Improving the Quality of Online Reputation Management

There exist numerous sources online from where we can get information about people today. Unfortunately, not all those sources are good or reliable. While some people surely deserve a bad reputation on the internet, it’s a problem when their information is not vetted by reputation sites online. Making this situation even worse, some reputation management sites manipulate the information about people and businesses for money. Due to this, the only accurate information sometimes becomes secondhand and gleaned from various social networking sites which are hardly fair or reliable and just as vulnerable to spin. This has led to a widespread movement on the internet for improving the quality of online reputation sites. is one of the best online reputation management sites and is probably the best and the brightest in this field. It has been created by professionals for professionals and it creates a safe, neutral and verified territory.

There are many different elements of online reputation management. The first element is the management and verification of the certificates and accolades. Once, there was a time when people could easily get a job by claiming that they had the required degree and qualification. It’s very much a form of fraud and it also leads to amusing stories on the occasion. Unfortunately, without seeing the actual physical degree or award, it is very difficult to verify the information about qualifications. Reputation management sites have provided people with simple outlets to present their awards and get them verified by the companies that have awarded them. This helps in better and efficient communication of claims about awards and makes the process of interviews and recruitment much easier since there is no question about the truth of any award or degree claimed by any person.

A well-managed site makes it entirely possible to keep reviews fair. reviews have set an example in this. Some sites don’t verify or vet their reviews actually in any way. This keeps those sites from censoring the reviews. Moreover, it doesn’t prevent users from simply lying. This can lead to someone being portrayed as good or it can be used to destroy someone’s career who has not done anything wrong. To make sure that any information posted is true and reliable, a well designed review system can take up the verification process internally. An identity can be attached to the person making the claims and businesses can be solicited to confirm or deny the reviews. Anonymity is required usually to destroy someone’s career meaningfully without putting oneself to equal or greater risk. This thing must be looked in an online reputation management site.

Job histories are also frequently posted online in addition to the reviews. The only openly accessible long-lasting records of employment are on social networks which are not reliable.  There is no verification process for the claims made by people on the social networking sites of their own choice. Reputation sites allow individuals to present their job history and get it scrutinized and verified. However, this is done with the same degree of control and management their reputations and other details fall under. It’s a really efficient way to manage job histories of people. If done well, it can save the hiring mangers from the trouble of contacting every previous employer to verify the job history of an individual.

As more and more people are coming to understand that how important reputation management is, this new field is growing more and more in support. It can be a great resource for both the employers and the employees if done right. So we can only expect that it will become more popular.

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  1. Hi Vineet,

    I am really surprised to know about such type websites.

    I mean it’s my first time that I am reading about reputation management websites.

    Though we all know that for any business your online reputation matters a lot because there are many people who just trust the ones who have their reputation world wide web.

    But I want to know as how and many other websites build our online reputation?

    Thanks for the article.:)


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  145. I like the Malkovitch casting, though I’m glad you didn’t mention it earlier. Good casting picks have a way of cluttering up an artist’s (or a reader’s) imagination and Buck is such a fun character throughout that i wanted to get a look for him that was totally my own.

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  148. That’s interesting, considering Boris Nemtsov’s contention in a recent interview that Putin’s base is “mostly the older generation, those who rely on government sinecures, who hardly ever use the internet and watch pro-Kremlin TV”. But the proportion of Russians over 65 is only around 13%, and Putin’s approval rating is over 70%.Pretty hard to make that assessment and these figures come anywhere close to one another.

  149. Hi Pinoy,Welcome to Picturenose, and thanks for the comment. I think, in reference to your first point, that was in fact the overall reason for the film existing in the first place – to show that life, unfortunately, doesn’t always have a happy ending, no?And as to whether the bad guys live ‘happily ever after’, well, that’s not the impression I got from observing the family ‘dynamic’ and the despairing look on the face of Brett in the mirror at the very end. They’re in hell, was my impression. Thoughts?

  150. Wow – that Facebook message must’ve really blown your hair back. That is such a shame to hear what this guy has left in his wake. I’m glad you got away. “…a scratched up record with the needle stuck in the same rut.” So good!I still feel a little pang every time I realize Justin ACTUALLY married Jessica Biel. I thought what we had was special.

  151. I find the numbers of believers surprisingly high. Perhaps it is the rarified company of generally intelligent people that I frequent, but finding a believer seems to be a novelty. It would be interesting to see that breakdown by age group too, how many non-believers would be in the under 40 range?

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  159. I've never been through a hurricane. Tornadoes, yes. Hurricanes, no. I am glad that you are able to find some comfort in the familiar during times of crisis, and hope you stay safe during this next season of hurricane. BTW, I stumbled this post.

  160. , “Thank you, Mama.” I was choked up as tears came to my eyes. To let him enjoy food means SO much to me–more than it ever did with my non-FA oldest child. Thank you, Kelly. You helped to make a simple dinner time so much more than that.

  161. aed! eh uma boa se9rie mas eu quero baixar pro meu pc! aejita o link aea pq no file serve diz q esse link foi deletado! e assisitr online eh mto ruim, a imagem fica como se estivesse parando, talvez seja minha net mas bota mais links pra baixar pro pc! eu agradee7o mto!

  162. Very succinct description, Tan. You're really good at getting to the essence and making it clear to others. Yes, this is one of Tan's definite strengths and one that has helped me grapple with the JQ. Ps: I guess you guys know by now that Canada has closed its Iranian embassy and called back its ambassador and supporting staff. Given Harper's jew-worship, this can't bode well for whatever things might be on the way this fall…. 🙁