How to Make Money Online Fast Loads Faster With MaxCDN


I integrated this blog with MaxCDN on this Friday. Earlier this blog used to take a bit of time to load. That is why I decided to use a Content Delivery Network(CDN) to decrease our load time and to improve the performance of my blog. I browsed the internet for some days and finally took the decision to go with MaxCDN as it is the most preferred CDN by some of the most successful bloggers.

Benefits of Choosing MaxCDN:-

  • MaxCDN is known to highly increase a blog’s performance by making it load extremely fast. It is considered to be the best CDN service used by sites like Mashable which is one of the highly visited sites in terms of traffic.
  • MaxCDN provides 1TB of bandwidth for just $39.95. This is extremely low as compared to other CDNs. Generally this much of bandwidth is enough for one year. Also, there are coupons available which can give you discount upto 25%.(wpbeginner is one of the such coupons)
  • They offer full money back till one month if you do not feel satisfied. Hence, you are completely at no loss. I don’t think if they ever had any refund or anyone asking for a refund.

Your site’s loading time has an enormous effect on your blog’s performance. If your blog loads taking a lot of time, then you will lose on some potential readers and hence money. It is just like leaving money on the table. If you really want to make money online like a professional blogger, you must pay attention to your blog’s loading time and opt for a CDN.

A CDN consists of a network of servers located in different parts of the world. When you integrate with CDN your content gets copied on all the servers. So, when a visitor comes on your site, the content is provided from the nearest server which decreases the load time. All the images and javascript which take a lot of time to load are hosted at CDN. If your blog loads fast, your conversion rates also increase significantly.

Therefore you must check your blog’s loading time right now and go for a CDN if you are really serious to make some big money online.




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