How to Make Youtube Videos Rank Higher in Search Engines


Youtube videos are being massively used to increase traffic, backlinks and sales by smart internet marketers and bloggers. Creating a Youtube video is a really simple task.  But making it rank high in the search engines for your keywords is the real tough thing.

But once you master this art of making your Youtube videos reach the top spots for your keywords, you can really make a lot of money online just by using the power of Youtube.

Hence I have listed out a three step formula to take your videos to the top pages of the search engines specially Google.

3 Step Formula to Rank Youtube Videos Higher

  1. SEO and Keywords :- Youtube can be a powerful source to add some SEO to your blog or website. First do a keyword research and find some keywords related to the niche of your blog. Never create an off-topic video. In your keyword research, prefer long tail keywords since they tend to rank higher. Include your keywords in the title of your video and in the beginning of the description. You can write a 300-400 words description for your video making it enticing and informative for your viewers. Do not forget to tag your videos properly with your main and LSI keywords.
  2. Use Backlinks :- The best part about a Youtube video is that you can put a backlink pointing to your main site in the description of the video. These backlinks are indexed by the search engines and since Youtube is an authority site, it adds a lot of link juice to your website. If some of your vidoes go viral and there is a backlink to your main website, then you will be able to receive thousands and thousands of high quality targeted visitors which will be highly motivated to read your content or purchase your products. Thus, leave backlinks to rank higher and receive potential customers and clients.
  3. Promotion :- If your Youtube video is not doing well in stats and traffic, then probably it needs a little bit of promotion. When you create a Youtube video, make sure to bookmark it on major social networking sites. Also, you can link back to your vidoes on forums, blogs and wherever you think can be good source of traffic to your video. You can even use Web 2.o services like Squidoo and Hubpages to make your video even more popular. You can even insert links to other videos in the captions.

Following the above three steps for every Youtube video will help you rank your videos higher up in the search engines. Not only videos, your main website will also move up in the rankings if you leave backlinks in the description.
You can even use Youtube videos to divert traffic to squeeze pages to build a strong and big mailing list which can help you with your affiliate marketing campaign. I have been creating Youtube videos to increase readership and network.


  1. says

    Vineet Bro,

    Yeah doing SEO we can rank YouTube videos high on SERP result. YouTube have very large number of audience.

    To target audience first we have to make useful video then apply above three methods.

    thanks for sharing this post with us.

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