SEO – A One Time Game or A Continuous Process?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization requires you to continuously put some work into your site even after the site has been optimized once for search engines. SEO is not like plug and play where you can just optimize your site once and leave it forever expecting it will keep growing in the search results. Big names in the SEO industry like Brent Franson say that bloggers and webmasters have a tendency to think that once a site has been search engine optimized, there nothing left over to do. They assume that the search engine optimization techniques which they used like adding web content, backlink building, keyword research etc. would be yielding the same results and benefits even after two or three years, let alone months.

But this is a completely false assumption according to me. The actual power of SEO relies upon its constant use. The consistent and repeated use of SEO is essential to bring a website to the top of the search results. You can get a website to rise a few places in a day’s work. But if you want to see the consistent rise in search engine traffic and rankings, it could take months of SEO and hard work. Even after achieving top rankings, you cannot just neglect and stop optimizing. To keep those rankings, you need to sustain the SEO on your website on a regular basis.

While there are plenty of reasons for this, one of the main reasons is that major search engines care about the freshness of the content that is put up. They want to direct people to sites that have brand-new material and are on the forefront of an industry. On top of that, search engines want to find active sites because that shows other people are going to those sites and using them, and the most active sites often provide the best Intenet-based communities for people to join. Because that is the goal, you can see why sites that have fresh content updated on a regular basis are going to rank higher than sites with old information and old pages that may not have been updated in months or even years.

The effect of SEO is also cumulative, and you have to keep in mind that other people are constantly working at it every day. If you want to keep up or stay ahead of them, you have to keep working in the same manner.

For example, let’s say that you put up 100 posts on your blog or website as part of your SEO campaign. You will notice a rise in your search engine rankings and traffic as your website will start to rise in the search results. But let’s say that you stop adding content after that for an year so just assuming that your rankings and traffic would be preserved. In that case, a blogger adding even 10 posts per month would get past you in the year and would replace you in the search results. This is of course assuming that his posts are atleast of the same quality as yours. In fact, anyone producing fresh and high quality content would get past you easily in the search results and you will lose everything you worked for. Hence, to get the best and long term benefits, your SEO campaign should be consistently monitored and improved.

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  1. Hi Vineet,

    There are many things required for better SEO of your blog.

    Many beginners think that after doing SEO for their once they don’t need to do further. You all know that Google algorithm keep changing and bloggers should optimize their blog according to the policies.

    SEO is not just to do once and then keep calm. You need to maintain i regularly.

    Great post.


    1. Hello Ravi,

      You are truly right, most of new blogger think. They don’t need for further work. once they done some work.

      But I have an example of my self. in beginning , I worked day and night and even I got very good result but day by day I didn’t work a lot. When Google panda 4.1 update. My traffic decreased 50% but now I am working on SEO day and night to recover my traffic.

  2. Hi Vineet,

    There are many things required for better SEO of your blog.

    Many beginners think that after doing SEO for their once they don’t need to do further. You all know that Google algorithm keep changing and bloggers should optimize their blog according to the policies.

    SEO is not just to do once and then keep calm. You need to maintain i regularly.

    Great post.


  3. Hi Vineet,

    There are many things required for better SEO of your blog.

    Many beginners think that after doing SEO for their once they don’t need to do further. You all know that Google algorithm keep changing and bloggers should optimize their blog according to the policies.

    SEO is not just to do once and then keep calm. You need to maintain i regularly.

    Great post.


  4. Hello Vineet,

    Sorry been sick lately, and just seemed to get really bad last and almost better. On the concern of SEO a lot people think this is just a one stop solution and it’s over. Unless you a good team of building your site that knows something about SEO.

    Most of us bloggers is one person show so this a consistent basis of building SEO and finding out what is working and what is not. If, your high in the search now, and still want to remain we all need to continue with our efforts with SEO.

    Good post bro.

    Paul S.

  5. Hi Vineet,

    You are raised a good topic. when most of newbie get some traffic they think that the work is over. Now the time is make money, Work is finished. It is not truth. SEO is no doubt a longest process. without proper seo we can not manage our blog.

    Any way thanks for sharing such great topic.
    Areesha Noor!

  6. Hi Vineet,

    I fully agree with you.With big brother Google changing its algorithms every now and then and also changing the parameters it uses to rank a website, regular work on it is definitely a must.

    SEO is not a child’s play..

  7. Yes, it definitely isn’t a one time game, you need to have freshness, for example because of Christmas approaching, I recently published a post about Holliday Greetings, Gift Cards, Greeting Cards & Gift Ideas to provide new and newsworthy info. (also a banner with a Christmas feel to it)

    Also for the ‘between posts time’ it’s worth to frequently visit my blog because, among other things, there is plenty to read, also posts in the archieve that you can easily discover with the search box. writing tips and recently also added Fun Word Games. Feel free to have a look!

  8. SEO is a continuous process and for this I dont think anyone need second opinion. If a blogger think that his blog can survive without SEO than either he already have millions of subscribers or either he is just dreaming.

  9. A little off subject but figure someone on here might know the answer. How to create different pages to make different blog pages..

    Paul Savola

  10. SEO is a long process and takes a lot dedication and now that social signals come into play it’s even more time consuming regarding social signals.

    SEO silo pages, back linking through the things you will need to put things into play to make things work. I have seen result in two weeks though doing silo pages and passing link juice through some of my pages..

    Good links over bad links and find keywords that no one else is really looking to rank for, so you can get that traffic. Your blog is pointless if no one is looking at what you got..

    Good Share!

  11. SEO is a concept which requires continuous action until and unless we have strong competition. In blogging world it is a long process. If anyone is getting hundreds of hits without SEO that means he or she is either have better email subscriber’s support or any other referral sources. By the way nice post, keep it up and write great topics like this.

  12. Hi,

    On the concern of SEO a lot people think this is just a one stop solution and it’s over. Unless you a good team of building your site that knows something about SEO.


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    67. I remembering watching the landing so well. Like all the other stellar (and some not so stellar) moments that we watched it stuck in my memory. (and it makes me feel old too!)Thanks Doug, for the reminder of the man and the gifts he gave us as a nation.

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    69. Orlando,Do not forget that this is a cultural war. They (the left) will retaliate and the demographic bomb is closer to explode each passing second. If you cannot expell them then make a stand in immigration, with europe turning into eurabia it's time to the swiss to ban ALL immigration.

    70. WOW Matt – you actually had a CrossPad? I sure remember that piece of hardware. Not that I bought one or anything. I did have a Compaq iPaq back then though. Running AvantGo. I also was among the first to own the original PC. I remember the day I added the 20MB hard drive, purchased at 47th Street Photo in NYC. What a day that was! It all somehow seems so…primitive now.Tony

    71. CPC has nothing to do with boko haram. If it does, then GEJ’s government is irresponsible for not bringing the full wrath of the law to bear on it. On the contrary, we have a number of PDP political office holders currently standing trials for bokoharamistic related charges. Stop being sentimental by calling CPC bokoharamistic party.

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    76. Virginia Sunahara is the perfect persons BC number to steal. Only limited copies were ever made or needed. Mom probably had one copy and that's it. Never used to apply for SSN or passport or to go to school. They could not risk stealing a 10 year old kids number because it would have already been used various times.

    77. OMGosh!! I can’t believe the amazing experience you two are having!! Tina, I’m overwhelmed by the amazing opportunities to learn and love that you have in your life – you manifested this, didn’t you??!! Chris, thanks for taking care of my sis, what you guys are doing, that’s all you take with you!!!!! Keep being safe and laughing and loving and learning, and keep the pictures coming!!! What a gift! Love to you both!The little sister

    78. if you want to keep blogging but feel this space is finished, perhaps start a new one?? ive missed your blogging, and loved reading about your NYC adventures – even if they seem mundane for you – they’re not for me.

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    82. I freely admit my ignorance of politics but have recognized it is the way to fight peacably against things I feel strongly about. I've seen Newt in a couple Q & A sessions and he is the only candidate that gives smart, factual answers instead of politi-speak. Is there some dirt on him that I'm unaware of?

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    3. Si el paquete diario de Camel y otros excesos tóxicos de juventud no lo impiden, quizás llegue a abuelo…nosequién dijo que todos llevamos un viejo a cuestas, y ese principio básico de solidaridad hace que ni nos planteemos la posibilidad de la residencia de ancianos ni para padres ni para suegros, y creo, que mi hija, y los que puedan venir, agradecerán esa convivencia “abuelera” que es de lo mejor que puede pasarle a uno en la vida.Un abrazo muy grande.

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    8. I will have more on this tomorrow, but my initial thoughts is that I am thrilled with the hire. Nashville would have been hard pressed to find anyone to fill the skates of Lane Lambert in Milwaukee, yet David Poile and Paul Fenton managed to do so with this hire. Kirk Muller comes with all sorts of pedigree and a resume second to none in the AHL.I do find it interesting that Muller’s never been to Milwaukee. With the exception of similar snow patterns, I think he might find it to be a SLIGHT change of pace from he previous digs in Montreal.

    9. I have used both an iPhone and iPad. Would recommend an iPad because the visual is larger and better to see each level. I still have the SD version of the AB games on the iPhone and seeing the detail of a level is difficult. With the iPad the HD versions of the AB games are presented and the visual detail is 100% better.

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    16. For the most part, I found VP Biden completely unlikeable during the debates. He bordered on the verge of disrespectful and pompous. On content the candidates were pretty equal. I find that Ryan pulled ahead on decorum. Also, I felt that Martha Raddatz catered to Biden throughout the evening. I also found this annoying.

    17. Juste une remarque, quand vous lisez Le Monde ou Le Figaro vous savez qui écrit et vous connaissez plus ou moins l’orientation politique. Sur Wikipédia on pousse le mensonge jusqu’à prétendre que les points de vue sont « neutres », peut-on imaginer plus grave escroquerie intellectuelle ?

    18. Myöhästyneet onnittelut! Siunausta uudelle (ikä)vuodelle! Onko marraskuun lopulla syntynyt syksyn vai talven lapsi?, kysyy syksyn lapsi. Imelletty perunalaatikko on suosikkini, samoin rosolli ja lipeäkala. Ne riittäisivät minun joulupöytääni 🙂

    19. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You know, I’ve never made arancini with anything other than risotto rice but I have seen recipes using other rice, including brown rice. I think as long as the egg is in to bind, and that you cill the formed balls all will be fine. Let me know if you make it Shannon.

    20. IP has meant intellectual property for far longer than it has meant internet protocol … and the minister for digital engagement has nothing to do with technology directly anyway, he’s all about drafting policy to lead the public into the use of online services (Tax, liscencing etc).As of now, there is no ‘Minister for IT’ my job would be a shit tonne easier if there were, and you could be sure that she or he would know what an IP address was!

    21. i keep coming back to read about your toddler – i can understand it can be terribly exasperating beyond a point though.RC: Thank you very much Lakshmi. All your comments mean so much to me. I agree, sometimes it is, but then there are days when their innocence, carefree life makes you want to go back to childhood days again.

    22. I’m Homesick Now for the Ozarks …. So Beautiful and so glad your there to learn all the ins and outs of having a garden so you can pass it on .. Love the water trough garden .. and your use of the chalkboard paint ..such perfection ! Those little raccoons got into our barn when we were living there and took the lid off of the grain container that was for feeding our horses .. They are smart little critters !Happy 4th .. from Sara and Abbey !

    23. I do notice picture quality is much better with Blu Ray if you’ve invested in the right screen. However, a lot of people use DVDs for data storage and not just entertainment. I think Blu Ray will beat DVDs in the entertainment field but flash drives will beat DVDs in the personal data storage/transfer arena. I’m pretty sure software companies will stick with DVDs for a long while because their so much cheaper than Blu Rays and pretty well everyone has the needed hardware.

    24. When I was in high school, we were doing a play (don’t remember which one) but I was cast as a Texas character with three lines. I was booted because I spoke just like Cameron does in that trailer.

    25. I would love to win the blanket with the yellow trim because I absolutely love every bit of it and it goes with my nursery perfectly! You are so talented and have such great style. I am having a little girl in over a month and am in need of your style in her nursery! Everything about the blanket is to die for and it would make my year to be chosen to win your blanket. Thanks for your talent!

    26. echt jetzt du hattest mich schon verlinkt? ich bekomme aber auch gar nichts mehr mit xD als ich das letzte mal gefragt hatte, hattest du mir soweit ich weiß nicht geantwortet drauf, deshalb hab ich dich nicht verlinktaber dann werde ich dich selbstverstänlich sofort verlinken =) danke ich freue mich ;)lg steffi

    27. Buenos días Rafa, La canción de Sisa “Oh ! Benvinguts ! Passeu, passeu,de les tristors en farem fum.Que casa meva és casa vostrasi és que hi ha … cases d´algú”.Es toda una filosofia de lo que es tu Blog Rafa, tu casa es nuestra casa y así lo sentimos los que te visitamos…Un beso muy cariñoso!PD: me gusta Sisa, mucho, es y aqui viene mi palabra favorita” Entrañable” Y gracias por Astérix!!

    28. sono un seguace della Prima Trilogia. La seconda non l’ho nemmeno vista tutta…@ Arthur:SGS, Chelab, Chemilab, Universita’ di Padova (dipartimento di Chimica), ARPAV, Vesta (ora Veritas).Cosi’ al volo. Basta pagare.SalutiMichele “il chimico” Hanmar

    29. that Rudd was unfit because he’s already damaged Australia’s relations with key nationsHeh. Land wars in Asia started:Downer as Foreign Minister: 2Rudd as Prime Minister: 0…I’m speculating Macklin down, Combet up, Ellis out, Roxon sideways. [Whistles the Hokey-Pokey]

    30. Dedu pliusÄ…, visiems kitiems, žemiau esantiems postams, irgi. +AčiÅ«. Daug skaniai patiektos naudingos info.Tikrai bent Å¡i savaitÄ— – ideali bÄ—gimui. Vakare risnojau Ąžuolynu, Å¡irdis krykÅ¡tavo .., ir pamačiau prabangaus sportklubio antrame aukÅ¡te kankinius ant bÄ—gtakio palei langÄ…. Už kÄ… jie ten 🙁 …

    31. I don’t comment, but I read a ton of responses here Hood Talk. I do have some questions for you if it’s allright. Is it only me or do a few of the responses come across as if they are written by brain dead people? And, if you are writing on other online social sites, I would like to follow anything new you have to post. Would you list of every one of all your social pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

    32. 4efఎంతో మంది స్వాతంత్ర్య సమర యోధులు, దేవుళ్ళు ఎన్నో కార్టూన్ లలో, ఎన్నో వ్యాసాలలో అవహేళనకు గురి అయ్యారు. ఆ విషయాన్ని వ్యతిరేకిస్తే మూఢ భక్తి అంటారు. చలం, బుచ్చిబాబు నా లాంటి ఎంతో మందికి నచ్చక పోవచ్చు. అది కొంతమంది ఎగతాళి గా విమర్శిస్తారు. దానికి ఇంత వ్యతిరేకతా! మరీ విడ్డూరంగా ఉంది. ఎవరి శైలి వాళ్ళది. ఎవరి ధోరణి వాళ్ళది. ఇంతటితో ఈ అనవసర చర్చ ఆపితే బావుంటుంది.

    33. Vielen Dank an alle Jury-Mitglieder für die Arbeit – nicht nur für das Lesen und Bewerten von einer satten halben Million Zeichen, sondern auch dafür, dass ihr in den letzten Wochen so einige E-Mail-Anfragen allein von meiner Seite immer schnell und nett beantwortet habt. Ich freue mich auf die Einsendungen des Wettbewerbs und auf nächsten Mittwoch, auch ohne Zeremonie auf der Dreieich !

    34. خیر شما به هر دلیل از کشور خارج شوید برای علت رفتن خود را به قصد دانشجویی که یا توریستی اگر بیش ار سه ماه باشد به کبک باید اعلام کنید در غیر این صورت در مرحله مدیکال با مشکل مواجه می شوید شما باید تغییر پاسپورت خود را به اطلاع کانادا برسانید با کانادا صادق باشید که در پرونده شما مشکلی ایجاد نشود

    35. Linds Posted on my only thought on the color schmee is Jesus loves His enemies? swell pics, bro very swell. (ps- you should feel special. your blog is pretty much the only one i ever check regularly.)

    36. A napadlo vás někdy, proč a odkdy jsou na Univerzitách zkoušky ? Jestli to už není samo o sobě pochybné. Ještě v 50-60.letech, kdy nebyla akademická obec bezejmná masa , se vůbec na humanitní škole nezkoušelo ašpatní studenti vypadávali tak, že je profesor nepozval do rodiny a do dalšího studia hbez profesora jít nemohl.Dnes masovost pouze doplňujeme o stádnost a tím tu stupiditu umocňujeme. Jiří Princ

    37. Well done on the clearing, hope you make lots of money at the boot sale – how I would love to come across your stall at a boot sale! Your home looks amazing, would love to come and play dressing up one day.Would love to see more pictures of the bedrooms and kitchen, since you're asking x

    38. Motor skills, hand eye coordinationI however now prefer the WII, and I only by games that involve movement.Bowling,, I actually pulled a muscle! Then I read the enclosed pamphlet.( just wanted to see what other games were on it)seriously ! May cause dizziness, motion sickness.My favorite one, If you should be come sore during the game or have tenderness in an area, STOP PLAYING and relax for 15-20 minutesI bought the WII fit,,,,I was sore for 3 days after 1 work out!

    39. Io apprezzo. E aspetto il seguito!Parlando di ristoranti (divago come qualcun altro, qui…) ieri ho mangiato per la prima volta al Vapensiero in via palestro ,specialità liguri. Buona la focaccia al formaggio, buona la farinata (“Liscia”), buoni i testaroli e le trofie al pesto. Favoloso il tiramisu.Da provare, secondo me!

    40. Posting comments on youtube videos has always been an iffy procedure but now with the so called new improvments its down right spam central. the (post) button doest respond so you click, click, click..eventually finding that you have posted numorous times the same comment… nice going youtube. oh captions? lol

    41. a party all around. One of my favorite fashion trends right now is the high-low trend, as seen in my outfit post earlier this week (woops, twice in one week. Oh well!). I couldn’t help but pull out my new

    42. My best gift was a monogram frame I made for friends and family Christmas gifts last year. I found beautiful 3 1/2 inch silver wire initial with crystal beads and framed them in a black frame and added the persons’ last name at the bottom in an elegant font. My brother-in-law was speachless. Everyone wondered where I had bought them.

    43. p.s. CW better not cancel The Game, urg, at least finish up the season, I saw clips of what’s coming and it was juicy. Derwin kissing Janae while Melanie saw. There are not many black shows on tv, don’t cancel one I really like PLEASE!!!!!

    44. The key is to be able to generate multiple source of income without having to put too much time and effort into each streams. It would best if certain income streams are more passive..-=´s last blog .. =-.

    45. heather the idea of them is great but the after taste is not. i think it’s safer to just let the .001% of the population that can pull them off do so… i will not be harem panting this fall, i feel like i would look like i was wearing a wet diaper [read: not cute]

    46. ¿Y a quién mejor poner?¿A un honrado?¿A un decente?¿A un honesto?Rafa,que eso ya no se lleva,que nos hemos quedado obsoletos,que este mundo es de y para los sinvergüenzas.Por la Mancha hemos tenido al electricista Bárcenas,actual presidente de la CEPYME y miembro de la CEOE,y a este "emprendedor"le han ido las cosas de primera,con la complicidad de los que se reclaman de izquierdas.¡Buen día!

    47. “Visst sätter vi gärna pÃ¥ sÃ¥dana slampor för att dem är sÃ¥ jävla enkla och billiga, men sedan kastar vi dom snabbt i papperskorgen.”jadu jakob. lÃ¥ter utifrÃ¥n den meningen som att du gärna knullar runt en hel del. vill bara upplysa dig om att vi tjejer inte uppskattar sÃ¥dant slampigt beteende hos killar. inget vi skulle kalla pojkvänsmaterial.sÃ¥ du kanske borde tänka pÃ¥ det innan du gÃ¥r och skaffar dig en stämpel, kära du.

    48. The August 29th WSJ Health section by Sarah Rubenstein highlights a number of combo drugs being marketed as a way to preserve patent protection for now, or soon to be, generic drugs. Mentioned in this article is NitroMed’s Bidil.The follow on text states “…has met stiff resistance because the combination is much more expensive with little evidence of improved benefit.”One point of the article is that these medications have less to do with moving science forward than preserving market share and driving sales.Steve Lucas

    49. Have to watch “It’s A Wonderful Life”! And then “Miracle on 34th Street”. The old one, with Maureen O’Hara and Natalie Wood, of course! Feeding a small crowd of 12 this year, so keeping the menu pretty simple and basic. Adding chocolate cream pie, becasue that is what I like, and the cook dictates the menu. Happy Thanksgiving!

    50. Well as a lay man, what I understand is that the carbon in the air does not let sunlight escape once it enters the atmosphere. So, because carbon holds on to sunlight, it increases the atmospheric temperature. At the same time too much carbon blocks sunlight, and so it brings about a dimming phenomena.

    51. This is spot-on and inspired my new icon. :DOH FUCK DID JACOB JUST IMPRINT ON THE NEWBORN DEATH BABY? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I JUST WHAT THE FUCK HOLY GODDAMN HELL. My thoughts exactly. I couldn’t say it out loud since I was gagging too much.

    52. "You always get it wrong, don't you? What about those who have no families, dipshit?"If you are determined to be this bitter, there's nothing I can do to stop you. "FYI: Christmas is about giving. Your comment is very inappropriate and very selfish, which proves you know nothing of the Spirit."Given the above italicized, I doubt you know anything about the Spirit, either. Go ahead and toss another one of your profanity-laced responses. That's pretty much all you can do.

    53. Why is ANYONE surprised that the ant and the grasshopper is coming true AGAIN.The evils of free money will be solved by more free money.And remember the old investor’s advice- buy on the rumor, sell on the news.Word verification, no kidding- YAKLIE

    54. Dear Stephen, I thought as the leader of the AMP you should see what just surfaced on Facebook. Hoping the TEAM had a fantastic day. Ain't no mountain high enoughI admire life coach Stephen McGhee for doing this daring climb to wake people up to the role of the beauty of physical exercise-the fun of it. It's open to everybody. It's amazing.. There is a full article and a great picture of you on Facebook. Be blessed- Was this answer helpful?

    55. I'm not too sure about the "inevitable Muzzie victory thingy".What % of the population is even aware of the problem in any real sense? Waaaaay less than half would be my guess.When push comes to shove–Europe has a loooong history of loooong bayonets under its belt.The status quo won't be quo much longer, IMHO.Flintlock

    56. Bibina dit :Je ne pense pas que l’orthodontiste que je voyais quand j’avais 11-12 ans exerce toujours, sinon je t’aurais donné ses coordonnées : un rendez-vous avec lui et le soir même j’avais arrêté de sucer mon pouce …Ma mère se souvient encore de l’engueulade que j’avais eu mais au moins, ça avait été radical !!!

    57. in my first comment to Kate (above), I was hoping this post wouldn’t be taken as mean — it wasn’t meant that way — but I realized when I was writing this post that it was a little borderline, and there was potential for offense. So I’m sorry if this joke goes a little too far.And you’re right that I don’t know you. But there’s a way to remedy that, even if we’ve gotten started on the wrong foot. ;^)

    58. Happy Japanniversary! Your post makes me remember mine fondly, and I love the way you summed up the stages with regards to the robot. That “mastery phase” is beautiful when you realise you’ve got there, isn’t it?Good luck with the roller skating! 😉

    59. memang teleconference bisa menyingkat waktu…tapi kadang kita bukannya ingin menyetop waktu yang terasa sudah semakin cepat ini? Apalagi jika kita memikirkan hikmah dari perjalanan yang bisa mempertemukan kita dengan keindahan pemadangan dan unsur manudianya…Foto yang diambil dari HP saja sudah bagus, apalagi kalau pakai kamera Yoga.EMYoga:Selama masih bisa teleconference, pasti akan dilakukan. Masalahnya seperti yang mbak ucapkan itu ##Thanks Mbak Imel.

    60. Quero saber de fato o resultado da cnh popular,pois segundo assuntos da página detran-PE estaria previsto para agora dia 10.03.11; Desculpa minha audâcia pois estou muito âncioso,pois o tempo nao parar as nessecidades aumentão e o futuro nos espera. Agradecimentos ao excelentíssimo Governador que venha ter uma próspera atuacão governamentar pois é assim que o povo quer é assim que o povo gosta!!

    61. Gratuliere !! Das Gefühl kann ich gut nachvollziehen, welches Du dabei gebabt haben musst. Man sieht es und glaubt es kaum; ‘ ist das wirklich mein Hund… ‘ ?Ich hatte mich gerade in Euren Tag ‘hinein geträumt’ und schwupp war der Kurzfilm vorbei Hm… Wäre das wohl auch was für Toni ?

    62. That car addiction thing is a tough one. I have heard people talking about renting cars when needed instead of keeping one full time & that seems like a decent plan. Advocates say it saves money. Aside from purchase & maintenance cost v rental costs, I know I don’t spend as much money on just junk since stopping driving. Having that car just made it that much easier to drive across town for anything. If you have to make an effort, what you buy gets some more serious consideration.

    63. TBS,they're self-destructive as a collective force within a nation, because in the long run they end up destroying their own base of powerfor example does the EU elite really think they're going to be running Europe when it's Muslimfor now they're doing well for themselves, but their course is ultimately self-destructive

    64. I’ve wanted a Speed Triple since… Well since forever. In my mind it’s the most beautiful bike ever made. The new headlights are totally lame. Thankfully, there’s not too much bodywork on this thing, and I’ll bet 20 bucks the old ones will bolt right up.After I realized that, I calmed down and realized that I can have my cake (less weight, more power) and eat it too (tasty round lights). The plastic at the front of the tank kinda sucks, but it’s certainly doesn’t kill it for me.I can’t wait to see photos of the whole bike.

    65. Rock / Tudo depende do que interiormente motiva o sorriso.A sorrisos motivados por maldade , ironia, ira (tipo bem feito), inveja ( a atriz mais hábil), orgulho (etimologicamente conceito exagerado que alguem faz de si próprio), complacência com o delito (nosso ou de outros, ex:filhos),etc.Sorrisos estes que podem amargar a vida de alguem. Ma há sorriso franco, sincero, simpatico (sentir com), alegre, bondoso, amoroso (ops! desculpem a palavra tão pouco em moda), que iluminam a vida de quem o recebe, ainda que não se perceba.Gostei deste comentário ou não: 4

    66. kursad / Katkınız için çok teşekkürler, Bu yazıda çok eksik araç var, sizin yaptığınız gibi eklemeler ile hepsini tamamlarız Hatta daha geniş bir yazı yazıp yollarsanız keyifle yayınlarım.Saygılar