Oscillators in Forex Trends

A good Forex trader looks for Forex market trends before placing a trade. There are several tools available that can help the Forex trader ‘understand’ these trends. An oscillator is one such tool.

An oscillator is a technical analysis indicator that is banded between two extreme values.   Oscillators can be employed in different ways and for varied purposes.

Oscillators are primarily used as leading indicators…

4 Benefits of Having a Website For Your Company

With change and constant improvisation in technology, companies and businesses are changing their ways of communicating with their clients and customers. As more and more customers are now turning up to the internet to search for the companies and shopping, it has now become essential  for any company to have a website for their business. […]

5 Reasons Why You Will Fail in Affiliate Marketing


I started with affiliate marketing a couple of years back. I still consider myself as a beginner as there is lot yet to be learned and practiced. My path of affiliate marketing has seen many ups and downs. When I started, I just wanted to kick-start with lots of traffic and lots of commissions.

That did happen partially but it took me about six months to make my first sale and earn my first commission. That sale I earned was from promotion of Standard Theme 3 which unfortunately now has been terminated by its designers. After that it was 2-3 sales per week.

During this journey of mine, I learned lots of Do’s and Don’t s and I am going to share with you some of the never do mistakes which might be the reason for your failure in affiliate marketing.

 5 Things Which Lead You to Failure in Affiliate Marketing

  • You Only Sell and Promote :- If you make your blog a TV advertisement rather than helping out people, it is very rare that you will ever make a…

3 Mistakes I did With My Blog in 2013


Everyone commits mistakes. So did I. Not so serious or heinous ones. But there were some crucial things or actions needed to be taken on my part which I certainly missed on. As 2013 is wrapping up and we are at the verge of a new start in the very new year, I thought it would be the perfect time to recall those mistakes for the last time and try to improvise on them in the 2014.

So let’s begin with the 3 most deadly mistakes I made which proved out to be deteriorating for my blog.

3 Blogging Mistakes Committed by Me in 2013

  1. Less Publishing, Less Content :- What you give is what you take. Somehow, I couldn’t manage to publish regular content to my blog. Ultimately, it resulted in only 10-15 blog posts per month whereas the number should have been between…

Key Elements For Search Engine Optimization

You will need a method to promote your website to the search engines as well as to visitors. You will need a course of action according to a few key elements, which should be considered wisely prior to taking any additional steps.

The Website’s Goals

What exactly are your objectives for the web-site? These objectives will generally detail the website’s goals. When it comes to commercial websites, the diverse objective is direct – to market plenty of goods and/or solutions in order to become profitable.

Nevertheless, you may also wish to inform, inspire, convince and notify along with, or in place of, attempting to sell. An evaluation of your website’s desired goals is the perfect place to begin the creation of your plan of action. When you…