Top 5 Articles on How to Write a Great Blog Post?


Blogging is just not limited to publishing a 500 words article everyday. Writing a blog post should not be like writing an essay for your school examination.

As a blogger, you would easily understand the efforts it takes to write a blog post which is useful, informative, interactive, rich in SEO and language quality and so much more. Your readers always expect you to write something which genuinely helps them to achieve their goals.

What are all the things and factors which need to be included in a blog post? How can you write a blog post which goes viral thus bringing in loads and loads of visitors for your blog? Is it even possible to write a great post on your blog everytime? Or is it just by chance that some big bloggers do this every-time they hit the publish button?

Well, to answer all of the above, I have collected some of the master pieces on this issue by some of the renowned experts and bloggers. Let’s take a look at them one by one. Do go through them and see if you can gain something from them.

Top 5 Articles on Writing a Great Blog Post

  1. 5.5 Tips to Write Amazing Blog Posts – Search Engine Journal :- Jane Sheeba wrote this article on…

Top 5 Earning Blogs in 2013


2013 has almost come to an end. Every blogger tried hard to make a fortune here on the internet. In 2012, I wrote about the highest earning websites for that year. Now it’s time that we discuss about which blogs or websites made it to the list of the highest earning websites in 2013.

But before I list them down, I would like to admit that the figures below are based on the data collected from various sources on the internet. These might not be the actual/correct/exact figures.

Top 5 Earning Websites of 2013

  1. Huffington Post :- The list seems to be pretty much same with Huffington Post still raking in the highest money…

Top 5 Articles – How to Create Your Social Media Strategy?


How do you intend to promote your blog or business through social media? Marketing through social media channels or tools has become an essential and crucial part of any business promotion these days.

In a time when everyone is taking advantage of Facebook, Twitter etc., it is important to develop a social media strategy of your own to compete and make your business stand out from the others. Social media marketing is a highly tedious work and can drain out most of your time and efforts if carried out without a proper strategy and technique.

I am no expert on social media and hence I decided to write down top 5 articles amongst the many best written on creating and boosting your social media strategy.

Top 5 Articles on Creating Your Social Media Strategy

  1. 7 Steps to Create a Social Media Strategy – Social Media Examiner :- This article, though written by Nick Shin long back in …

3 Important Features of WordPress 3.7 – Basie

wordpress 3.7

Its been almost a week since WordPress 3.7, also named as Basie has been launched for millions of bloggers using WordPress as CMS. Let’s take a look on what WordPress offered with this update.

3 Features of WordPress 3.7 You Must Know

  1. Automatic Updates :- This one feature is being the most debated in the past week. After WordPress 3.7, you don’t need to update your WordPress versions manually. Just in case you have not paid attention, your WordPress version has already been updated to 3.7.1 automatically. While some have applauded WordPress for taking away the hassle of keeping WordPress up to date…

How to Leverage Browser Caching For Your WordPress Blog


Ever heard about what browser caching is?

Let me explain it to you. Browser caching is a technique to load your blog’s pages faster. In simple words, this definition is apt.

Now let us take a look on how we can use it to make our WordPress blog load faster. Though, we can use this to make any blog or site load faster, we will concentrate completely on the WordPress blogs here.

Here is what exactly happens when you visit a site on your browser. Your browser has to load a lot of things like logo, css, JavaScript, images and many other things. Moreover, a lot of things remain…