Day 8 Bonus Prize Winner Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

Day 8’s bonus prize winner has been finalized.

Yesterday’s contest was about a random winner who was to be chosen by a lottery system.

What I did was that I drew any three random numbers from yesterday’s comments. If two out of three comments were from the same author, that author was declared winner.

Luckily for me, I got this process done in the very fist time and the winner is “Virtuo Rohit”.

He joined us only a couple of days back and has won Rs.500.

Now. Time to announce today’s contest. Today’s bonus prize contest will be much more like Day 1. The contestant with most comments in the complete day will win the prize.

But there is a condition, there have to be atleast 3 participants competing in the contest and each should have atleast 20 comments shared by the end of the day. Otherwise the contest for today will stand nulled.

The prize money for today’s contest will be Rs. 750.


8 SureFire Ways To Monetize Your Blog

One of the most discussed topics in the blogosphere, I realized, is the issue of “Blog Monetization” and its one thing I also noticed give a lot of folks headache and sure sleepless nights. You’d say, “But Rohit how do you manage to know these things?” You can say it’s owing to the fact that I have once threaded that route having no clue as to how I should monetize my blog.

And one of the many ways to measuring blogging success is through the ROI you generate from your blogging endeavor but mind you, it’s not so easy to make money online. It takes a lot of technical know-hows and the likes…

However, newbie bloggers make the mistake of starting a blog with the aim of making huge money from it. If you’re like that, (I’m going to give you a shocker), you won’t be able to go far in the journey as you’ve started with the wrong mindset and success in blogging thrives on the right mindset which involves passion, vision, time, effort, energy, technical know-how , money(as in “investment”) and of course value.

I’m not going to be talking about all those listed success traits today but rather about the 5 ways to monetize your blog. Yes… I will be helping you with some ideas which will help you to monetize your blog.

So in this post, I will expound on the 5 ways to monetize your blog – simple things you can do to improve your profit! Are you still with me?

Monetize your blog with these 5 best ways:

#1. Affiliate Marketing

A blog is a great way to promote affiliate products to your subscribers who trust and respect your opinion. The key to doing it successfully is to employ a subtle touch.
Oh sorry, you’re not familiar with what affiliate marketing is, right? It is the process of you advertising someone else’s product for them and if you get a sale for the owner then you get a good percentage of the sale, usually between 50% and 75%.

There are a few ways that you can use affiliate marketing as a source of income on your blog.

Firstly you can simply put picture or text adverts up in your sidebar so that people can click on them that way. Or alternatively you can slip an affiliate link to a product that you would like to recommend into one of your posts.
This way of putting affiliate links in usually gets you more clicks in a short time but it can annoy some readers if you keep reviewing products and trying to blatantly get money off of them instead of just writing good helpful content.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Ask yourself what types of products your readers might be interested in.
    Think about the quality of the product — promoting just one or two inferior offerings (and there are plenty available) could be enough to destroy months of work building up trust and credibility.
  • A good promotion educates readers on the problem and how the product solves it. Consider ‘building up’ to a promotion by talking about a problem one week, and providing a solution the following week.
  • Spread out your promotions to avoid making your readers feel like they have subscribed to “1001 Ways to Part with Your Hard-Earned Cash”!

#2. Inserting Google AdSense

Another fabulous way to monetize your blog is through Google’s Adesense Program. Now, I mentioned this as the second way of making money online because it is one of the best known advertisers on the internet as well as being a good source of income for any website or blog.

The way that this income stream works is that you put some Adsense adverts up on your site and then every time one of your visitors clicks on one of those adverts then you get a payment from Google into your Adsense account.

Now depending on what niche you are in any one of these clicks can give you any money between a few pennies and about £10. It is fair to say though that £10 is really cool. I also mentioned this is my post 3 Effective Ways To Earn Money With Your Blog.

Let me reiterate more on this “money making stream”, Google Adsense is a risk-free way to make some money as it costs nothing to sign up. As with Adsense generally, the more targeted the content and the better your use of keywords, the more relevant the ads are likely to be, and the more money you will make.

How do I insert the codes on my blog?

Good question there folks. See, the easiest way to insert Adsense blocks into your posts is via the WordPress Adsense Deluxe plugin. This application provides shortcuts for automatically inserting Adsense code into your blog. All you have to do then is add simple HTML comments wherever you want the three ad blocks to show.

#3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the ultimate marketing tool for bloggers. It allows you to instantly deliver your message directly to the inbox of readers. This makes it a more powerful marketing tool than Facebook or Twitter.

I encourage you all to start building your email list now. Do not wait until your blog is established. You should be collecting emails from day one. This will allow you to market all the products, services and monetization methods we have discussed in his post so far.

Email marketing is what separates hobby bloggers from professional bloggers. If you can build a list of a few thousand email subscribers, you are half way to owning a profitable blog.

#4. Sell Your Own Products

I am one of the advocates that blogging in itself does not make you money but rather what you do around blogging. I first heard this phrase from Sam Adeyinka and later thought of it and found out that he was in fact right!

So if blogging is not going to make me money, why do it then?

Quickly, 3 Reasons why you need to blog:

  1. It will make you an expert in your field
  2. It will connect you to the world and helps you to actually
  3. Make money online sharing your knowledge.

The selling of knowledge is HUGE. If you build up your position in your market, you can then sell quality information to that market. This can take the form of e-books, audio, videos, or all of the above. You can package them up or just sell them digitally. If you author the product yourself (recommended), then you keep 100% of the profit. Isn’t that cool?

#5. Writing ‘product name’ reviews

Writing product name reviews can be extremely lucrative as they are easy to get ranking highly in Google searches on “product name” + “review”. Even better, because people are already thinking of purchasing a product when they search for a review, blog reviews usually convert very highly!

The secret to writing successful product name reviews is to be honest — and place the product name throughout the post three or four times.

Just because you are trying to make a sale doesn’t mean you have to be glowing. In fact, reviews are more believable when the author is clearly taking an objective view and commenting on the negatives as well as the positives. Everyone knows that there is no such thing as pure perfection and trying to make something appear that way smacks of insincerity and motives that are blatantly financial.

“The Secret to a glowing and converting review is to be honest as possible as you can”. Sam Adeyinka

#6. Become a writer

This isn’t exactly affiliate marketing, but it’s still a pretty decent way to make some money, which is why we are giving it a mention. is a site that brings bloggers and product owners together for mutual benefit. It’s widely recognised that blogging is extremely effective as advertising that isn’t advertising. The power of reviews, recommendations and general opinion pieces is huge and product owners are willing to pay bloggers good money to mention their widgets to readers with their ad defenses down.

Your blog is reviewed before being accepted by Reviewme so it’s a good idea to get it in good shape before applying. Once you’re accepted however, you can earn anything from $20 to $200 for each review you write.

#7. Paid & Sponsored Posts

Yes, you can get paid to review products and sites on your blog. Sites like PayPerPost and ReviewMe are popular options. I’ve seen some blogs sell this option directly. When doing this, it is important to disclose the fact that it is a paid review. It is also important that you maintain your integrity and never give a positive review unless you’re really feel need to so.

Another way I’ve come to be in the know of is sponsored post. There are quite a number of sites that offer this kinda service. I have personally tried PostJoint and trust me it make sense and it helped me make some deserved dollar bills.
What you have to do here is simple, offer to help publish advertisers’ posts on your blog and viola…….dollar flowing in your paypal account.

#8. Sell your blogs

Finally, I would like to talk about the possibility of selling your blog. If your circumstances change and you need more time or more money (or both), you could make good money by selling your blog.

There are many factors that are considered when a potential buyer prices your blog. My friend’s friend – Gilbert Samuel has over $200,000 in sales on Flippa and around $150,000 of those sales came from blogs. In my experience, the biggest influence on the final selling price is income.

If your blog is making money, you will have buyers fighting against each other in order to win the auction for your blog. Conversely, if your blog does not make much money, there is a good chance that you will be the one spending all your time asking people to bid. It is therefore always better to sell your blog once it has become profitable.

Lesson Summary

In this lesson I took you by the hand in to my world ands ways to monetize your blog with my 8 amazing ways of actually monetizing your amazing blog; these were:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Inserting Google AdSense
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Sell Your Own Products
  5. Writing ‘Product Name’ Reviews
  6. Becoming a Writer
  7. Paid & Sponsored Posts
  8. Selling your blogs!


I hope you have enjoyed this article on monetizing your blog. Did you? I tried to touch upon the main ways that bloggers monetize their blogs, however there are many other methods. When it comes to making money from your blog; your only limitation however is your imagination…remember, “Imagination is greater than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

$25 Day 2 Winner Ravi Chahar Paid – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

Yesterday, winner for Day 2 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest , Ravi Chahar was sent his prize money.

Ravi won $25 = Rs. 1,250 on Day 2 and has been sent this prize money straight into his bank account via NEFT.

Below is the proof of the payment sent:

Day 2 Winner Paid

Bloggers are getting paid cash prizes daily for participating in this $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

So let’s announce the bonus prize for Day 8 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

Today’s bonus prize will be $10.

In today’s contest, a random winner will be picked using a random number of comment.

So, today’s contest will be about getting lucky as anyone can be winner. But here is the deal, you need to put on atleast 15 comments today to be the winner of this contest.

Also, more the comments you share, more are the chances of your comment getting picked for the prize. Comments made only after the publishing of this post will be eligible for the prize. No comment below 60 words will be given the prize. If a comment which is below 60 words gets picked, I will do the random number game again to find the winner.

So let’s start and see how this day goes.

Day 4 Winner Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

There was a slight delay yesterday in announcing the results of  Day 4 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

Well, it’s time now that we declare the winner of Day 4.

I feel proud that Ravi Chahar has once again won the contest. He is the winner of Part 1, part 2 and the most shares part.

So what he gets is Rs.1,500 for the Day 4.

Although his payment for Day 2 has not been processed yet due to some bank delays. But it will be done as soon as possible.

Day 5 saw no contest, because everyone got a chance to win some cash simply commenting. Who won and how much, that I will publish later.

For now, its time to announce the Day 6 Bonus Prize Contest – $15.

In today’s contest the most consistent commentator will be chosen the winner.

The rules of Day 6 Bonus Prize Contest Are:

  1. You need to share at least 10 comments in every 3 hours to qualify. Comments must be of atleast 60 words each.
  2. If you do not share 10 comments in every 3 hours, you will not eligible for the prize.
  3. Rest of the rules regarding sharing of each post on Google+ or Twitter remain same.

Today’s contest will ensure that contestants even short on time can manage to do atleast 10 comments.

The contest will start from exactly 12:00 PM IST today. Good Luck to everyone!!!

Day 5 Bonus Prize Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest – Get Paid For Every Comment Today

Day 4’s Bonus Prize Contest’s results have been finalized. I am holding the results for now and will announce them after a few hours.

Now it’s time to announce the Bonus Prize for Day 5 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

Today’s contest will be a completely different one.

I call this contest ” Comment and Earn”

Now this contest is more like a Cost-per-Action offer.

Today, everyone will get paid for their commenting on WordPress Money Blog. It won’t matter if you are in the top three or not. If you comment, you will get paid. However, how much you will be paid will depend on your efforts.

What Exactly Do We Have to Do?

Now let’s see.

Today, on Day 5 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest, you will win $.15 or Rs.8 for every  comment you share on this blog. Yes, that is right, for every comment, you will be paid.

And guess what, you can comment as much as you want. Although, I will declare the contest finished once I see the budget limit being crossed.But trust me, everyone can get a mouthful today.

Here are the rules of the contest :

  1. No comment below 60 words will be eligible for payment. I do all the tasks of scrutinizing and counting manually and I will not allow any comment below this limit eligible for the prize money.
  2. You must tweet each post and share it on Google+.  I will check it personally that each post has been shared on both the social networks. If it is not shared, it will not be eligible for payment. Please sign up on these social networks if you are already not there.
  3. No comment which is a query or doesn’t provide value to the reader will be eligible for the payment.
  4. Like our Facebook Page. You only need to do this once.

This contest will start from 1 PM IST and the comments shared before 1 PM will not be eligible for the prize money.

Please share this contest as much as possible to help others make some money online today.