Join Us and Get Paid For Every Article You Write

I understand how difficult it can be to make a living online.

That is why I have decided to start this service of “Write and Get Paid ” here on WordPress Money Blog.

In this program, all you need to do is to signup for this service and become a member. After that, you will be given a guest author account and you will be paid for every article you publish here on this blog. Sounds good. Doesn’t it?

So, let us go inside and take a look at this program in detail.

Who Can Become a Member of  “Write and Get Paid” Program?

  1. Technically everyone!
  2. You need not be a website or blog owner.
  3. There is no age bar or qualification bar.
  4. You must have a good hold on written English.
  5. You must have knowledge of the issue you are writing your article on.

What Topics Can We Write Articles On?

We will not be going out of the scope of the niche of this blog. So here is a short yet broad list of topics you can choose from.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Tricks, Tips or Techniques.
  2. Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.
  3. Traffic Generation Tips, Tricks and Techniques.
  4. Search Engine Optimization – Off – Page and On -Page.
  5. WordPress – Includes Everything and Anything related to WordPress
  6. Making Money Online Tips and Suggestions.
  7. Everything That Helps You to Expand Your Website, Bring Traffic and Earn More Profits.
  8. Blogging Programs, Communities and Reviews.

Editorial Guidelines

No harsh rules and chains. Just simple guidelines you need to follow.

  1. Article must be of minimum 450 words. You can write as much as you want. Still, readers like to the point content.
  2. Including a center-aligned image with the article is a must. Give proper credits. Only you will be responsible for any copyright issues that may arise.
  3. No affiliate links whatsoever. You may use one nofollow link to your site in the main text and two dofollow links in your author’s bio section.
  4. Just choose the right topic, do not make any grammatical mistakes, include an image, use H2 tags and your article will be good to go live
  5. Try and not to write on very basic issues since they have been already covered. Visit the Archives section to see what is already written on this blog.

How Much You Have to Pay and How Much Will You Earn?

There are three membership levels you can join us with.

Silver Membership

  • The price of Silver level is $12/month ( Rs. 600/month). A month will comprise of 30 days starting from the day you will join us.
  • You will get $2 (Rs.100) for every approved article.
  • You can write maximum of 10 articles.
  • You get unlimited revisions for the rejected articles.
  • There is no limit on the number of daily submissions you can make. You can write all 10 articles in one day.
  • Payments for approved articles will be sent in USD via PayPal (for non-Indian users) and via NEFT in Indian Rupees ( for Indian users) on every Monday 8:00 PM IST.
  • If your submission quota is over before 30 days, you can renew your plan unlimited times.

Points to Remember For All Membership Levels :-

  1. Since PayPal levies a charge of $0.30(approx) on every transaction, we try to send as much as possible in single transaction to save you more and more money. You can ask for a certain threshold before your payment is released.
  2. If your article has been approved but not yet published before Monday 8:00 PM IST of every week, you still get paid. Every approved article is eligible for payment no matter when it gets published.
  3. It takes a maximum of 12 hours to review and approve an article.

Gold Membership

  • The price of Gold level is $20/month ( Rs.1000/month). A month will comprise of 30 days starting from the day you will join us.
  • You will get $4 (Rs.200) for every approved article.
  • You can write maximum of 15 articles.
  • You get unlimited revisions for the rejected articles.
  • There is no limit on the number of daily submissions you can make. You can write all 15 articles in one day.
  • Payments for approved articles will be sent in USD via PayPal (for non-Indian users) and via NEFT in Indian Rupees ( for Indian users) on every Monday 8:00 PM IST.
  • If your submission quota is over before 30 days, you can renew your plan unlimited times.

Platinum Membership

  • The price of Silver level is $50/month ( Rs. 2500/month). A month will comprise of 30 days starting from the day you will join us.
  • You will get $3 (Rs.150) for every approved article.
  • You can write maximum of 40 articles.
  • You get unlimited revisions for the rejected articles.
  • There is no limit on the number of daily submissions you can make. You can write all 40 articles in one day.
  • Payments for approved articles will be sent in USD via PayPal (for non-Indian users) and via NEFT in Indian Rupees ( for Indian users) on every Monday 8:00 PM IST.

A full comparison of all the membership levels is given below :

 Write and Get Paid Membership Plan-Chart

Features/Plans Silver Gold Platinum
Price/month $12/Rs.600 $20/Rs.1000 $50/Rs.2500
Earning/article $2/Rs.100 $4/Rs.200 $3/Rs.150
Submission Quota/month   10         15        40
Revisions Allowed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Can I Ask For Refund?

You will be entitled to a full refund in the below cases only :-

  1. You became a member and submitted articles for review but they couldn’t be approved since they did not follow the guidelines. If you have zero approved articles after 30 days, we refund you your membership fees in full on the 31st day.
  2. You became a member but couldn’t write any article due to reasons best known to you. If you have zero submissions after 30 days, we will give you a full refund of your membership fees on the 31st day.

You will not be entitled to a refund in the following cases :- 

  1. You couldn’t complete your submission quota due to any reason whatsoever.
  2. After you get at-least one article approved, there is no refund in any case applicable.

We want you to write and earn. So there is no way you will be left not pleased with our service.

How to Join “Write and Get Paid” Program

For Non-Indian applicants, all transaction will be in USD and you can pay for the membership plan you choose below. You will be automatically redirected to the next step after your payment is successfully processed by PayPal. Your payments will be recurring. Contact us for any query.

Choose Your Membership Plan

For Indian Residents, all the transactions will be in Indian Rupees (INR).

Silver Membership :-

Gold Membership :-

Platinum Membership :-

This is not a get rich quick scheme. But, I can assure you a good start once you get going and start publishing on a regular interval. See you soon in the dashboard then. Any suggestion or queries are welcomed.


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  1. OMG! Not only giving valuable comments on this blog we can earn money but also we can earn money by writing guest post on this blog.

    Vineet bro honestly your each and every money making ideas are unique and awesome. Now I have two option to earn money from this blog -1) commenting 2) Guest Posting.

    No doubt this blog going to rock blog sphere in upcoming months.

    My all wishes with u. My friend.

    Md. Hamim Mondal

  2. Fantastic Idea Vineet. Keep it up. Let’s see how many would join you. I don’t have time to do so. I hardly get times to write at my blog as I have small baby. Otherwise, I would surely join one of this program.

    I will share this to my network. Might be it will helpful to you.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  3. Hey Vineet,

    You have come with another good initiative, now we can earn money for every guest posting. Its awesome. I must say that you have displayed a true marketing brain. It will not only help to earn money but we also get exposure from your Blog.

    I will spread this news to my bloggers friend and request them to write for your blog.


    1. Hey Success Warrior!!!It might not be impossible — good luck finding so!tnhiegm!!Hey King Aardvark!!!It’s true a love of cars kind of throws off this whole calculation… ;^) But even if you own a car for pleasure, there are advantages to having daily transportation (errands, commute) via walking, bike, or public transportation.

    2. Nearly all of what you state happens to be supprisingly legitimate and it makes me wonder the reason why I had not looked at this with this light previously. This particular article truly did switch the light on for me personally as far as this subject goes. However at this time there is actually one particular point I am not really too comfortable with so whilst I attempt to reconcile that with the actual main idea of the position, permit me observe what all the rest of the visitors have to point out.Nicely done.

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    5. I have never, ever met a self-loathing hipster. Stuck up? Yeah, no shit, most people who take themselves too seriously are. But a lot of them are pretty chill, and it was pretty nice to see some American Apparel-sportin’, indie-loving people at the FNM shows, along with the typical Average Person and, of course, the grungy looking dudes who look like they still live in their moms basement.

    6. A gyerek válasza csak a hátteret tükrözi vissza: már tudja, hogy Romániában él,de még nem tudatosult benne a "mássága", a magyarsághoz való tartozása. Csak remélni lehet, hogy felnövekedvén már tisztázódik benne , magyar-e ?

    7. Heya! It appears as though we both have a interest for the same thing. Your blog, “Fanaanda weyn ee Caanka ah ee Maryan Mursal Ciise oo ka Shakeesay Qaabka looga qaadatey Gabar ay Dhashay(Daawo Muuqaal ahaan) | Hiiranweb Somalia News” and mine are very similar. Have you ever considered writing a guest post for a related blog? It will definitely help gain publicity to your website (my site recieves a lot of visitors). If you are interested, e-mail me at: . Thanks

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    9. Dr Osmar, parabéns por seus argumentos no jogo aberto de hoje, são corretíssimos. O Palmeiras está se tornando um clube pequeno e está tentando achar pelo em ovo. O que o Internacional tem a ver com essa situação. Ele sofreu um gol ilegal, que foi corretamente anulado e ainda teve seus 3 pontos “congelados” até a resolução dessa questão.

    10. Nu,nu scrie.Daca zice cineva ca scrie,sa-mi spuna pasajul.Iuda s-a sinucis(spanzurat).Da' de ce-ntrebi?A,probabil ca in Faptele apostolilor 1 cu 18 scrie altfel decat la Matei,ca a cazut cu capul in jos,a plesnit in doua prin mijloc,si i s-au varsat toate maruntaiele.La asta te referi cand zici ca e o contradictie?


    12. Du har så fint och mysigt på ditt bossgård. Hoppas jag snart får tillfälle att återigen få uppleva det och kanske ta en kopp kaffe med dig :).Här har vi också fått ett tunnt lager med vitt puder inatt så nu hoppas jag på en vit första advent.Vad mysigt med glöggmingel och vad roligt att så många anmält sig.Lycka till och ha de gott, kram Ing-Britt

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    15. On avait déjà entamé la discussion sur le sujet énergétique dans un précédent article. Sans doute est-ce pour cela qu’elle ne redémarre pas. Dans cette vidéo, on l’a déjà dit, Mélenchon insiste sur deux sortes d’énergie, dont la géothermie profonde. J’ai lu quelques documents sur le sujet, je pense qu’effectivement c’est l’une des énergies les plus efficaces et gratuite (en dehors évidemment des coûts d’exploitation).Quelqu’un connaît le sujet ?

    16. side which says ‘appearance’, under which you’ll…find a tab saying ‘add new theme’. you must click on that button. you will find the button ‘upload’ on the top by clicking on it you’ll be able to browse for the free wordpress theme saved in your computer. select…

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    20. Ali,That is a good approach. Actually upto I was married I always lived with my Hindu friends. All the years of hostel life and all my professional life, including India and US. Almost 10 years of my life!It actually improved understanding for all of us. It challenged the deep rooted prejudices of all of us.

    21. Hei Anonym,Ja, det har vi ogsÃ¥ hørt i etterkant.Visste ikke om at det fantes noe som het sperregrunning – vi har alltid brukt kvistlakk og vanlig grunning og har vært fornøyd med det. Det var pÃ¥ butikken de anbefalte sperregrunning for Ã¥ slippe Ã¥ lakke hver enkel kvist. Infra sine produkter fikk vi automatisk – de vil vel selge sine egne produkter sÃ¥ langt det lar seg gjøre. Men som sagt, de har lagt seg flate for at vi skulle bli fornøyde.

    22. CIA or CIO?? BTW nice episode!And its really great to have a blend of main stream media and bloggers together for a cause!Secondly, I strongly agree to Sania for our identity theft by “English”Really great discussion. I am really loving Sania’s Views!O! Atlast sorry for commenting so late!

    23. Been there, done that… (both sides of fence w/ my own kids and as a Primary teacher). To the other good suggestions above, I’d add that the Bishop must make it a priority to get into that classroom an excellent teacher (possibly team of teachers)with experience with the particular disability. If he hasn’t got one, he needs to pray for one! Also, make sure the teacher has and uses “Teaching, No Greater Call,” and also is very familiar with the disabilities resources available on the Church website.

    24. Nej, det är en himla tur att det finns backup pÃ¥ alla böcker… Annars hade det varit überhemskt! Och riktiga böcker – jo, skulle jag välja mellan det och e-böcker, skulle de riktiga naturligtvis avgÃ¥ med segern. Ingen tvekan om det. Men eftersom jag nu ska vara pÃ¥ resande fot under lÃ¥ng tid framöver, är e-böckerna oslagbara att ha i packningen 🙂

    25. seriously, what made that doll kill like that? I mean, extreme agility and accuracy? What the hell? Sounds more of an assassin than a wooden doll. Furthermore, what drove that doll? Simple neglect? Come on. I’ve been neglected for 5 years and I never killed anyone. And the ending just sucked.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 2 votes)

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    29. That’s a nice color but I’m too distracted by the adorable kittens and the thought of pumpkin chai to think about lipstick. HAHA! I’m still a ‘ho for Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Chai (I know a lot of people think it’s too sweet, but to me, it’s like Christmas in a Cup). If they added pumpkin, I’d probably pass out from excitement.

    30. I think what Gov. Christie is doing should be a federal law that unions can not use union dues for elections of any kind! I resented it when our UAW gave away our union dues just to support the demo rats. Maybe after November someone can get a bill passed where unions has to stay out of elections. That would stop a lot of corruption!

    31. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

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    33. pete doherty is the most beautiful man that ever walked this earth, inside and out. If ignorant people like these two actually took the time to find? out about peters work rather than personal life and appearance then maybe their opinion shall be a little more valid. Instead they keep to their bitching… respectful job.

    34. Rob, this is one of your Dad and Mom’s old friend from college. You may remember our three kids when you were very young, living in Marietta. I want you to know that besides me and my wife, Kathy, our sunday school class and church are lifting you up in prayer. We will follow your progress on your blog as well as emails and phone calls from your mom and dad. Your strong faith in our Lord and Savior during this difficult time is an inspiration to all of us. Steve and kathy Jones

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    39. தியாகு, லீனா மேடம் மாற்று சினிமா எடுக்கக்கூடியவர் என்று மேலே ஒருவர் கூறியுள்ளார் அதைப் பற்றி உங்களுடைய கருத்து என்ன ? லீனா இவ்வாறு நடந்துகொள்வதை எவ்வாறு பார்ப்பது ? அதாவது ஒரு பக்கம் முற்போக்கு, பெண்ணியம் என்றெல்லாம் பேசிக்கொண்டு இன்னொரு பக்கம் கார்ப்பரேட் கம்பெனிக்கு படம் எடுப்பதை எப்படி பார்ப்பது. அதாவது மார்க்சிய கண்ணோட்டத்தில் இதை எப்படி பார்க்க வேண்டும் ?

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    41. Zadzwonimy jak już bÄ™dziemy Marcin.Nie ukrywam ,ze liczÄ™ tez na objazd terenu w kontekÅ›cie krajobrazowym jeżeli znajdziesz jakiÅ› wolny poranek albo i dzieÅ„ ;)MichaÅ‚ek to ja w takim razie “zamawiam” takiego garbuska sobie na focenie bo mam pewna idee , którÄ… bym chciaÅ‚ zrealizować 😉

    42. My mom so deserves this. She is always doing for others and never for herself. My step dad has bee Overseas for a log time for work and so if this would help take her mind off of missing him For 1hour and just think of herself, I would be forever grateful

    43. *chuckling* Most of the notes I’d made to comment on were covered already, so Thanks! Good to know that 1- I’m not offbase, just offbeat; and 2- my alleged mind is working on a somewhat human bent.So I’ll just leave a final thought.“Be not afraid. The game is rigged. So, play to win.” A true quote to live by. Thanks once again for the insight, inspiration, and motivation.Dan.

    44. I am not entirely clear how a single payer system would remedy the shortage problem. As in my post above, the better conclusion is that our standard health care market interventions promote rather than reduce the likelihood of shortages. Single payer policies in farming, for example, have never been particularly successful, as the mass starvations in the the Soviet and Chinese systems have demonstrated. Such shortages are expected whenever a government attempts to control prices.

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    47. 212Glad idea of article. I’m from Czech Republik I read many books about it. I thought idea of article is quite good and impresive to think about this entertainment and future. Best regards from Czech Republik.

    48. 21 augustus 2012Dit is heel herkenbaar! mijn schoonmoeder zei tegen mij: ‘ dag mevrouw, heeft u ook kinderen?’ en ik zei, om wat herkenning te geven: ‘ja, twee, rianne en sander.’ Schiet ze in de lach en zegt :’ o mevrouw, die namen komen in mijn familie ook voor! ‘ Ik heb meegelachen, gelukkig zag ze de tranen in mijn ogen niet!Wat is het toch een mensonterende ziekte!  

    49. It would be really nice if those with accounts could choose between comment systems. The new one makes me want to rip my hair out; I can't quickly switch between the comment I'm reading and the video with the new system. Don't fix it if it's not broken 😐

    50. Green tea contains polyphenols, which could reduce heart disease, cancer and stroke risk. Green tea supports brain health and memory, likely due to a compound in green tea called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate)which is thought to boost the immune system and prevent tumors. I added green tea because I like drinking it, but also because I laughed out loud for literally 2 minutes when Glen told me about his addiction to green tea.

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    55. 171The next time I read a blog, Hopefully it does not fail me as much as this one. After all, I know it was my choice to read, however I really believed you’d have something helpful to talk about. All I hear is a bunch of moaning about something that you could possibly fix if you weren’t too busy seeking attention.

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    63. I hope they can make it out to Halifax again – I (sadly) missed their shows at Pop Explosion last year.And I definitely agree with “Picture perfect indie-powerpop”. Reunion is one of the best powerpop songs I’ve ever heard. So simple, yet so effective.

    64. Look at those Hollister boys…yumm!! Looks like you had a wonderful time – I had so much fun this year – didn't meet a ton of new people, but partied like a rockstar with the ones I already know!!! I can't wait for next year already!!

    65. Je suis fan, fan, fan aussi !! merci pour l’idéeJe recherche une idée « aimantée » parce que je voudrais me faire un joli tableau avec tes aimants mais mon projet est en attente depuis…. aussi lolc’est plus simple avec du liège, ca me tente, ca me tente !!!

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    67. ha…perhaps i DID take the roots into account. seems i’ve still got some british bubble and squeak stuck in my craw…but whatever it is that’s still stuck, i’m stickin with the midgets. as for the proper Canuck beer? shit, again, i’m stickin with best bitters….WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME???? I feel like breaking into a tune here…I left my heart….in San Fran London. OY, help…I need help!

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    71. lol !!!! It seemed like an absurd statement, but one can never be too sure in these “PC-gone-wild”-times. For instance, the spokesperson for integration of the biggest dutch government-party, has gone on record saying she’s read the koran and was rather shocked by all the hatred and agression against the infidels, but, thanks to the translation of the koran in dutch by Kader Abdollah, she now understands that with infidels, the koran just means “pirates at sea”. And this certainly was no joke.

    72. Kudos!!! What a way to bring in the new year & new decade with a bang!!! I really like the themed podcasts as well as the featured artist podcasts. Excellent touch including commentary from Philip, helps to intro the songs & to give a feel for him as an artist. I will definitely be adding him to my ever-expanding list of artists to look for in the future. ~peace & blessings~

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    76. Thanks for this post Casie! I just recently lost my Dad and this makes me feel like there are other people who have lost a loved one and it shows that every day gets a little easier. And no just because they aren’t here in the flesh they are always with us in the spirit! Thank you for this!!

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    81. Ah, yes! That part too. There was also a scene in The Hunger Games, while they're hiding out in the cave and Peeta is still recuperating. He makes Katniss sleep while he takes a watch, and she falls asleep while he's stroking her hair.It is a very comforting feeling.

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    88. Yo y un numeroso grupo de personas ya esto lo hacemos desde hace por lo menos 20 años, pero nosotros, ademas, hemos y estamos llenando los cuarteles de la policia italiana de denuncias con nombres y apellidos de los responsables del golpe de estado financiero mas destructivo de la historia de europa. Porque no haces tu tambien la denuncia?Vota el comentario: 1  0

    89. mais je veux pas regarder la CAM moi, je m’en fous de la CAN!!!!Le match entre JMDP et Russel (quel physique étrange avec ses bras de 31cm) passe dans mon dos, mortel ennui on dirait. Je n’ai entendu aucune manifestation de la foule en une demi heure. Quand j’aurai fini de surfer je vais mater la suite… ou pas, ma fille rentre de l’école dans 15 min et c’est la dictature de télétoon jusqu’à 20:00.

    90. No lo dudes ni por un momento , la felicidad , tu felicidad estaba en tu cocina, al lado de Pablo , picando las verduras para ese sofrito, en ese momento has sido consciente de ello . No nos damos cuenta , nos ponemos a perseguir imposibles para buscar esa ansiada felicidad y en cambio está en esas pequeñas cosas , en esos leves momentos que ojala se pudieran conservar en un frasquito para oler de vez en cuando ….

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    92. OMG, I totally love Rachel and her blog! I’m a total newbie, I had been wanting to try my hand at quilting but only took a lesson a few months ago and am now hooked. I LOVE it and luckily my mother in law is an awesome quilter that’s been helping me along. So far I’ve been sticking to baby quilts and small things like wall hangings and runners but am trying to work my way up to bigger projects.

    93. Our most fave fall tradition is taking a ride up in the mountains when the leaves are changing colors and spending the day outdoors. We love to gather leaves and take them home with us for decorations! I love the smells in the mountains during the fall!

    94. I finally got to make this! And guess what it worked. It was going to be a disaster after I popped the cake into the oven and discovered that the egg yolks were sitting on the kitchen benchtop. I pulled the cake tin out, emptied the contents and mixed the egg yolks in slowly. It was a success and got great review at the kitchen tea. Can’t wait for the next attempt when I do it properly. It’ll be even better.

    95. s.: Ne parlo così perché le teorie alternative hanno dalla loro la potenza e il fascino dell’oscuro, del complotto, dello scoop giornalistico. Quindi tra un discorso fatto di “ragione” che suffraga la tesi ufficiale e un discorso fatto di “ragione” che porta alla luce possibili sconvolgimenti politici mondiali… beh, credo che vinca il secondo. E te lo dice uno che è affascinato e suggestionato dalle tesi complottistiche.

    96. Seneca,this wasn’t a generalization on my partMy statement about banks and firms hiring people with liberal arts degrees was an observation of the job offers of the dozens of students I taught were getting. If you wanted to work on Wall St. a few years back, you only needed a college degree and someone inside to get you an interview.

    97. Wish I could delete the 1mins videos I uploaded in the past which have been flagged as copyrighted (perhaps this so called fair use is bullshit), but hey, I can't. At least make it retroactive, I have quite a lot of personal videos on my channel and only 4-5 perhaps "copyrighted" videos I uploaded in the past, I think it is pretty unfair.

    98. Muito bem dito, os dois primeiros comentarios. Aqui os "inteligentes" do cidadania lx é que deveriam comprar estas casas e irem para lá viver. Já que gostam, de frio, humidade com o respectivo cheiro a bafio, áreas pequenas, casas escuras e má qualidade de construção.

    99. If Romney prepared his taxes returns according to the law and these taxes came out to be 13.9% is that Romney’s fault or is it tax codes that are unfair? Is the IRS investigating Romney for not paying what he is legally liable for? I think this whole tax return thing should go away. If someone passes their vote on this issue, they’re idiots.

    100. Ar fi totusi o problema: noxele pe care le inhalezi, mai ales ca faci efort, având astfel È™ansa sa acumulezi mai mult decât dacă ai petrece acelaÈ™i timp în maÈ™ină, cu geamul È™i aerisirea închise.ÃŽn rest, total pentru mersul pe bicicletă, toate cele de mai sus corespund, dar în alt interval orar, nu în rush-hour cu maÈ™inile…

    101. This feels so.. like home! Thank you for making such a personal post like this, bringing all of us childhood memories. Grandparents’ house was always the best place…and the best food! <3By the way, I am having a little internationl Giveway in my blog. So, it would be great if you could join.

    102. My God seriously! I MYSELF WANT TO rummage through your rack!!I see many designs on there that I would like to prance around in. One being the shiny green dress on the mannequin *ohhh AHHHH*I hope you feel better quickly. My throat felt weird for like a week about a week ago. Thankfully it went away and was most likely due to things blooming and allergies (Which I never ever had a problem with in my lifetime until the past couple of years.) What the hell?!

    103. As the head manager at Thai Krathong It is my duty to make sure customers have a happy positive experience dinning in. Patty, I am sorry about your experience at Thai Krathong and am working on making sure these under staff days never happen because simply bad service, means customers never come back. That cant happen! In Regards to Sue Key: There is Thai cooks as our cooks, Based on the fact I cant under stand them most of the time.

    104. Dear Shelly,Thank you Dave’s approach is inspiring and clearly a lesson to be learned. I think I’ll try something similar, as I’m writing something on Personal Learning Environments for Spotlight, and the experts are all on Twitter. But you have to get the wording right and make sure those guys and dolls are online and tweeting away. Anyway, social networking is obviously a set of skills that you can acquire and improve, eh?Thanks again, and have a lovely day!Anne

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    107. Interesting info. Makes me wonder where the Portland’s rental market is going since there seems to be a weird connection to rental demand and housing affordability. That is, when affordability goes down, landlords can’t afford to buy rentals, thus the supply and demand curve becomes tigher and rents go up…At least in Calgary Canada they do…

    108. Are you saying that String named arguments are ok to use or do we have to switch to the question mark notation? We’re using the Spring NamedParameterJdbcTemplate in our project. Working with named parameters is much safer than working with the question marks. And we don’t want to switch back to the question mark notation

    109. caro macv, io cito spesso la Pascendi, anche in questo ‘thread’ ( si dice così???), e la Pascendi essendo di SanPio X, onestà vuole che mi si dia credito di credere papalmente almeno fino a…. San Pio X (già ci spostiamo avnti di una 30-ina d’anni)!

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    111. I think it’d be more accurate to say that migration to real-estate-bubbly parts of the Sunbelt was illusory. Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston (which are, after all, the three biggest cities in the Sunbelt) have continued to grow.

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    114. Hi, I think your site may be having internet browser compatibility problems. When I take a look at your website in Safari, it looks fine however, when opening in I.E., it’s got some overlapping issues. I just wanted to provide you with a quick heads up! Aside from that, great blog!

    115. Bom dia Doutor.Mais ou menos a uma semana começei a sentir dores na gengiva e a mesma esta inchada e com uma ingua no lado esquerdo, então fui ao dentista, a mesma fez uma limpeza e nada mais. Mas eu continuo sentido dor, e agora sinto dores também no lado direito e apareçeu mais uma ingua no lado direito. A dor esta se concentrando principalmente nos molares, o que devo fazer?

    116. I think you’re listening to the talking heads on ESPN a little too much. I don’t think any fan (outside of the disillusioned Denver/Florida fans) think Tebow is a great NFL QB. But that’s doesn’t mean it’s not a great, fun underdog story (all the QBs you mentioned had the expectation of being good/acceptable coming out of college).It’s like a movie critic who destroys an action movie because they forget sometimes people just want to turn their brains off and have fun.

    117. The difference is that WFB would not have used questionable sources as did Brietbart with the USDA official. Likewise, WFB chased the paleo-cons like Buchanan and Sobran from the NR while Fox news hosts Rand Paul and his ilk. The conservative message is being diluted with vapid jingoism. I, for one, miss WFB. The voices of the conservative movement should be Podhoretz, J.Goldberg, Steyn, Krystal and Krauthammer and not Palin and Rush. RA

    118. //தமிழனுக்கு நன்à®®ை செய்ய இயலா ஆட்சி இருந்தாலென்ன? போனாலென்ன?////பந்த் வெà®±்à®±ின்னுந்தான் ஜெ à®®ுதல் சுப்à®°ீà®®் கோà®°்ட் வரை சொல்லி விட்டாà®°்கள்.//பந்த்-ன் நோக்கம் நிà®±ைவேà®±ுவதே நமது குà®±ிக்கோள்

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    120. The famous revolutionary song "sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab humare dil mein hein" which we get to hear in many patriotic song albums or have witnessed in some movies based on Shaheed Bhagat Singh, is actually an urdu poem written by the famous revolutionary Ram Prasad Bismil.


    122. Creio que não valerá a pena continuarmos a polémica. Está esgotada e já entramos em tecnicismos estéreis. Persistir seria inútil. Eu, apesar de manga de alpaca,não o considero superior a mim no meu campo e não tenho a veleidade de fazer juízos de valor sobre quem trabalha no seu. Assim sendo resta-me continuar a ler o que escreve esperando não encontrar referências menorizantes a outros grupos profissionais.

    123. Come dice psionic, 18 ore di preavviso sono meglio che niente.Sicché mi si permetta di dire, anche se non in termini molto gentili (sarà la nebbia da schìe chimiche che mi causa causticità ^__^ ): potrebbero gentilmente farsi vivi adesso quei cretini che dicono che i soldi della ricerca spaziale bisognerebbe spenderli per debellare la fame nel mondo e commentare?Tanto per capire se anche questa è una cosa inutile ai loro occhi.Saluti, Enrico

    124. I like her style. She feathers it well, like she is really trying to start the car. I am not a huge fan of stomping the pedal until it falls off. This, on the other hand, is awesome. The other Volvo video when she kills the battery is also good.

    125. I really try to get used to and like new UI changes, but the styling on this is not appealing. The spacing is what bothers me most, the white is fine. I actually like the idea of the "compact" / "cozy" setting, haha.Maybe some flag to disable the new style? =/

    126. Well, although determining your credit score should be an exact science, it isn’t. Each of the three major credit beuroes weigh different aspects of your credit differently. For example, Transunion my deduct more points than Experion for late payments etc. My educated guess is that each morgatge company picks one credit reporting beuro to do business with and they will always select that score. You may want to call the morgatge company to see which credit score they will use.

    127. I tried the headache buster, unfortunately it did absolutely nothing for me, in the space of half an hour I sprayed over 8 doses in each nostril and my headache just kept pounding away..But to be honest I’m not surprised as one of the biggest causes of headaches worldwide is MINT one of the ingredients of headache buster, so a bit like trying to put out a fire by throwing more logs onto it..

    128. пишет:Не каждому дано, согласись ) Режим для – это как параноя ) Нужно жить так, как тебе надо, а не так как требует общество )VA:F [1.9.21_1169]Рейтинг: 0 (оценок: 0)

    129. My creative goals for 2013 include learning to fuse glass, making a weekly date with my art journal, and making at least one mixed media canvas a month. I also want this to be the year that I alter my late mother’s copy of Anne Morrow-Lindbergh’s “A Gift from the Sea.” It was Mom’s favorite book, and to honor ten years since she passed away, I want to alter it with photos, notes in Mom’s handwriting, and other items that relate to themes of the book.

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