How to Optimize Post’s Slugs in WordPress for SEO

You might be wondering what is this post’s slug and what it has got to do with SEO. Post slug is the URL or direct link or permalink to your blog’s post. Very few of us optimize the post slug. Most of us just write the content , choose a title , insert the media and hit Publish!!Voila!! Very few of us care about the long URLs to the posts which can badly affect the SEO.

Below is an example of a sample post-slug :


Now you would have got an idea about post slug and how you can edit the URL to your post using the edit option.

As you can see , by default the slug generated by the wordpress for your post is too long and has also the words like in, and ,  for etc. which add nothing to SEO. Infact they dilute the keyword density in the URL of your blog’s post. The URL for your post should be as straight and simple as possible having only the desired keywords and nothing else.

Stats have shown that short and straight URL adds more value to SEO rather than long URLs having all the unnecessary words of your post’s title.

Further , these long URLs generated by default are tough to remember. If you keep your post’s  slug short and to the point , it can be easily remembered by a visitor to your blog.  It gives your blog a more professional look . Only targeted keywords should be used in the post’s slug and it will pay off in the long run SEO of your blog.

To change your post’s slug , you can individually change the links to your posts using the “edit” option as shown above.


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