How To Get Any Website To Convert Like Crazy (A Step By Step Guide)

As you know, there’s only two steps to making money online: traffic and conversions. If you can get people to your website and convert them into customers, that’s it. You’re golden.

The good news is, it’s easy to get traffic. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of different methods, both free and paid. The bad news is, most internet marketers struggle with conversions and end up making little to nothing from all their hard work.

In this short article, I’m going to give you a simple strategy you can implement right now to get your website to convert like crazy. I’ve tested and refined this strategy on several websites in different niches and I can tell you for a fact that it works. And the best part is, it’s very, very simple.

First Off, Start At The Beginning

If you’re getting lots of traffic but it’s not converting, there’s a good chance you missed a key piece of the puzzle in the early stages of setting up your site: your market.

The truth is, if there aren’t any buyers in your niche, or no one wants your products or services, you’ve completely wasted your time and money.

The best markets to target online are what I call “desperate buyers”. These people have extremely frustrating problems that they’d do just about anything to solve.

When you target these people, your sales letter, marketing, product and/or service don’t even have to be that good. I’m certainly no John Carlton, but my sites convert like crazy.

So how do you find and target “desperate buyers”? Well, it’s very simple.

ClickBank Holds The Key

ClickBank is the largest retailer in the world of online, downloadable products. If there’s a profitable niche online, chances are, ClickBank retails products in that niche.

Visit their marketplace and look at the different categories. Look for one with tons of different products (at least 300) and make sure a decent amount of these products have a gravity of over 30.

Once you’ve identified a profitable niche or category, the next step is to go deeper and find a specific, frustrating, desperate problem that people have in that niche.

Here’s how:

Use A Popular Forum

Google “inurl:forum” and “[the name of your niche]”. Now find a popular forum (make sure it’s extremely busy) and find a sub forum where people ask for help.

Now start browsing through the different threads carefully. What you’ll soon discover is that people experience the same problems over and over again.

What you’re looking for are the most common, frustrating problems people have that they’re the most desperate to solve. Once you’ve found them, you now have a license to print money online.

Find Or Create A Product That Solves Those Problems

The next step is to sell a product that solves those problems. If you don’t want to create one yourself, there’s lots of products on ClickBank that will pay you a commission on each sale. My advice is to focus on membership sites as these earn you ongoing passive income.

Use An Ultimatum

This is only possible if you’re selling your own product, but this strategy has been phenomenally successful for me. What you do is simple. Get people to the point where you know they want your product, then force them to make a decision on the spot. Don’t give them the option. Threaten to block them from your site or take them off your list if they don’t buy.

I know this is controversial, and not everyone will be comfortable with this approach, but again, I can tell you for a fact that this works.

And That’s It

As you can see, it’s very simple. All you have to do is find extremely frustrating, common problems and then sell a product or service that solves them. If you use this strategy, everything else falls into place a lot easier. You can be the worst copywriter in the world, have the most pathetic looking website and still make money online.

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  1. Hello,

    Well I believe the first step to start should be working on increasing the traffic and after that we can proceed to monetization.


    1. Hi Samir ,

      monetization without traffic is bad. yes you points are unavoidable, everybody should take effort to brings traffic to the blog after that you will get money automatically.

      but most blogger don’t consider about the traffic

      1. Hi Krishnan,

        You are right that if you don’t have enough traffic and you are thinking about getting ads then it’s useless.

        First bloggers should build their brand and take advantages of social media to drive traffic to their blog which can be proved so helpful.

        Right approach will help you in the right direction.


    2. Hi Samir,

      There are many steps required to get more traffic at your blog. First you need to find a profitable niche so that you can attract people to read your articles.

      Try to use social media for the promotion of your blog. Promotion is more important than just writing.

      Using any blogging community and forum is a great idea if you have enough time to get engaged with them.


  2. Hi Marcus and Vineet,
    Thanks for providing these tips to increase your traffic to the pages and then the monetization.
    The connected links given in this post is also very well relevant and is useful. Thanks for giving these valuable and simple procedure.
    Keep writing
    Keep informed
    ~ Philip

      1. Hi Krishnan,

        For sure bloggers need to know about these type of tips to boost their blog. Beginners should know that driving traffic to their blog is not so easy.

        They have to do a lot of hard work. In my previous days I used to read about the articles related to drive traffic.

        Using forums may help you a lot. Guest posting is also a great way to drive traffic to your blog.


  3. Hi Marcus,

    Hi Marcus,

    After getting traffic monetize blog with ads is easy. But monetize blog with affiliate product is not so easy, you have to choose right affiliate product for your blog to make any sell.

    BTW till now I only sell affiliate product on my blog. Selling affiliate product on forum is new for me.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Have a Nice day.

    1. Hi Md. Hamim Mondal,

      You are selling just affiliate programs to earn money. thats good. you will get money from even ten sales bring you much big amount.which is highly compared to Google Adsense

      I am plannin to opt affiliate markeing

      1. Hi krishnan,

        Its good to know that you are concentrating on affiliate marketing. There are many companies like Amazon of which you can be the affiliate.

        You can make a lot of money through affiliate marketing but only if you have connections with your readers.

        Make bonds with your readers so that you can turn them to your customers later.


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      65. 14 Aralık 2010Merhabalar,1 – Compile olan dosyalarınızı FileZilla ftp programı ile sunucuya yükleyebilirsiniz.2 – Veritabanınızı ÅŸifrelemeye gerek yok çünkü App_Data klasörü içinde bulunan herhangi bir dosyaya, dosya ismi bilinse bile http ile eriÅŸilemez.

      66. Es una 'historia'tremendamente triste y dónde la impotencia del ser humano se puede volver rabia y angustia.Asumir una nueva situación vital de estas características debe ser muy complicado,tanto física como mentalmente.Deseo,de todo corazón,que esta mujer joven pueda convivir con su enfermedad y con su entorno.Un abrazo

      67. Pilar – Shanty – Chencho – AndreaMuuuuchas gracias a los cuatro… me encanta leerlos en sus comentarios y en sus blogs, cada uno es muy especial!Feliz fiestas para ustedes también y tomaré el descanso en sus nombre…Un besón

      68. Considering how “well” price-fixing has “dealt” with Amazon in the NorthAm market, that “short-term solution” is likely going to have a longer shelf life than the Kindle competitors the Publishers are allegedly trying to help.With friends like those…

      69. Hi,Our entry is double doors that open into a huge entry area as well as a 2 story Living Room. Opposite the entry doors is the fireplace that is surrounded by windows (no doors, thank goodness)on either side as well as 3 arching windows on top with the middle window over the fireplace. I know you say to not use a mirror over the fireplace, but in this situation, would it be advisable to help slow the chi?Also, the master bathroom has opposite facing vanities and opposite facing mirrors. Is there any cure for this other than remodeling?Thank you so much!

      70. By October 24, 2008 – 9:29 amHi Ross!I’m the girl who introduced herself at the Broadcast screening. Despite Brodie telling me that it’s ok to remain somewhat anonymous, I thought it might be a bit creepy for me to continue stalkishly reading your blog without you knowing who I am. So hi! Hey! Hi!Hope you’re well,Patsy

      71. O que eu disse foi outra coisa- se pegamos na versão do espanhol- temos duas mortes. E a da secretária, pela forma como é descrita, apenas serviria para inferir que não houve qualquer escrúpulo.Portanto, se as mesmas pessoas fazem uma coisa a uma que nem é ameaça e nunca o foi, não vejo qual o prurido das mesmíssimas pessoas, na mesmíssima circunstância o fazerem a quem era.

      72. Simona Mirto…come dicevo qualche commento più su… volete farmi commuovere… stamattina leggevo i vostri commenti a mia madre e non riuscivo a finire di leggerli…per la commozione e lei mi diceva : è per tutto questo affetto… si le dicevo io, è per tutto questo affetto così spontaneo che mi dà anche il coraggio e la forza di intraprendere nuove strade. grazie Simona. Sono io che ringrazio te. :-*

      73. Hola quisiera pediros que me recomendeis algún lugar para ir con dos niños de 7 y 3 años en los que haya actividades con animales(les encanta), ver pueblos bonitos y a su vez poder descansar y disfrutar con ellos. Muchas gracias.

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      77. Really Nicole?? Why do you choose to take your child shopping when they are “starving?” If you have to take the time “in the store” to feed your child, WHY don’t you just feed them Prior to your shopping? Give me a break! AND, as a shopper, I guarantee you that if “my comfort be damned,” I will probably make your little breast feeding adventure a little uncomfortable also. If you want to invite the rude comments and rude behavior, expect it when it comes. I certainly would not back down, for the record.

      78. best blog title possible. you’ll see that…it’s fun, and you’ll improve your reading style. did you lose? did your reader move away again from your blog, faster than the average driver hits the horn when the light turns green in haifa? (i can assure you – that…

      79. Getting this same amp at the local pawn shop. Has a suitcase enclosure with two speakers, one on each side of enclosure. Does yours have that setup? What kind of speakers do you recommend for this unit, as I'm sure I could get an even better sound with Weber or Jensen ceramic. The unit is still in the 30 day waiting period, so I'm just waiting to pick it up. Any info you can provide on the E-25 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Triller

      80. Mandingo September 23, 2011 10:21Well played Martin, well played. He’s fishing for a healthy multi-year contract. I think he just sealed one extra year on that deal.I love it. Give him a lifetime contract and let him teach a Yankee history course to all prospects. 18  0

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      83. They aren’t synonyms but they’re absolutely connected. The bottom line is that most of DC is zoned in ways that are almost impossible to make denser. Large tracts are set aside for single-family homes, and there’s simply no way to make that acreage any denser. The District has primarily grown by developing densely in pockets where upzoning is possible, and in those places, the existence of the height limit is acting to directly reduce potential density.A height limit and a zoning limit are doing the same work. There’s really no getting around that.

      84. Hold the phone!Ashley just said this over on her thread:Freelee messaged me and said i could post about my teeth issues on 30bad, and so stephen and i decided it was important that people know.Looks like things are changing over there. 🙂

      85. Eh, you should drink what you want to drink and not be insecure about it. He failed the second part. Of course, I do all my drinking at home by myself, so what do I know? (It’s so when I fall asleep after the second drink, I can do it in bed. Also, I’m cheap)

      86. every house i’ve had in athens has non working fireplaces (they’re mostly a pain.) this is a great solution though. i try to focus on decorating the mantle so that you don’t notice the actual bottom part. currently, we have one in our bedroom and i’ve stacked books in front of it (not so creative, huh?)

      87. « on veut le droit à la différence »… quel prêt-à-penser cette expression…. « on veut » surtout l’égalité…. en quoi s’agit-il d’être pourri gâté?… pas plus que de demander le droit de vote pour les femmes au début du 20e…. bref, les mêmes droits.

      88. It seems that US is passively supporting the Japan’s claim to the Liancourt Rocks.For an example, the CIA homepage that the Koreans are so fond of shows only “Liancourt Rocks” and “Sea of Japan” by refusing the countless official and unofficial Korean requests to replace them with “Dokdo” and “East Sea”.

      89. America is on a "slippery slope." First the US Supreme Court legalized abortion on January 22, 1973. It is possible that a future left-leaning court could legalize Euthanasia. The result could be a one-stop center to abort a granddaughter’s unborn child, and euthanize the grandparents.

      90. Meskipun gak sama persis saya pernah juga mengalami hal semacam ini. Kayaknya kita tidak bisa masih belum bisa berharap banyak kepada situs2 milik pemerintah tersebut. Tidak sedikit keberadaan mereka hanyalah sekedar ada dan terbengkalai. Mungkin masih ada paradigma bahwa masyarakat indonesia masih gaptek TI sehingga gak ada gunanya punya situs yang komplit, informatif, dan selalu update.

      91. I’ll put together a video on soon. It’s not complicated at all. 5 gallon bucket, with un or de-chlorinated water, put in two double handfulls of compost. Every time you walk by it give it a stir to the top so it can get oxygen.If you’re lazy like me, go to wal-mart and get a little aquarium pump, tubing, and a bubble stone and put it in the water to aerate the water. Once you stir it to a nice soupy brown consistency you can use it. If you let it aerate for 6+ hours it’s probably better.

      92. 8-7-12Mirela spune: Buna. Ai putea sa imi cauti si mie driverele de sunet si video? nu prea ma pricep. Sunet= smwdm.sys iar pt video = ialmrnt5.dll . Cred ca astea sunt. Ms… +50V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

      93. "Coming up are $10 billion aircraft carriers, easily sunk by ordinary submarines. "Yet another brilliant post on this blog. A torpedo has a range of what…10 miles? An aircraft carrier travels around with 5 destroyers/cruisers and probably 2-4 subs, a complement of about 20-30 anti-sub helicopters amongst them, and about 5-10 anti-sub airplanes…with ranges of 200-500miles from the carrier. Yep…you're a regular Napoleon Benji. You and Vange should consult for the Pentagon.Not that I want to get into an unrelated and thoroughly ridiculous conversation with you.

      94. „Struktura” zleceÅ„ nie wskazywaÅ‚a na to że „gruby” bierze L, wrÄ™cz odwrotnie. On tylko braÅ‚ akcje dwóch może trzech spółek. Tak co najmniej wydaje mi siÄ™ po tym co widziaÅ‚em w arkuszu.

      95. Ene 200s iluu garsan humuusee hasah gej uchnuun honogiin ajil bolood bgaa um bol bugdiig ni l avchaach dee,usreed l 10 hun bgaa biz dee.mongold ch ajil neg iimerhuu yavagddag heveeree l um bna,buun l hural zuvulguun bolj helbertsen humuus, ajlaa hugatsaand ni hiine gej bhgui.

      96. Excellent review. I felt exactly the same about this series. It started great and slowed considerably in the middle. The end wasn’t that great, partly because Ergo Proxy tries to pull off a lot and succeeds only a little. Still a great series nonetheless, and it’s getting a rerelease in July too.And here’s my addition to English songs in anime: Lithium Flower the ending theme of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone complex was performed by Scott Matthew, and of course you have Interstella 5555 in which Daft Punks album Discovery plays in the background.

      97. Hey Trevor, hows it going? Im a big WKUK fan since “hitler rap”. I had seen a question earlier about touring to the south and wanted you to see if you could make a stop in Jacksonville Fl? If so I have another question. Even though “Civil war on drugs” was a movie/sketch, do you smoke weed? Cause id love to burn one down!!

      98. Posted on Nie wiem jak tam łowca, ale łowczyni demonów wymiata swym tyłkiem W ramach grania w gry diablo podobne wynalazłem poza kingdom of amalur oraz lotr wojna na północy, jakiegoś deamon hunter, oraz najlepsze: całe stadko alien breedów. I to najbardziej przykuło moją uwagę, więc dla mnie diablo było czymś w rodzaju incepcji na nowe gatunki gier

      99. If you’re nonetheless on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Greatest Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune then an iPod and see which 1 sounds greater to you, and which interface makes you smile far more. Then you’ll know which is correct for you.

      100. СтаніславЗа межами України – дивіться якою хочете мовою. А в нашій державі мова лиш одна офіційна – українська. Нею й мають обслуговуватись усі сфери суспільства. Тому не пишіть більше коментарі типу “Я хочу…”, “Ущимляете права…”. Існує закон, який все і регулює. І так дожилися, що закони порушують…

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      102. Hvis man skulle velge Ã¥ gÃ¥ sÃ¥pass mye utenfor det tradisjonelle, sÃ¥ mÃ¥ man ogsÃ¥ følge den trÃ¥den gjennom hele bryllupet mener nÃ¥ jeg. For eksempel, sÃ¥ mÃ¥tte ogsÃ¥ brudgommen hatt utradisjonelt antrekk. Jeg heller vel mest til det tradisjonelle og lyse jeg ogsÃ¥, men lekkert og spennende med andre farger er det sÃ¥ absolutt 🙂

      103. Ciao Danilo .Giuste le tue osservazioni … e sempre bello scoprire posti nuovi .Qui a piovuto più del previsto in questi giorni tanto da chiudere di nuovo la strada in Valcellina .Per il resto bene ..domenica prima uscita in montagna .Tu x il resto tutto OK mi pare .A presto Flavio

      104. G:Looking at that link, I saw that the concelebrating priest, if a deacon is absent, should be the one saying “Let us offer each other the Sign of Peace.” I think this is new, no?Also, allowing the Host and Chalice to be lifted together at the “Ecce Agnus Dei”. I know it was popular to do so, but I don’t remember seeing that before.

      105. I do gluten free vegan baking, & find if I don’t get the mix right I have flat muffins & cupcakes. Prior to going gluten free I never had problems with mu vegan cupcakes & I cook vegan cupcakes for my parrots all the time. I would advise finding a proven vegan recipe and following it. I use ENER-G replacer or flaxseed to replace eggs. Chia seeds work like flaxseeds.

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      107. pault Posted on Most of the German Fleet in WW I was surrendered to Britain at Scapa Flow. After they were scuttled by the Germans, it took more than ten years to salvage the metal. After WW II the navies were reduced in size, so some German ships were used as test-rigs in nuclear explosions at Bikini Atoll while the majority were reduced to scrap.

      108. The Absent Game…Amongst me and my husband we have owned more MP3 gamers over the years than I can count, together with Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few ages I’ve settled down to one line of gamers….

      109. . She voiced what I was thinking. If it is permanent damage, doesn’t that take away hope from a person that they can get better. I know that there is proof now that the brain is affected and maybe more research will take place to see if anything can be done to reverse that.

      110. Even if from a purely fiscal standpoint we would have been better off if Shelby had kept his holds, the general disgust with government that his move created would have been a net bad, since growing disgust is keeping citizens from caring and getting involved.

      111. I like to do this, although I don’t actually write it down. It’s amazing what you can do between 7 and 8 in the morning! And at the end of the day, I always look back and wonder what I accomplished. And I’m always amazed at how much we do in just 16 hours or so! (Most of which goes unnoticed until you don’t do it, LOL!)

      112. the king dit : »Non, c’est quand les individus se rendent compte qu’ils appartiennent à qqch de plus important que leur petite personne, c’est-à-dire, leur « tribu ». »moi je me rend compte que j’appartiens  a quelque chose de plus grand; le monde! je ne vois pas pourquoi je me limiterais au gens de ma région qui parlent la meme langue, c’est entre autre pour cela que je suis contre le nationalisme économique et le protectionnisme.

      113. the fact that excessive leverage and abnormally high risk propensity had pushed the world in a very high risk zone was clear to many people for years. let’s not forget that we were coming from LTCM and a quasi lehman collapse in 1998 and a capital crunch in 01-02. surely nobody could predict the exact timing or such magnitude of the crisis. but the lingering suspicion is that the top people were more tha aware of the situation but none of them, subject to competitive pressures, dared to stop first.

      114. anch'io quando ho assaggiato la mia prima torta di carote ho cambiato proprio idea…all inizio (al solo pensiero) avevo la faccia schifata…ma al primo boccone ho cambiato subito idea 🙂 la tua mi ispira un sacco…e interessante il post, nonostante adori l aroma della cannella non sapevo se ne utilizzassero anche i fiori ecc 🙂

      115. the bag is really nice. good choice. good goals all around. The scrapbook thing is nice – it's always fun to be creative with old photos and memories . I would also like to learn how to cook some more easy-but-yummy dishes to throw into the mixture. Now you have me thinking about my goals… hahaha

      116. Mono è stato, dalle origini, di fare cose Microsoft senza essere Microsoft. Microsoft lo sa e, infatti, ha ostacolato Mono tutte le volte che ha potuto e più che ha potuto,Stallman, secondo me, ha avuto solo un torto: troppo accomodante. La Canonical, tutti gli altri.Mono fa parte del mondo Windows il porting su Linux di quel prodotto lo si fa solo per fare cose Windows su Linux. Linux, diventa Windows? Insensato….. E stupido.

      117. full range of motion is very important and I do this by getting deep tissue/trigger point therapy massage on this area. It can be extremely painful at first, but it gets easier and less painful as you work

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      119. ps: sans être à la pointe je n’ai aucune envie de m’habiller comme ma mère des années 40- 50 ou comme dans les années 1970; la mode c’est aussi l’air du temps.

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      122. “…it’s very difficult to communicate a spirit of harmony, sympathy, kindheartedness, and humility through email or text messaging. These qualities—so essential to resolving a disagreement or conflict—are best conveyed in person.” – Love this statement and couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the great post.

      123. Awesome post! I agree, on all counts! You have to learn the ins and outs, and you have to find and deeolvp your own style, or you will ultimately be setting yourself (and more importantly, your clients) up for disappointment! I think your work is truly inspiring, and always love looking at your work!

      124. Je to iste dnes scifi, ale je to problém, s ktorým sa bude musieÅ¥ pohnúť. Na absencii podobných zákonov totiž stál obchod s otrokmi – černosi neboli považovaní za ľudí, ale za hovoriace opice a proti zruÅ¡eniu otroctva bojovali otrokári nie z vieroučných dôvodov, ale ekonomických, egoistických. ZruÅ¡enie otroctva totiž ohrozovalo hospodársky rast.

      125. Martin, und auch beim Winterblues ;-)Turbohausfrau, wers nicht cremig mag, der lässt die Mascarpone weg, aber ich mag sie schon so :-)magierin, fisch samt suppe passt das ganze jahr, das stimmt. Eline, vielleicht braucht man sowas ja auch, damit dann auch wieder was weitergeht, wer weiß. Bei Salsiccia wäre ich auch sofort dabei beim jagen. In Italien gibts die ja an jeder Fleischerecke.

      126. Sur les pas de Victor Bérard :« connais-tu ce pays où fleurit l’oranger » (= pour respecter l’alexandrin qu’empêche Zitronen en français);« Je ne vois pas pourquoi notre passage sur terre devrait se faire dans la douleur » = soit, Annibal, mais notre passage sur mère, je vois pourquoi.

      127. Been called today by Riocc same as the others. I asked for the name and address, age of company and registration number of the company as I was busy. He mumbled obviously reading a script or being advised. He asked if he could call me back when I am not busy. His ‘body language’ over the phone set off the alarm bells in my head so I investigated. My humble view and I will treat them as such: ‘definately a sc**, I wont go near them’.

      128. Another quality review TC. I can accept the 3.5. I think the hype was to much for Wayne to live up too. “let the beat build ” was good. He could have came stronger. “Comfortable” going to be a hit second single. i don’t know who green lite “Police Officer”. He was trying to hard to be different on “Phone Home”. The album was far from trash and far from great. It was good. Gotta admit the young boy has improved on each album so far. He might have to make a 4th trip to the carter.

      129. pisze:Fajna sprawa, jednak sugeruję użycie teleskopu łamanego jakieś 15cm przed końcem, gdzie znajduję się magnesik. Umożliwi to wydostanie przedmiotów, które utknęły w naprawdę trudno dostępnych zakamarkach.Miałam przypadek, gdy mój kolczyk wpadł między lodówkę a szafkę i niestety, nie było do niego dostępu w linii prostej. Przegub jakieś dziesięć centymetrów przed końcem pozwoliłby na lepsze wykorzystanie możliwości magnesu.

      130. Excelente articulo Carlos. Como se dice "mas claro, con agua". Lo que destaco ademas de la claridad, es el concepto del mercado objetivo. Y lo principal es investigar y saber cual es nuestro mercado objetivo, saber donde esta y definir una estrategia. Ese debe de ser el punto de partida. Un saludo y felicitaciones nuevamente.

      131. and psychology to target both individuals and groups strategically. Like the world’s of finance and government surveillance it is a new ecology where past, and bogus, claims by individuals to be

      132. just a thought, I wonder if it’e worth stressing how many people use the section from Hunsbury Meadows to Swan Valley. Since the warehouses have been open, there are sometimes groups of people walking along that bit of road. Maybe some support from that area? What scares me is that they often wear dark clothing. The occasional one wears a hi-viz jacket, but most don’t! Maybe time to bring back the “wear something light at night” slogan?

      133. July 8, 2011 at 5:21 amMy job just went into flux. I know that it’ll turn out alright … when I’m awake. My night was filled with nightmares, all to do with instability and potential for destruction. I’m just not at all surprised to find great advice waiting for me. Your blog is the perfect accompaniment to my first moment of the day to myself. Thanks. Reply

      134. When will this be available for all? I wanted to try it but unfortunately I am not one of those few fortunate webmasters to have access. Been waiting for this and really looking forward to it. Anybody had an idea on when it will be made available to everyone?Thanks in advance..

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      136. Hyperinflation will push the markets up to maybe 100k. However it will take $27 to buy a gallon of gas.Fractional Banking will cause the Dollar to devalue 9 times.the second the banks believe it’s safe to begin lending again that will be the beginning of the inflation rocket up.

      137. el asunto dela titulacion del gobierno de alan garcia en manchay en lo 7 pueblo que salio publicado en el peruano u en las normas legales quedo en el olvido quienes intecra los pueblos so asocci.claveles parte baja asocc.yarowilca,filadelfia, divino jesus jirasoloes asocc viv sr delos milagros espero una respuesta

      138. no the softer sound will remain natural… use a compressor like salt never put to much. you will have to learn to use a little bit of everything to make the vocals sound clean and natural. start out by learning about your mic, is it a bright mic or a warm mic. what type of interface are you using, m box or something a little better. do you have a mic pre amp like an avalon pre amp? Also learn what order to put your EQ, Compressor in..

      139. It is time to send Billy to an elephant sanctuary. I know a great deal about elephants and this is just not humane to have elephants in zoos. We know too much about them to keep them in small confinements. LA will never have enough space. Also, in this bad economic time, it only makes sense with the state going bankrupt. Both sides win if you do not build the enclosure.