5 Ways to Increase CPC For Google AdSense


Google AdSense is one of the most loved ways to monetize a blog. Whether a newbie, or a professional blogger, almost everyone has tried their hands on Google AdSense. Though I stopped using AdSense on my blog a long time ago, it is still the best known CPC advertising program on the internet.

How much you will earn from AdSense depends on two things basically.

  1. The traffic your blog receives. Rather, I should say the amount of targeted traffic your blog receives.
  2. CPC or Cost per Click rate given to you by Google AdSense.

How to increase traffic to your blog or website is an ever-debatable topic and I will keep covering it here regularly. What I am more interested in right now is to find ways to increase CPC for your blog.

5 Ways to Increase CPC for Google AdSense

  1. Drive Country-Specific Traffic :- If your blog has traffic from countries like USA or UK, you are bound to get more CPC for the clicks. The reason being that advertisers pay more for traffic from these countries. Hence do some keyword research using Google Keyword Tool and write content based on keywords which are being most targeted in the above mentioned countries.
  2.  Improve PageRank of Your Blog :- Though Google PR is not much emphasised onto, there are many bloggers which have reported dramatic increase in their CPC with increase in the PageRank. I myself noticed a jump of about 15-20 cents when this blog rose to PR 2 from 0.
  3. Prefer Text Ad Formats and Sizes :- Generally text ads are better performers than image ads in terms of CPC and CTR (Click-Through-Rate). Also, prefer bigger ad sizes such as 460×60 as these are clicked more and preferred more by the advertisers which pay high CPC to Google.
  4. Placement and Number of Ads :- The maximum number of ads allowed by Google AdSense is maximum three on a particular page. So, it is advised to keep the ad count upto three. As for placement, the higher the better. Since ads on top of a page or a post are most visible, they help you in getting a higher CTR and a higher CPC.
  5. Keep Ad Filters Small :- If your blog is receiving a decent amount of traffic, then there can be many advertisers competing for an ad spot on your blog. If you filter out ads unnecessarily, then it could result in elimination of potential advertisers which would have paid you nicely instead.

However, I would insist you to try and experiment with AdSense as experience will bring out the best from your AdSense campaigns. If there is anything I missed, let me know in the comments below.

One Reply to “5 Ways to Increase CPC For Google AdSense”

  1. Hello Vineet

    Indeed Google Adsense is the one thing on which bloggers keep their eyes glued.
    If your blog has got the green signal from Google’s Adsense, rest assured, you will see a steady flow of money.

    However Vineet, it is really not easy to get Adsense approval. Google has declared that for Indian and Chinese blogs, the site should be atleast 6 months old to avail this.
    Moreover I have heard people whining about how Google didn’t approve and also has given no response.
    But if you have Google’s Adsense. It’s a real treat for you.


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