Try to build unique backlinks

This is one thing which has to be kept in mind while building backlinks for your website. You should try to build unique links back to your site. All the successful internet marketers have followed this process of unique link building. What does this mean? This means that your backlinks should be unique . Your links should be from different websites. If you have created 20 backlinks but all are from the same website , then you will not be credited for 20 backlinks. On the other hand , if your 20 backlinks are from different websites , then it would pass a greater link juice to your website. Uniqueness is the most important thing. You must also pay attention towards providing informative content while building links. Further try to get links from domains which have a good name in the search engines and have been there from quite some time.

Use Feedburner for RSS services


Feedburner is turning out to be an excellent tool to build RSS for your blog or website.  Although , all wordpress blogs have a native or inbuilt RSS , but Feedburner gives you the power to customize your feeds to gain maximum profit from them.  All you need to do is to burn feed for your website using Feedburner . Here are some benefits of using Feedburner :-

  1. You can monetize your feeds using Google Adsense ads in between your feed items. Feedburner has been integrated with Google services which has given it tremendous boost in the form of utility. You can even signup for an account using your Google id.
  2. Feedburner provides you with complete stats and reports of your feeds . Visitors and subscribers are clearly indicated in the reports. A feature which is unavailable with wordpress’ inbuilt RSS.
  3. You can optimize and publicize your feeds easily. For example , you can add social bookmarking buttons within your feed items to help your visitors and readers spread your content easily.
  4. Your visitors can subscribe to your blog using dozens of readers available with Feedburner.
  5. Feedburner directly pings your updates using Pingshot. This is an excellent way to keep search engines updated about your feeds and website.

Use Yahoo Answers to gain more popularity


You can use Yahoo Answers to gain some popularity in the search engines. A huge number of people daily use Yahoo Answers to solve their issues and doubts on almost each and every topic. You can use this opportunity to build a good image online by answering to people and solving their doubts and issues . You can search for questions and fields related to your niche and provide valuable information in your answers. You can cleverly insert links back to your website in your answers such that it adds more value . In such a way you also gain backlinks to your site. But make sure that you do not spam. You gain points for answering. If you provide valuable and important information , you can soon gain some popularity and you can even get some subscribers for your website.  Never try to sell your business in your answers. Or you would be just lose on some important benefits.

Does a domain age matters in SEO

Evidences and experiences of a many successful internet marketers and website owners have shown that a domain age is given some importance by Google in its search results. “Old is gold ” proverb applies good in this case. The older your domain is , more are the chances of your website being ranked high by the Google. Thus , if you are going to pick a new domain , make sure it is at least two years old. Even if you are registering a new domain , register for at least two years of hosting plan.This gives a hint to search engines that you are not a spammer . If your domain is old enough and you have a lot of quality content on your website , then you will surely rank high in the search engines .

Things to remember while choosing a domain name

A domain name serves like the address of your website. Just like you need an address for your home , you need a domain name for your website. Thus , to make your blog or website successful , you need to pay a lot of attention towards your domain name. You must keep below things in mind while picking up a domain name for your business , blog or website.

1. Keyword rich domain :- Your domain name must contain the keywords related to the subject of  your blog or website . Never choose domain names which have nothing to do with the content of your website . Do a little bit of keyword research using Google Keyword Tool.

2. Choose suitable length domain :- Your domain name should neither be too short nor too long as it becomes difficult for your readers to remember your domain name. Hence you might lose on some important readers to your website. Also avoid choosing confusing domain names.

3. Prefer .com extension over the others :- Try and opt for a .com extension as it is the most typed and searched extension worldwide. If .com is not available , you may go for .org or .info. But your first preference should be .com extension.