Add Class to Your Blog Using Tumblr Themes

Tumblr has become quite an attraction. Some say that soon there may be more people googling the word “Tumblr” than the word “blog.” The very language of content creation and curation has changed direction thanks to the tremendous growth of Tumblr.

Whether you’re just now getting started on the platform or only looking to give your site a fresh new look, these 12 free themes show off what Tumblr’s design community is about.

1. Watercolor

You can splash some color over your header with this modern design. The hint of paper texture does wonders underneath your content.

2. Block Digital

This theme is thick black lines on white that boldifys anything you like.

3. Boston Polaroid

If you have some hi-res photos to show off, this theme will hang your masterpieces on a nice wide canvas.

4. Color Shades

If you want to use a canvas that’s not just a white space, try this fun scroller. It will allow you to pick a color palette from an interesting widget that floats.

5. iPad Interface

Your readers will get an interactive experience using this…

Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

Thanks to technology, telecommuting or working from home is now possible. Having a job while staying at home is now a reality, something most people only dreamt of before. With the numerous earn-fast schemes online, many of these admittedly might be scams or hoaxes.

However, there are numerous legitimate ways to make money online these days aside from these scams. Below are just some of them.

 Affiliate Marketing

This is a business in which you direct people to websites for which you will get paid in return. Some sites will pay you for every visitor you send who buys their product or service whereas others will pay just for sending them visitors. A popular affiliate marketing program is Amazon.
Being an Amazon affiliate marketer you may either send direct visitors to the Amazon or create a shopping section or a store on your site or blog and easily earn money online. In any case Amazon takes care of your visitors and provides high conversion rate and great commission.

 Freelance Writing

If you have the knack of writing then you could earn money by writing on specific topics. The simplest options are to write articles or reviews. You could also become a copy editor if you have a good grip on the language. Writing an e-book on any subject that you are knowledgeable on is also a very good option. This requires more effort but it can also get you a lot of revenue.

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Blogging is like combining affiliate marketing and freelance writing and multiplying it ten times. With blogging, you get to…

3 Tricks For Better PowerPoint Presentations

If you really think you have dominated this world in making excellent PowerPoint Presentations, its great of your expertise! But there is always space for further improvement. Below are “The Three Tips & Tricks” which if you follow, you will find your audience relishing your presentation.

  1. Lay Off The ImagesExcess of everything is bad and boring. Just as too much of text can make your presentation doleful, too much of images can also ruin your presentation. The real fact is that our eyes are trained to move swiftly and lightly from one picture to another. So filling your presentation with excessive images, graphics, charts and animations can overexcite your audience.
  2. Research Color PsychologyWhile delivering a PowerPoint Presentation, one can’t just ignore the font colors and background colors used by him/her as they form the base of your presentation. As you may see in…

Generate Income By Commenting on WordPress Money Blog


Just like Get Paid to Write For Us Program, we are now starting a much more efficient, better and quick way to generate some money or income online using WordPress Money Blog.

In this program, all you have to do is to share your views and opinions on the already written articles or posts on this blog and you will be paid for every valuable comment you make.

Who Can Participate and Make Money From This Program?

  1. Everyone!!!
  2. You need not have a blog or website to participate.
  3. You need to have a good hold over written english.
  4. Everyone who is willing to give a valuable opinion and share his/her thoughts/views can participate and make some money using this program.

Okay, So What Are the Rules?

  1. The first and the foremost requirement, you must have a Gravatar for yourself. We need to know who has commented and who we need to pay to. Use this link to get a Gravatar in five minutes if you don’t have one yet.
  2. You must read the post/article thoroughly before commenting.
  3. Your comment must be related to the subject/theme/content of the article. It must add value to the discussion or state…

Is WordPress Suitable For Live-Blogging?

For good and for bad, immediacy is an essential component of successful online publishing. To engage attention, publishers have to capture the wave of a trending topic before it peaks. Traditional blogs aren’t well suited to covering events as they happen. Blogging is an after-the-fact medium. Blogs are an exceptional platform for analysis, news reporting, and other writing, but they are not ideal for immediacy and the real-time reporting that drives traffic to social media networks like Twitter.

Why not just use Twitter or Google+ instead of trying to fit a round peg into a square hole? For the same reason publishers like The Verge prefer to live-blog events rather than tweet about them. You own your blogging platform. You control how it looks, the content that is published on it, and how traffic is monetized. If you use someone else’s platform, you’re driving traffic to their advertising…