Post Excerpts or Full Posts in Your Blog?

Blog design is really important for your blog to be successful and to keep your visitors engaged with your blog. Displaying full posts or post excerpts on the homepage and everywhere else has been a matter of issue for many years. But now most bloggers are going with the latter option. Displaying post excerpts rather than full posts is definitely advantageous for many reasons.

Ever wondered why the homepage of a newspaper displays post excerpts instead of full news stories? They do so because they want to keep their readers interested and want them to look for more and more information in the newspaper. The same goes with your blog. I will explain it in detail.

5 Reasons to Use Post Excerpts

  • Less Scrolling :- I must admit that a lot of people and even myself hate scrolling down and down searching for the information I am looking for. If you are displaying full posts on your blog, your readers will need to scroll a lot in order to get a complete view of your blog. And chances are high that they may quit your blog.
  • Homepage is the Landing Page :- The homepage of your blog is the landing page of your blog. Displaying full posts on your blog will reduce the number of posts that you can display on the page resulting in less content on the landing page which can have adverse effects on your rankings. Post excerpts enable you to display more and more posts on your blog since you need to scroll less. Your landing page should have as much content as possible.
  • Duplicate Content Issue :- According to Google and various search engines, the full content of your posts should be found at exactly one place, which is at your post’s page. If you are displaying full posts on your homepage, then your post’s content is found at two places which can trigger duplicate content issues for your blog and you can be penalized by the search engines. Hence, from the SEO point of view, you must go for post excerpts instead of full posts.
  • Blog Engagement :- Post Excerpts make your readers visit more and more pages of your blog for complete information. Post excerpts are like teasers for them. Hence it helps them to remain engaged with your blog which is really important if you want to make money online from your blog.
  • Decreased Load Time :- Smaller the page size, faster it will load. Displaying full posts increases the page size to a very large extent putting extra and unnecessary load on your server, increasing the load time of your blog. Hence full posts should be avoided.

These are the reasons why I switched from full posts to post excerpts for this blog. Not only on homepage, but on archives, categories, infact everywhere on this blog. This blogging tip can really help you to improve your blog design.


  1. says

    I agree. But i guess it depends on the template you are using. Like what i am using with my blog. I wanted my post to be an excerpt only. Any idea about it?

  2. says

    Hi Bilal,

    If your template has inbuilt feature for post excerpt, then there is no problem at all. If not, then you can use plugin like thumbnail for excerpt to display post excerpt everywhere in your blog which is highly recommended.

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