5 Ways to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Improve Your SEO

Google Webmaster Tools

You must have been using Google Webmaster Tools if you are a blogger or a webmaster. Or at least you must have heard about it or read about it on the internet as a blogger’s best friend when it comes to performing on Google.

What do you use Google Webmaster Tools for? Some use it to keep a watch on the backlinks to their site indexed by Google. Some bloggers use GWT to check which queries are making their website appear in the search results and where.

The truth is that Google Webmaster Tools is a platform which is extremely capable of reforming your website’s SEO. There is no doubt that Google is the biggest organic traffic provider and organic traffic converts the best. So, it’s important that you remain at the top in Google’s eyes.

Let’s take a look at how we can use GWT to extract maximum benefits out of it.

5 Must Use Features of Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Crawl Errors :- You will fine “Crawl Errors” under the section “Crawl” for your website. Crawl Errors are basically the URLs belonging to your site which could not be crawled by the Google bots but were submitted in your sitemap. This may result in some highly important pages not being crawled and not indexed by Google resulting in loss of quality and ultimately traffic to your blog. Hence you must always be keeping an eye on this section.
  2. Link to Your Site :- You will find “Links to Your Site” under the section “Search Traffic” for your website. You can find each and every page which is linking to your site or any of its pages on the internet here. As you know, Google has warned bloggers and webmasters to be extremely cautious with the quality of links they build for their websites. Hence, through this section, you can find which websites are linking to which pages of your blog or website. You should try to eliminate low quality or spam links, if any, to your site and focus more on building backlinks on high quality websites.
  3. Content Keywords :- Google is all about fair and optimized usage of keywords. In this section which is found under the “Google Index” menu for your site, you can find out for which keywords your blog or website is ranking and where you have to improve your keyword analysis. You can use this section along with Google Analytics to build a powerful keyword strategy for your blog.
  4. HTML Improvements :- “HTML Improvements” is found under “Search Appearance” menu. You can find out any duplicate meta descriptions or duplicate tags for pages of your website. Duplicate content in any form is punished by Google and therefore you must resolve the duplicate descriptions or tags issues if there are any on your blog.
  5. Sitemaps :- You can submit sitemaps of your blog in .xml format to Google under the “Sitemaps” in “Crawl” menu of your site. This will help Google understand your site better and index your links quickly. You can even submit a sitemap for images and videos on your site. I suggest submitting your sitemap each time any page or link is added to your blog.

Last but not the least, you can use “Instant Previews” to see how your website appears in the search results. You can make use of “Remove URLs” if you want Google to demote any links of your site from its index.

How do you intend to use Google Webmaster Tools for SEO and other purposes? Please say your heart out in the comments below.

3 Replies to “5 Ways to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Improve Your SEO”

  1. Hi Vineet,

    Google webmaster tools is an amazing thing provided by Google.
    Bloggers can improve their blog’s value by using GWT. They should take care about all the errors shown by GWT.

    Few days ago I had some issues with DNS error and robots.txt.
    It’s because of GWT which sent me message that I should have a look up on them.

    I corrected the errors and found it great to use GWT because it helps bloggers in a better way to boost it.

    Great article.;)


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