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Someone might think that a blog is too cool as it has almost everything on its pages. It is stuffed with things and features. But rarely they know that it takes a lot of time to load such a blog! A blog which takes a lot of time to load never goes well either with the search engines or your visitors. It is always preferred to keep your blog as simple in design as possible because it reduces the overall load time of your blog.

Imagine yourself in a situation when you are looking for something over the internet. You come across a blog and click the link to open the blog.

How would you feel if the blog does not appear immediately and keeps on loading?

Dejected? You will probably leave the blog without reading its content and continue with your search. What exactly I want to tell you is that a slow loading blog results in its content being unread by the visitors.

What’s the use of writing so thoughtfully in your blog when it doesn’t even load when it should? Hence it is a must for a you as a blogger to make your blog light so that it loads fast. There is always some stuff in your blog which is not useful or which is just adding to the space and time.

Lookout for widgets and plugins which are just adding to the load time of your blog.

You can also limit the number of posts per page on your blog to ten(10). Generally people move to older pages easily if they wish to.  Also , try to keep the number of images as small as possible. More the images, more is the blog’s load time.

If you are a wordpress user, then you can do a bit more. Just use this plugin: – W3 Total Cache. This plugin makes your blog significantly faster by using cache and other scripts.



  1. says

    Thats great Information. i,m working on my blog. I want to light my blog. But, i dont know how should i do it. kindly provide me a complete information about it. Thanks.

  2. TheNinja says

    Thank you for the useful information~
    I would like to know how to do it on Blogspot..
    If you could.. Thank you very much.. in advance! hehe..
    I used this to weight my blog and it takes about 76.59 KB So I guess that's very much overload..
    & My post per page is only 5 so it should load more easier right? :D And I would like the pictures to be big and clear coz if it's small how could they see it right? :D
    That's all.. Hope you help.. tnx..

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