Google PageRank Update-We Are Now PR2


Here is Google PageRank update for May 2012 and once again Google has been very kind to reward us with a Pagerank increase to PR 2 from PR 1. Google rolled out its update on 3rd May, 2012. Though it came to my notice only this morning. Pagerank though not everything, it still is an important factor in search engine rankings and traffic to your blog. Well I guess it matters more for a blogger to receive such kinds of rewards in return of the hard work carried out.

How to Increase Pagerank before Next Google Update?

There are many factors which Google takes into account before rolling out your Pagerank. But one thing which I am damn sure about is the quantity and quality of backlinks to your blog. So if you want to have huge numbers for PR of your blog before the next Google Pagerank Update, start building links to your blog. Not only incoming links, the outgoing links and the internal links too matter a lot in contributing PR to your blog. Make sure that you have all affiliate links and other outgoing links nofollowed so as to retain Pagerank on your blog. Though no internal links should be nofollowed. Try Guest Posting on high PR blogs to gain backlinks and traffic from their site.

We got several internal pages increased to Pagerank 1 from PR 0 while the homepage is now PR 2. Now I have decided to jump one step further and start accepting guest posts on this blog.

I hope you too would have been benefitted by this Google Update. If not, then do not worry. Start building quality backlinks and publishing high quality content. Who knows you may be the next winner. Generally Google updates Pagerank within 3-4 months. So you can expect the next update to be coming around August, 2012. So start working right now.


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