Is Article Marketing Dead in 2014?


Remember article marketing?

Yes exactly the one in which we used to submit high quality articles to different article directories. Those articles used to have links to the homepage of our blog or website.

Article marketing was long used till 2012 to generate high quality backlinks, traffic and SEO for our blog/website.

But as the time faded, it was replaced by guest posting, social bookmarking and blog commenting. These techniques are still being used extensively by bloggers and internet marketers successfully. Well for now we can say that these are long to stay.

But the question which comes to my mind is whether article marketing is still useful or has it just lost its charm in front of other marketing techniques like guest posting.

Some people even consider article marketing as spam now. The condition has dropped so badly.

One reason why article marketing is not being used anymore as it was used once, could be the rise of spammers. Google and other search engines changed algorithms to check the link building techniques by mass directory submissions using software and article spinning tools. In fact many article directories like EzineArticles were severely hit by Google Algorithms for supporting such spinned and low quality articles.

3 Reasons Why I Still Love Article Marketing

  1. Articles are generally more informative and of higher quality then of blog posts and other material which is generally published over blogs and websites. You can actually learn something from them.
  2. Norms and rules in many article directories have now become stricter and they do not accept fake or spinned articles. This has resulted in a higher quality of content in them and if you write an article and it gets approved with a backlink to your blog, you can actually get a high quality targeted traffic to your own website or blog.
  3. A complete class of bloggers using article marketing to promote their blogs or websites should not be blamed for the deeds of a few spammers who wish to gain top rankings by spamming article directories with low quality, spinned and copied articles. Some bloggers always create high quality articles which have tonnes of information for their readers.

Do you or have you ever used article marketing for your blog or website? If yes, are you still using it? If no, would you ever use it in the future?

Please share below.

Day 3 Bonus Prize Winner Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

This was really tough for me at first. I just went on reading each and every comment of yesterday.

But just then I remembered that the minimum word length for any comment to qualify was 150 words.

After applying this filter, I have come to this decision that there is a tie between Ravi Chahar and Rajaraman K for these two comments :

Now here we can choose either Ravi Chahar on the basis of higher number of comments. In fact Ravi did incredible work yesterday and his comments were also par quality.

But I will take a different route here. I think I will relax a few things for Rajaraman K as he conveyed us that his internet connection is a bit slow and he is working somewhere too.

Hence I have decided to split the prize money between Ravi Chahar and Rajaraman K. Both will win Rs.500 cash via NEFT in their bank accounts.

As for Day 4, Part 1 will end at 5 PM IST and the second part will begin automatically. I will record the stats and will declare both parts’ winner/s at then end of Day 4.

I just hope that more and more people will join us in the coming days.

Thanks for being here and sharing your comments.

Day 4 Bonus Prize – Win $30 – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

Well it’s been a lazy Sunday so far.

I am yet processing the results of yesterday. It’s taking longer than usual as I have to read each and every comment and then note down to remember which one is eligible for the “Most Valuable Comment”. It will take a few hours more to declare the results.

Anyway, I am announcing the bonus prize for Day 4.

In Day 4, the highest commentator till 5 PM IST of today will win $10.

After 5 PM, the highest commentator at the end of the day will win $15.

Also, I am announcing another bonus prize of $5 for the top sharer of the posts of Day 4.

So, there is a total of $30 up for grab today.

I don’t think I need to  rewrite the rules again now. But still to count some:

  1. Share every post before commenting.
  2. Don’t write too generic comments.
  3. Use your real name.

So, it’s time to start the work and grab the prize money in Day 4.

Here is what today’s contest is all about:
1. This contest for Day 4 was announced around 11 AM. From 11 Am to 5 PM, I will count the number of comments of each commentator and the winner will get $10.
2. After 5 PM the comment count will start again for each commentator and at 11:59 PM we will have our second winner.
3. Comments poured before 11 AM will not be counted for the contest of Day 4, but they will be counted in the $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

Note : For both the parts, there should be atleast 5 participants competing otherwise that part will stand NULL.

Day 2 Bonus Prize Winner Announced – New Rules

So, I am ready with the results. It took somewhat longer than I had expected because I do all this work manually since I don’t want to use plugin for everything. It slows down the website and negates user experience.

Yesterday’s competition was real tough with Suprabhat Mondal notching the highest comment count, Ravi Chahar raising the bar by exceptional commenting and sharing on social media and Krishnan and Rajaraman and a couple of other contestants making it a tough competition.

These are stats of Day 2 at 11:59 PM exactly:

Day 2 -$200 blog commenting contesta

Let’s start by calculating the final points of the top two contestants.

  • Ravi Chahar : Ravi made a total of 44 comments yesterday. Out of these 44 comments, I have approved 37 as rest 7 were generic comments. He tweeted 42 posts on Twitter and shared 9 posts on Google+. So his total points come out to be:

Points From Day 1 = 180

Comments Points From Day 2 = 37*2= 74

Sharing Points From Day 2= 51

Total = 180+74+51 = 305 Points

  • Suprabhat Mondal : Suprabhat did an excellent job by leaving 91 comments on Day 2. I am really stunned to see the efforts of Suprabhat. He is new but he is fast. Out of these 91 comments, I have approved 75 comments as the rest were too generic. He shared 28 posts on Google+ and tweeted 9 posts on Twitter. So his total points come out to be:

Points From Day 1 = 110 Points

Comment Points From Day 2 = 75*2= 150 Points

Sharing Points From Day 2 = 37 Points

Total = 110+150+37 = 297 Points

So, Ravi Chahar with 305 points is the winner of Day 2’s Bonus Prize Contest. I think the lead from Day 1 helped him get here and the rest was his hard work on day 2.

Note : The approval of comments is totally my discretion and my decision will be final in this regard. This is necessary to keep up the spirit of the contest.

New Rules For $200 Blog Commenting Contest :

After publishing of this post, no comment below 50 words will be allowed. I have set the CommentLuv Premium in this fashion only. Any comment below 60 words will either be pushed into spam or not accepted.

You need to spend at least two minutes on a page before your comment can be submitted. This is to ensure that the post is read thoroughly before commenting.

If you have any one liner query or suggestion, contact me via this page only and not in comments.

I hope these rules will be acceptable to all the contestants.

Good Luck For Day 3’s Bonus Prize Contest!!!

Congratulation to Ravi Chahar!!!