Generate Income By Commenting on WordPress Money Blog


Just like Get Paid to Write For Us Program, we are now starting a much more efficient, better and quick way to generate some money or income online using WordPress Money Blog.

In this program, all you have to do is to share your views and opinions on the already written articles or posts on this blog and you will be paid for every valuable comment you make.

Who Can Participate and Make Money From This Program?

  1. Everyone!!!
  2. You need not have a blog or website to participate.
  3. You need to have a good hold over written english.
  4. Everyone who is willing to give a valuable opinion and share his/her thoughts/views can participate and make some money using this program.

Okay, So What Are the Rules?

  1. The first and the foremost requirement, you must have a Gravatar for yourself. We need to know who has commented and who we need to pay to. Use this link to get a Gravatar in five minutes if you don’t have one yet.
  2. You must read the post/article thoroughly before commenting.
  3. Your comment must be related to the subject/theme/content of the article. It must add value to the discussion or state useful points for the readers.
  4. Your comment should contain atleast 50 words. The content should not contain any affiliate links. You can leave links in your content only if it is required and adds value to the post. We use CommentLuv Premium Plugin(CLP) which keeps an eye on everything.
  5. You must spend atleast 45 seconds on the page before you can post your comment. CLP will trigger a warning if you try to violate this rule.
  6. There should be a gap of minimum 15 minutes between every two comments you make. Of course, you can comment before 15 minutes of making a comment too, but that comment will not be considered for payment.
  7. And at the end, you have to share every post using the sharing options available with the CLP.

Violating or not following any of the above rule will make your comment ineligible for the payment, though it will be visible to every one.

How Much Will I Earn and What is the Membership Fees?

There are four membership levels for this program.

Bronze Level

  1. The price for the Bronze Level membership is $5/7 days (Rs.300/7days). Your subscription will start with the day you join us and ends on the 7th day.
  2. You will be paid $0.50 (Rs.30) for every comment you write which gets approved. You must follow all the rules mentioned above to get your comment approved for payment.
  3. You can make a maximum of 20 comments which will be subjected for payment under this membership level.
  4. Payments for every approved comment will be paid via PayPal in USD for Non-Indian residents and via NEFT in Indian Rupees to Indian residents with Indian Bank Accounts. This offer is not available in countries where PayPal is non-existent.
  5. You will be paid twice in a week on every Thursday and every Monday for your approved comments (if any) at 8:00 PM IST.

Silver Level

  1. The price for the Silver Level membership is $10/7 days (Rs.600/7days). Your subscription will start with the day you join us and ends on the 7th day.
  2. You will be paid $0.50 (Rs.30) for every comment you write which gets approved. You must follow all the rules mentioned above to get your comment approved for payment.
  3. You can make a maximum of 40 comments which will be subjected for payment under this membership level.
  4. Payments for every approved comment will be paid via PayPal in USD for Non-Indian residents and via NEFT in Indian Rupees to Indian residents with Indian Bank Accounts. This offer is not available in countries where PayPal is non-existent.
  5. You will be paid twice in a week on every Thursday and every Monday for your approved comments (if any) at 8:00 PM IST.

Gold Level

  1. The price for the Gold Level membership is $25/7 days (Rs.1500/7days). Your subscription will start with the day you join us and ends on the 7th day.
  2. You will be paid $1.00 (Rs.60) for every comment you write which gets approved. You must follow all the rules mentioned above to get your comment approved for payment.
  3. You can make a maximum of 50 comments which will be subjected for payment under this membership level.
  4. Payments for every approved comment will be paid via PayPal in USD for Non-Indian residents and via NEFT in Indian Rupees to Indian residents with Indian Bank Accounts. This offer is not available in countries where PayPal is non-existent.
  5. You will be paid twice in a week on every Thursday and every Monday for your approved comments (if any) at 8:00 PM IST.

Platinum Level

  1. The price for the Platinum Level membership is $100/14 days (Rs.6000/14days). Your subscription will start with the day you join us and ends on the 14th day.
  2. You will be paid $1.50 (Rs.90) for every comment you write which gets approved. You must follow all the rules mentioned above to get your comment approved for payment.
  3. You can make a maximum of 100 comments which will be subjected for payment under this membership level.
  4. Payments for every approved comment will be paid via PayPal in USD for Non-Indian residents and via NEFT in Indian Rupees to Indian residents with Indian Bank Accounts. This offer is not available in countries where PayPal is non-existent.
  5. You will be paid after 14 days from the start of your subscription for your approved comments (if any) at 8:00 PM IST.

Important Notes :-

  1. You cannot subscribe to two same levels of subscriptions within a period of 7 days except Platinum Level Membership. You can purchase as many Platinum Level Memberships as you want without any constraints.
  2. We will keep track of the number of comments made by you. You can also maintain a record for further reference.
  3. Violating or not following any of the rules mentioned above will make your comment ineligible for payment. It will be considered as a usual comment.
  4. This offer is not available for people living in countries where PayPal doesn’t exist/work.

Refund Policy

You will be issues refund of your fees only and only in the below circumstance:

  1. If you subscribe for a particular level and ask for a refund within 24 hours without making any comment on any of the articles/posts on this blog.
  2. You will not be entitled to a refund in the following cases :-
    1. You couldn’t complete your comment quota due to any reason whatsoever.
    2. After you get at-least one comment approved, there is no refund in any case applicable.

 Membership Level Chart

Features/Levels Bronze    Silver      Gold          Platinum
Price/7 days $5/Rs.300 $10/Rs.600 $25/Rs.1,500 $100/Rs.6,000/14 days
Earning/Comment $0.50/Rs.30 $0.50/Rs.30 $1.00/Rs.60        $1.50/Rs.90
Comment Quota     20       40       50              100
Total Earnings    $10/Rs.600 $20/Rs.1,200     $50/Rs.2,500        $150/Rs.9,000


How to Join This Program?

For Non-Indian Residents :- All transactions will be in USD and you can pay for the membership plan you choose below. You will be automatically redirected to the next step after your payment is successfully processed by PayPal. Contact us for any query.

Choose Your Membership Level Below

For Indian Residents :- All transactions will be in Indian Rupees. Indian residents can also pay via NEFT. NEFT is quick and it helps us to pay you quicker. To pay via NEFT, click this link. Otherwise, pay below for your membership level. There is a coupon code at the end for Indian applicants.

For Bronze Level : Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Vineet Saxena.

For Silver Level: Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Vineet Saxena.

For Gold Level : Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Vineet Saxena.

For Platinum Level: Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Vineet Saxena.

Note :- Apply coupon code save10 at the time of checkout to get an additional 10% discount on all the membership levels. Coupon valid till only 22-04-2014.

If you can write your valuable views in a few words, then this is the best way to make some genuine income and money out of your efforts online.

3,340 Replies to “Generate Income By Commenting on WordPress Money Blog”

  1. First of all the offer is really great for people who don’t have blog and want to earn quick cash by doing some comments. I think I’d want to give a try to this comments work.

    I’m gonna contact your soon as I’m gonna transfer fees by NEFT.


    1. Hi,
      Thanks Samir for appreciating. I am sure you will make a lot of income through this program. Just send me a request via contact us form and I will give you the details to make payment.

    2. Hi Samir ,

      The levels explained by Vineet in this post are great.

      Previously this contest was organized with different level but now he has done a great job by organizing an unique blog commenting contest.

      Bloggers can make money just by commenting at different articles.
      The only thing should be quality in their comments.

      Quality matters a lot. Many bloggers add short comments which don’t have any value.


  2. Hey Vineet,

    This is really a very good option earning through the programme you mentioned.

    I think indeed superb if we earn some cash through commenting.

    Love to see your ideas about the subject. Keep writing.

  3. Seems interesting I would better try my luck on it. 🙂 Thanks for giving an opportunity for earning while reading and commenting. Never seen any such attempt from any of the bloggers, Hope this idea of yours will work out well 🙂

    1. Hi Nithin,
      There is nothing here in which your luck will come handy. You get paid for the amount of work you do. If you sincerely participate and comment in this program, you will get paid.
      Thanks for reading this.

  4. Hi Vineet,

    Another new method to earn money by comment. Before I see this type of contest In where top commentators get money everyday by commenting. But there was a competition, you have to give more comment everyday to win that contest.

    Your methods is same but little different. Here is no. competition you will get paid if you do work.

    clearly your methods is best..

    Thanks for giving such money making opportunity to us.


    Md. Hamim Mondal

    1. Yes Hamim,
      Here you will be paid each and every valid comment. You don’t have to wait to be in the top commentators to earn. Just signup and you will start making money instantly.
      Thanks for reading this.
      Vineet Saxena

  5. Hi Vineet,
    This is really great opportunity for blogger and those people that have not blog or website or any source.
    Now a days. Many company are in internet that not pay and runaway but this commenting system is best for anyone.

    I am very happy to see this type of money making method.

    Thanks vineet for sharing such great post with us.

    1. Thanks Areesha for taking a look at this program. Regardless of whether you have a blog or not or which country do you belong to, this program will pay you for each and every comment you make here on WordPress Money Blog.
      Vineet Saxena

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    46. Thank you all for entering, and for your kind words. My randomly drawn winners are: My randomly drawn winners ARE: Sara (McDaniel), Desere, Jamie, Laura Field, and Joanne Dannon. If you’re going to be at RWA, this is the book I’ll be signing, and all the proceeds will go to charity.

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    52. Hi, thanks for a great review! You mention the “secret” GPS function, using the FR410 as a simple GPS, could you elaborate on this? It’s not clear to me if it will only do tracking or if it can show the current position. And how about direction? Does it have a compas or can it show the direction only when you’re running – or at all? Those functions would be great if you like to do orienteering and geocaching, I understand from the specs you can encode 100 waypoints.Thanks, Erik

    53. 24 septiembre, 2012Imagino q es para mayores de 18 años, pues la sala Arena suele ser así su entrada.Aparte, las entradas están agotadas y al ser para la presentación de un juego, el concierto será muy corto.Y sí, tenías q haber llevado al peque al concierto de Alcalá, q allí se estuvo muy bien y sin riesgo.A ver si hacemos otro pronto por Madrid y os vemos allí ¿vale?Un saludo!!  

    54. Szinte soha nem merek mintás háttérrel kezdeni. Jó, hogy majd össze-vissza blendingelek, a valahogy díszítek ilyen papírokkal, de az elsÅ‘ oldalad teljesen elkápráztatott!!! Az elrendezés, a színek, elemek összeválogatása,… gyönyörű oldal!!Persze a második, visszafogottabb stílusú is nagyon tetszik!:-)

    55. ..I take the lead out of the bullet and I put it in the pencil..( pop culture reference see Method Man from the album Tical the Prequel.)We do not live in any form of democracy.. I believe that, here, again the media has failed us..Dean continuously submerged and over flooded with American news and politics has led Canadians in great dissolution..We are home to the British loyalists.. We are by far a democracy.. We are a constitutional monarchy led by a Governor General who has the right to veto anything in the Queen’s favor

    56. What, exactly, did LookinForWub, want you to wub? Ugh. Elmer IS creepy! And MeatUSoon? Seriously? Perhaps he should hit up DoinItNow. Thanks, Scarlett, for reminding of the humor, which seems to be the only purpose for those sites, as best I can tell. Girl Goes Offline now. Well, Girl Goes Online to read Scarlett & Holly…and Facebook. Haha.

    57. Golden days to be a Ninty fanboy. We got two white Wii’s, will be good to have a shiny new black Wii U. I am looking forward to playing some under-played Wii games on my new Wii U gamepad. Great variety of release games, so much choice, 1st party Ninty games always a must for me, this Xmas I will be partying like it’s 2006.

    58. It is true that a little bit of marketing goes a long way and that love for a game can be somewhat random. A very good example is the series of games that goes Battle Cry, Command & Colours: Ancients, Memoir 44 and Battlelore. They are all, essentially, the same game. However, they all do variably well. Personally, I detest M44 and find C&CA the best game. That’s very much not the order that sales went.And all designed by the same guy.

    59. Caro Rodrigo. Meus parabéns mesmo pelo Blog\\YouTube\\Twitter. Cara não sei que estilo você escolheu para produzir essa musica, mas se você passar umas dicas de como criar um baixo de Eletro House, Fidget House seria bem interessante pois nesses estilos o baixo é bem marcado.Abração.Continue com esse maravilhoso projeto.

    60. We have such similar tastes! Loved BITTERSWEET (although you’re right, TWENTY BOY SUMMER is, I think, the best of her books); SAVING JUNE is near the top of the pile, as is CRACKED UP TO BE (just got it from the library – again), and I just started REACHED. And wow – the cover of IF YOU FIND ME – amazing! That’s definitely going on the list. Haven’t been doing as much reading the last couple of months, but I’m hoping to read 12 books this month to wrap up the year. Happy Reading!

    61. En alguna oportunidad tuve que hacer un crédito en la FINANCIERA COMPARTIR de Duitama. Infortunadamente quedé en MORA, y esa niña Sandra, tan querida y simpática ella, se paró frente a mi casa y EMPEZÓ A GRITARME, que qué pasaba con el crédito, que fuera a pagar o me atuviera a las consecuencias.Asi que amigos DUITAMENSES ojo, mucho ojo, con esa tal FINANCIERA COMPARTIR DE DUITAMA.

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    63. Hi Joel. You’re good at “reading the tea leaves!”. It was interesting that early on in the process there were very few 18-25 year olds … and then we seemed to have a rush that evened things out. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an export data feature – shame, it would have been nice to play and cross-tab (in a quite moment!)

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    65. I’m with you…I try not to ask that what if too often! I’ve passed on job opportunities in the past and currently for the better of my family. One thing that I always go back to is that those jobs aren’t going anywhere but my family will forever be better for me being there! You’ve made a great choice!!Fancy Nancy recently posted..

    66. Amélia disse:Aplaudo de pé estas iniciativas para proteger a infância, nesta terra tupiniquim dá até medo, a ausência ou a ignorância de certos pais para seus filhos … acham lindos os filhos travestidos de adultos, indo a baladas (ah bom, são a tarde!) aos 12 anos, beijando 8, 10 pessoas diferentes por balada, conforme reportagem recente da Band News …

    67. Ã…Ã¥h, lækkert outfit! 🙂 Er stadig helt vild med blazeren og tørklædet… De to ting skulle ikke gÃ¥ mange gange omkring min seng. Eller, altsÃ¥, øh, det lød mærkeligt, men du ved hvad jeg mener!

    68. Probably my husband (though I might sneak a bite) because he is currently unemployed. While he is doing a great job taking care of our three kids, he really wants to find a good job in his field, but it’s tough when he moved here for my job and there aren’t as many opportunities for him here.

    69. Vous me faites rigoler/pleurer….Une réaction qui aurait être autour du sujet de l’article: les victimes des sbires du gouvernements de Libye est devenu un foutoir a propos du nom des habitants de l’Amérique du Nord.Les français sont devenus plus cons que je ne le pensait.

    70. Col. 3.12-15, NKJV12 Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering; 13 bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, if anyone has a complaint against another; even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do. 14 But above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection. 15 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.

    71. Hi Terri, U may want to try the cafeteria on the Ground floor of Wisma Anglican, which is behind All Saints Cathedral. Its not available everyday but when it is, it sells like hot cakes!! Its the best baked honeycomb cake I’ve tasted….best to try your luck from 12noon onwards since its baked in the morning..

    72. Juste une question. Il m’arrive parfois de partager des dessins sur Facebook et j’avoue que je n’ai pas toujours demandé l’autorisation (en fait jamais)Par contre je cite toujours la source genre « excellent dessin de Vidberg, visitez son blog, l’actu en patates » avec le lien qui va avec.Est ce que c’est toléré ou suis-je en tord ?

    73. we really should get the option if we want to swich or not. it would make everyone alot happyer. people are also mad that the partners get to choose and we dont. i also think that the fadeung option isnt really that helpfull becuse for some backrouds that couldd make the profile and comments harder to read.

    74. O que o Corinthians tem a ver com isso ? Vc é palmeirense e tem todo o direito de emitir sua opinião, mas deixe o Corinthians de fora disso. Poderia comentar por exemplo, se acha justo o Palmeiras ter 2 títulos de campeão brasileiro no mesmo ano. É um bom assunto, não.

    75. Hello would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using? I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m having a tough time making a decision between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique.P.S My apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!

    76. Yay Hasbro! Many years ago they offered a “monster” version and my son had that one because he doesn’t do pink or purple ha! But it was more about making gooky stuff so it didn’t hold his interest… instead he used the real oven and the fake oven was a good hiding place for his gameboy. H

    77. For the letter “I”, you could go with ‘Immanuel’ as in Immanuel Kant. Flies in the face of the convention you’ve got going, but its a garden bed and there’s a time and a place to be anal about such things I would say (not knowing you personally, what I suggest could in fact be the greatest heresy you’ve heard all week) … Other than that, sorry, can’t seem to come up with much, but “Y” does seem to distill an element of the whole idea just as it is.

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    79. Næææ sÃ¥ gøy da 🙂 soverommet pÃ¥ tvn :)Men det er nÃ¥ ikke sÃ¥ rart at det dukker opp der, for du er jo sÃ¥ flink at Ã¥h! Tenk at nÃ¥ har du et berømt soverom hihi 🙂 Lykke til med oppussinga, gleder meg til Ã¥ se før og etter bilder 🙂 hÃ¥per pÃ¥ masse inspirasjon til jeg skal male og styre her 😉 Ha en super kveld viderestooor klem

    80. Hi Colleen,Thank you so much for this! My husband has been relocated to Ballito and things are happening very quickly for us too. Thank you for the contact information of the pre-schools in the area. Are there any of these that you would particulary reccommend?I will keep checking in. What a lovely idea.P.S. perhaps you should do a post on the public library?

    81. what type of exercise is good while in my 20th week of pregnancy?We have a fitness center in town, and my husband has started going regularly. we weren’t sure if it was safe for me to do anything they had available there. The only thing i could think would be ok would be the elliptical machine, or a treadmill. Has anybody ever had professional advice as to what is safe and how much is safe? I’m pretty active all day, I’m on my feet 90% of the time. I’m slim build, and really just want to keep toned so there will be less flab that will hang around after the baby…any ideas?

    82. POSTED August 21, 2012 at 10:16 amI agree with CR, the hearts seem a bit … unprofessional. I’d also recommend a slight verbiage change to “Seek Inspiration” or “Pursue Inspiration” rather than “Be Inspired”. To me, I read that and think to myself “This is a guy who’s looking new sources of inspiration,” as opposed to “Here’s a guy who’s sitting at his desk, all inspired and everything.” The former is a guy I’d want to work with. The latter isn’t.These are just splendid, BTW. You’re so close to a wonderful product, I believe.

    83. conocí a una chica extranjera de Francia y es muy hermosa yo soy un chico muy buen parecido y atractivo pero nunca e echo esto con una extranjera ya que las personas son muy diferentes e platicado con ella y a demostrado algo de interés pero que debo hacer para enamoarla

    84. I thought he lived in charitable givingsome folks take every single deduction they are entitled to while others just give to charity and do not claim it on their taxes.the only evidence I see for liberals vs conservatives is red states vs blue states.who is to say that the liberals in the red states are not the ones who give the most?

    85. 9e76vera:cccнелля у меня точно такая же проблема((( посоветуте мне тоже что нибудь. к груди не прикоснутьсяf7

    86. I’m an ecologist and I view science as a calling, but “science” goes far beyond my day job at the university. I rather prefer the 19th century term “natural philosopher”. It involves reading deeply about lots of other areas of inquiry, about looking for commonalities, and about explaining “sciencey” things to family and friends. Spending every waking minute in the lab and thinking about only one small part of the puzzle does not make one a good scientist.

    87. Updated bigger kiss pic!!! >.< … His arm looks awkward.LOL maybe I should have gave him a different name? one that wasn't so sexual?As long as for every girl he 'fake' kisses while acting he gives EunJung two real ones.(*still wishing for the hospital gowns scenario*)

    88. Ich glaube so ein Plugin wäre sehr einfach. Ich habe in beschrieben, wie einfach ein WebID-Login über umsetzbar ist. Ich hab aber ewig kein PHP mehr gemacht und müsste mich für WordPress, Joomla und dergleichen erst wieder darin einarbeiten. Ein findiger PHP-Entwickler könnte es bestimmt an nem Wochenende umsetzen.

    89. No-no I’m a wimp who wants to cuddle, but cant,I wish I could. My word from the Lord for he last several years is REST!! And every now and then He comes and tells me, when I am down and wiped out, You didn’t rest yet!A-a-a-n-n-n–d-d-d I see that ewe are the same kinda sheep

    90. Ha, thanks Keith. Always glad to see your encouragement on my posts.And Brandon, I want to especially thank you for all the support and encouragement over the years, and all the guidance and grace you’ve shown me in my time here. Thanks for letting me be a part of your dream here. Oh, and thanks for all the free music, too 😉

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    93. Hi Lisa, this looks amazing!! I just have a question about the onion. I notice you use Red onion a lot in your recipes. I never thought of cooking with red onion…I usually have it raw on salads. What is the difference between cooking with red versus cooking with yellow onion??

    94. This YT policy is a friggin' joke. XenutTV1 and ToryMagoo44's accounts were unfailry removed from YT. Now that it's in writing let's see if they stand by it.Restore XenuTV1 to show the world what good boys you are and how YT can be effectively used as a tool for free speech. YT doesn't seem to respect the first amendment of their corporation's country, how sad.

    95. Ben moi je suis encore plus fort que tout le monde, et même que Karim, j’ai carrément disparu du classement ….Vous me devez donc tous le respect pour cet incommensurable exploit …Bon ben j’avais qu’a garder mon pseudo débile. JC Rodger … m’appprendra ..Sinon, vive la CC ( pas taper Antoine … pas taper ) et j’attends ton jeu avec impatience à défaut d’une Odyssée simplifiée.. Comment ça , je te cherche Antoine ? Ok je suis en train de courir et verrouiller mes portes…

    96. I guess you can thank all those fools who were complaining that The Dark Knight didn’t get nominated last year. Regardless- it will still only be a two movie race ( it always is )…Or mabe this was done for Harvey- Since he’s broke now- he can make one movie a year and concentrate on that flick to steal the Oscar next year ( worked for him in the past )

    97. Czesc Kubusiu, z okazji imienin zyczymy Ci z Darkiem wszystkiego naj… i tyle slodyczy ile wazysz .Karteczke dostaniesz troche pozniej, bo nie mialam kiedy na poczte sie wybrac.Baw sie swietnie , pozdrawiamy i przesylamy Wam buziaczki

    98. My husband and I have been visiting CO for the past several years from New Orleans and hope to be moving there in the near future.Your article was very interesting and because of this and so many other fascinating things to do and see, plus the cleanliness and very little to no crime we are ready to move now.

    99. what the stats did from last season… Kobe is no longer a top 10 player. Why is this so upsetting? He has played more minutes than most forty year olds. It’s amazing Kobe is still as good as he is on both sides of the ball. That’s a testament to his work ethic. As Lakers and Kobe fans we can’t keep pretending Kobe is still the Kobe we remember. Let’s not kid ourselves… The emperor has no clothes.

    100. People, neither Apple nor AT&T invented 3G. The instant and constant availability of an Internet connection has been a reality for many for at least a few years now. My Mogul (on Sprint’s superior) 3G network routinely pulls down over 1 mbps.Combine that with Skyfire browser (and, GASP, Flash support), the iPhone doesn’t come close. Sorry but this is only a game changer for people who never knew what 3G was until Friday. Welcome to 2004, iPhone users.

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    106. well it depends on how your want live your life.. last time i was really fed up in working full time.. too stressful.. I was thinking why not to just look for a simple job earn some average income & be happy with it…but opportunity comes and everyday I keep on improve my work and it makes it simple and more enjoyable….I would say that if it is a good opportunity .. try it.. worst case you could goes back to your old job right?

    107. Minullehan kävi samoin, että onnistuin välttämään nuo varsinaiset alet, mutta sitten kirpparilta kahmin senkin edestä 😉 Tosin ei minunkaan kirjahankinnoissa hinta päätä huimannut!Olen lukenut ainoastaan tuon Adoptoidun vuosia sitten, ihan ok se oli, muttei mikään erikoinen lukuelämys kuitenkaan.Paluu Rivertoniin odottaa minullakin hyllysssä samoin kuin Kaksoisvirhe.

    108. From one Indian dud to another, great post! Cracked me up, my parents were the Canadian welcome committee….so alot of this brings back memories. What’s up with Friday night language classes? Could there be a worse time in the week? My mother dragged us to Gujarati school and every week I tried to invent some illness so that I could avoid it. She sent us anyway….it stank like your couch after your cousins visit. Thanks for the read. Love jay.

    109. Marcos disse:Testes de tunel de vento demonstraram que aquela primeira aeronave dos Wright, que eles afirmam terem feito o primeiro vôo, jamais teria como sair do chão. A relação peso/potência era tão alta que a R.A. era negativa.

    110. Excellent site you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics talked about in this article? I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get suggestions from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

    111. MihaelaImi aduce aminte de profesoara mea de romana. Nu pot spune cat de traumatizata eram, imi era frica sa scot un cuvant. Nu era doar cazul meu. Mai trist e ca, anul trecut, una dintre fostele colege mi-a zis ca profa de romana a scos oameni din noi. Aceasta invatatoare nu e singura care traumatizeaza copiii, sunt convinsa ca majoritatea din generatie ei fac la fel. Ministerul Educatiei ar trebui sa faca cursuri pentru pofesori, invatatori, sa-i aduca la zi cu noile metode de predare si de abordare a copiilor.

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  8. Hi Vineet,
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    Suppose we comment on previous post or old post then after some weeks. all post will be end then what will we do?

    Areesha Noor!

    1. Og i gang kom jeg!Må ærligt indrømme at de ikke bliver ligeså flotte som de illustrerede (som jeg er 99% sikker på er white clay), da de hæver en smule, men rustikke kan man vist godt kalde dem Rustik er vel også en stilart, hehe!Jeg har en lille tilføjelse til opskriften: Det skal være fint salt (opdagede jeg), der skal en del mindre vand i, og dejen skal have lov til at hvile nogle timer.

    2. This page looks great. Unfortunately I'm on dialup, and can't get the live feed. Wow,saw you today at the Fair Tax Rally in Columbia. Man you have got it going on. I wish you were President rather than OBama. Keep up the good work. I was already pretty much in favor of the Fair Tax, but now, I'm totally on board. Gene O'Neill

    3. 6/19/2012 4:24 PM " It is not an eternal situation. ….. Islam will not last forever. In fact, I think it will not last much longer. "I wish that I had your confidence. It HAS lasted for 1400 years and looks to be in resurgence. I'm with laine – let them kill one another and never ever interfere.

    4. Hello I would like to add an event to the event calender it is “She Loves Me” the musical at the Marysville Auditorium presented by the students from the Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts the production runs- March 23-April 1 Fridays ,saturday at 7 pm and sunday matinees at 2 pm cost 10 dollars and 5 for students and groups phone 749-6155

    5. raxAugust 27, 2008Hahaha, Serena, this is awesome. And more than a little adorable. I love how much your writing sounds like YOU. Is this what I saw you working on today? (I have to admit I am terrified and curious about the rejected subject of, well, myself.)The intro is great, too. And the picture is the perfect cap. 🙂

    6. Salut, j’aimerais savoir si tu sais comment récupérer les images de la description d’un flux rss et tout autre élément html comme les liens et vidéos car actuellement avec Rss Importer c’est pas possible quand on met: feed field name: description — pligg field name: link_content par contre ca passe avec: eed field name: description — pligg field name: link_tag ou link_url. Sauf que niveau design ca casse tout.Je ne comprend pas du tout pourquoi. Merci d’avance.

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    8. I think that the PS3 version is running a “depth of field” filter, which blurs objects that are either too close or too far away. And the 360 version is lacking this feature, thus making its screen shots seem sharper overall. I’m giving the PS3 the nod this time, because I usually only see this effect on PC games.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 3 votes)

    9. This challenge is great timing. Last Monday (9/10) I decided to kick my Pepsi habit. And now here I am one week later, still no Pepsi! I’ve never been able to do this before, but now I am ready. I have had some cravings, but when I do I get a big glass of ICE water instead. And bonus…i weighed myself today…down 2 pounds from last Monday!

    10. The state doesn’t care about the middle class. The self employed middle class is the group that is getting screwed on both ends on this health insurance program. If you look at the demographics of health care reform, it’s the self employed middle class that didn’t have increase because it didn’t make financial sense to have it. Now they are forced to buy it and taxes will increase to pay for those that formerly received free care.Fuel and heating costs are spinning us into a recession. What the great idea that Coupe Deval has? Raise taxes. Wonderful

    11. O apoio do seu Bena foi decisivo para o crescimento do Vereador Soldado Coelho. O comentário de rua é que o Vereador Bena em uma reunião falou para todos os vereadores do grupo que o Gil Lopes não representa confiança de lealdade ao grupo, em que o mesmo ouviu e ficou calado.

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    14. The Fabian/Gramscian project in the United States is a bit like the Chinese Communist Party: you can afford to piss off a lot of average people if you can recruit 80% of the best and brightest to your side. You can even afford to piss off some of the high achiever if the bulk of them are on your side.Don't all successful political movements work like that?

    15. Hi Dr. Deb,The way you describe what it was like to be hypnotized reminds me of what people say they feel like when they achieve that deep meditative state. Do you think the hypnotic state and the meditative state are one and the same? I guess one difference is under hypnosis you lose control, whereas when meditating you maintain control, but I wondered if the lowered brain-waves led to that relaxed feeling is the same.

    16. RE: “…The Americans seek an official response from Israel on whether this was a bureaucratic mistake or a deliberate act carried out for political reasons…” – from “demand” #1, as per WolmanMY COMMENT: I’m willing to bet that Elliott Abrams had advance knowledge of the announcement (in the middle of Biden’s visit) that Israel’s Interior Ministry had authorized the construction of another 1,600 homes in East Jerusalem. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Elliott Abrams orchestrated it.

    17. OK, seriously, I would never have guessed from the cover that this is 'this' type of book (whatever 'this' type is, but it sounds AMAZING).I mean, I get not MIND-BLOWING, but sometimes the quiet, sweet, unexpected stories can be the ones to touch us the deepest? TOTALLY keeping my eye out for this.WONDERFUL review, as ALWAYS, love! ♥

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    28. Jota, ridículo ou não, eu não mencionei os nomes por que alguns, ainda não estão certos que farão parte do primeiro escalão, os 3 primeiros já é certo, mas os demais estão apenas sendo cogitados os nomes, vamos esperar para ver o que irá acontecer.O BOCA DE RUA agradece a qualifificação “ridículo.”

    29. Det var godt nok ikke en sexdrøm, men drømte at jeg var kærester med Kelsey Grammar (Frasier) og at han var mig utro med en pige fra Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Jeg sÃ¥ vist for meget realitytv da jeg havde ferie, og nu kommer det og bider mig i røven 2 mdr senere….meget mærkeligt. Godt nok er min kæreste en del ældre end mig, men ikke pÃ¥ Kelsey niveau og han er en del mere tiltrækkende, sÃ¥ heldigvis er virkeligheden meget bedre end drømmen

    30. Love the story – homework doesn't look so bad now does it? Sometimes just the simple most innocent comments can bring us back to reality and true understanding. Thanks Jadon!

    31. 0  0ehhh, I don't know if I agree with this article. I know several men, GOOD men,who would love to find/have a good women, so I can't really sign off on the generalization that most men REFUSE to be good to a good women! I don't think that's a fair or even partially accurate statement.

    32. after 10,000 years of putting up buildings, the human race only extremely rarely needs creative new shapes for buildings. Pretty much all the good styles have been invented…Good styles will keep coming along. Like all art it happens, but at a much slower pace than we in our media-saturated culture would hope. So every would-be artiste thinks that all it takes to be creative is to do away with convention and taste (like Sarah Silverman).

    33. Entech; Re. your 6:47, “concrete”. We have both studied philosophy. You know as well as I that in the various schools of philosophy, abstractos most often is the dominent factor. In fact, concretos is often missing, and can often be hinted at only by abstractos. Herein lies the problem.

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