the money. Carefully examine the stats and traffic to your ads and try to improve the conditions for them so that your advertisers can make more and more out of your blog. You will also make profits from this approach.

So, these are some tips to make some money advertising on your blog. But personally I would like to wait till my blog has thousands of visitors coming on a daily basis. Patience can be fruitful sometimes!!



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