How to increase your AdSense earnings manifold?


Every blogger who runs Google AdSense to make money online through his blog or site expects to earn a  huge revenue from the ads  . But hardly 10% succeed to make $100 or more per week.  The very first thing you need to make your dream come true is a lot of visitors to your website. But traffic is not the only thing. You have to convert your visitors and readers into clicks so that you can earn some revenue. Here are a few tips to make your blog AdSense ready :-

  1. Place ads on top :-  The top of your page is the most visible portion where almost every visitor looks and pays attention . You can display a banner ad on the top of your page.  But make sure you do not over do . Keep only two to three ads in the above the fold area of your webpage.  This way you can maintain the professional look of your blog too.  It has been noticed that banner ads at the top of the page convert the most for most of the blogs. 
  2. Use visible contrasts and designs :-  Google AdSense  gives you the facility to customize your ads according to the need of your blog’s theme. You can choose contrasting colors for your ads as it makes them more visible to your visitors.  But sometimes it may also result in your visitors bouncing back from your site . So be careful and design your ads appropriately. 
  3. Write specific and keyword focused content :- Google displays ads relevant to the content of your blog.  The more specific your content is , more specific will be your ads. And as I discussed in my earlier posts , specific ads convert more than those which are more general in nature. Try and include one or two  keywords in every post as it gives Google a hint of what kind of ads should be displayed on the page. 
  4. Targeted traffic :- This is really important if you want to increase your Adsense earnings fast. If you can manage to get specific and targeted visitors to your blog , then they are more likely to click on the ads of their interests. Generally , organic traffic is known to convert most.
  5. Mix your content and ads :-  You can always insert ads in between the content of your posts and sometimes it looks like it is a part of the content. This trick works out good for some of the blogs where the ads are highly specific and relevant with content. 


  1. says

    Hi Vineet,

    I thought in blogging niche gets regular click on adsense ads is too hard. Every bloggers know how adsense ads are work.

    still every blogger use adsense to monetize their blog because of high CPC and CPM rate.

    BTW Except above five tips I use two more tips as – adding custom ad unit and Make sticky ad sense ad unit.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    Keep posting this type informative post

    Md. Hamim Mondal
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  2. says

    Hi Vineet,

    There are many ad providers but people prefer to get ads from Google AdSense beacuse of it’s high rate.

    But most of bloggers face blogging getting the approval from Google AdSense for their blog.
    They need to provide the best quality content because Google likes to show quality content in it’s search.

    Making more money from Google AdSense is dependent at your own. As how much traffic you get to your blog?

    Putting ads at the top is good. Banner ads make more money.

    Great post indeed.:)

    Hope you are having fun during this contest.:)

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  3. says

    Hey Vineet!

    Informative post indeed! Many bloggers struggle to increase or generate any income through adsense despite having a good amount of traffic.

    Your post comes as a save for all of them. And as Ravi mentioned, you are not done here. You need to post quality content on your blog for getting more traffic and getting ranked higher on google.

    I am sure that after going through your directions in the post, one will surely succeed.

    Have a great day ahead!


    – Rohit
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  4. says

    Hi Rohit,

    Thanks for agreeing with me with the points I have mentioned.

    Yes, Google AdSense is an amazing ad provider for your blog if you can pass their terms and conditions. many bloggers are disappointed due to the rejection from Google AdSense because their blog doesn’t fulfill all the requirements.

    For every blogger one thing should be the best to look upon and that’s quality. If you have quality content at your blog then Google will accept your request.

    Try to do your best with your blog.

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    • says

      Hi Ravi,

      Absolutely, I had to agree with you on this topic. I know sometimes its quite difficult to get approved for adsense but if you get approved then you’ll come to know that adsense is one of its own kind.

      Its the best ad-network. You can’t compare adsense to any other ad-network. Sometimes, when people don’t get approved by google for generating ads on their blog then they ask whether chitika or the likes are better or as good as adsense.

      But actually, none of the alternative is even close to adsense. It provides high revenue and also is easy to use.Thanks for your thoughts Ravi.

      Have a nice day!


      – Rohit
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      • says

        Hi Rohit,

        Taking ads at your blog is not the best way to make money through your blog.
        Many bloggers think that if they get ads from Google AdSense then they will make more money than other who don’t have ads of Google.

        But its not true. The main money get be earned through affiliate marketing. You need to be professional.

        Learn some languages so that you can handle your blog your own perfectly.

        If you have potential to turn your readers into customers then you can get many dollars at once.

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        • says

          Hi Ravi,

          I got to agree with you this time now. Adsense is the best ad network but you cant say that its the best way to earn money.

          You can count on adsense for a small or passive income but if you want some real and full time income then you must know about affiliate marketing.

          There is absolutely no limit to affiliate marketing. You can earn thousands of dollars in an hours also. As you mentioned, You just need to figure that how to turn your visitors into potential customers.

          Thanks for your thoughts.

          Have a nice day!

          – Rohit
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