16 Reasons Why SEO PowerSuite is the best SEO Software- A Detailed Review in 2,500 Words

SEO PowerSuite - The Best SEO Software in SEO Industry

There are thousands and thousands of SEO software available on the internet. I am going to discuss why SEO PowerSuite is and will remain unmatched in providing SEO services.

But wait. What exactly is an SEO software and what is it that it does?

An SEO software is a software which helps your website to rank higher in search engines to bring more organic traffic to your site. It results in more targeted traffic and thus more sales and profits. Any SEO software makes use of latest search engine optimization techniques to make your website rank higher. Keyword research, competition analysis and site audit are some common features of any SEO software.

Now that we know about the features of an SEO software, let’s throw some lime light on the features of SEO PowerSuite.

First I will discuss what SEO PowerSuite consists of and then I will give you 16 reasons why SEO PowerSuite is unmatched in industry of SEO.

What is SEO PowerSuite?

If you hate to read, then watch this short 3-minute video explaining what exactly is SEO PowerSuite.

SEO PowerSuite is a complete and powerful search engine optimization software which helps you to

  • optimize your site for 325 search engines.
  • build back-links with highly credible websites so as to gain high quality link juice.
  • analyze your competitors’ strategies and outsmart them to gain top rankings in the search engines for your keywords.
  • research keywords which will get you on top of the charts in Google search results.
  • bring more organic and targeted traffic to your website by putting you in the top 10 of the search engine results for your keywords.

These are just a few features of SEO PowerSuite in brief.

We all know that nothing converts better than the targeted traffic directly from the search engines.

SEO PowerSuite has been designed as a complete package which you can use to gain top 10 rankings in search engines like Google. You will not need any other tool or software once you start using this.

One of the best features of SEO PowerSuite is that anyone can use it easily without much understanding of how search engines work and what are the complexities involved. This SEO software handles every task easily to optimize your site.

SEO PowerSuite has been tested and is being used by numerous giants on the internet. Here is a short snap of the client base of SEO PowerSuite :


Now let us discuss in detail what SEO PowerSuite consists of and how it works.

Contents of SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite consists of four modules or software. These are:

  1. Rank Tracker

  2. WebSite Auditor

  3. SEO SpyGlass

  4. LinkAssistant

These software are included as a package in SEO PowerSuite though one can download them and use them separately too.

1. Features of Rank Tracker

Do you know exactly on which page of Google your site ranks for a particular keyword? Have you ever tried searching the Google search pages for a keyword looking for your site to check where it ranks? If you have, you would know how tiring and irritating a task it.

Well, but no more now. Because with the Rank Tracker, you can accomplish the following tasks easily and in no time:

  1. Rank Tracker monitors your website’s rank in 325 supported search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for any keyword or multiple keywords. It lets you know where exactly your website stands in the search results for any keyword.
  2. This takes hardly two minutes for Rank Tracker to do this complete task. Thus saving tonnes of your time that you can utilize otherwise.
  3. Just enter the URL of your website, enter the keywords you want to check your site’s rankings for, select the search engines and finish. Rank Tracker will show you your standings in the search engines within two minutes.
  4. You do not have to do this again and again. Just do it once and Rank Tracker will automatically calculate your rankings on a scheduled time set by you.
  5. Not only Rank Tracker check and calculates your rankings, it monitors them and keeps history whether you have moved upwards or downwards in the search results. It keeps track of the ranking difference for all the search engines.
  6. Rank Tracker helps you to monitor your competitors’ rankings so that you can compare them with yours. You can add up to five competitors’ websites and keep an eye on their rankings.
  7. Not only Google Web, Rank Tracker finds where you stand in other Universal search blocks of Google like Google News, Google Images, Google Videos etc.
  8. Great graphical charts to help you monitor your progress in the search engines.
  9. Rank Tracker not only monitors your search engine rankings, it also helps you to improve them in the search engines. The “Suggest Keywords” feature in Rank Tracker helps you to find out the most profitable keywords in your niche using 19 different keyword tools like Google Keyword Tool, SEMRush etc. You get all the tools at one place so you need not go anywhere else for your keyword research.
  10. The result of “Suggest Keywords” feature of Rank Tracker is the most traffic generating keywords for your website.
  11. Rank Tracker uses Keyword Efficiency Index to find the best keywords you should be optimizing your site for to gain top rankings in search engines.
  12. Rank Tracker helps you generate professional, sharp and accurate traffic and other data reports for your site easily. This feature is highly required, useful and essential for big enterprises and companies who need to generate these reports for their clients.

Read the complete list of features of Rank Tracker here…

Next in the power-pack of SEO PowerSuite comes the WebSite Auditor. WebSite Auditor is the greatest SEO software ever designed to analyze and audit your website and boost your search engine rankings tremendously by fixing the shortcomings and playing out on your strengths as reported by it.

2. Mind-blowing yet few features of WebSite Auditor:

  1. WebSite Auditor checks every page of your website for dozens of factors like broken links, meta descriptions, meta keywords, pagerank, broken links, status codes, nofollow and dofollow links, link value and much much more. It gives you suggestions and guides you how to improve these factors to instantly enable your site for top rankings in search engines.
  2. Control all HTML and other features of your website easily and customize them to optimize your site better.
  3. Generate robots.txt and XML sitemap for faster indexing and better rankings.
  4. Analyse top pages of your website to make them even better and rank them at the highest positions for the particular keywords.
  5. WebSite Auditor creates optimization reports for every page of your website. Thus on-page optimization becomes a child’s play using this software which can be used by newbies and well as pros of SEO.
  6. Makes your website absolutely search engine friendly so that none of the harsh search engine algorithms affect your website’s rankings, traffic and sales.
  7. WebSite Auditor enables you to print out reports for your clients so that you can conduct your optimization projects easily.
  8. It instantly detects and re-evaluates any changes you make to your website. This helps you to optimize and improve your website in real-time in accordance with the algorithms of search engines.

It will take me a complete day if I began to mention each and every feature of WebSite Auditor here.

So kindly save me  some big time and check out all the features of this SEO software here.

Next in the list comes the SEO SpyGlass. As the name suggests, SEO SpyGlass keeps an eye on your competitors for the keywords you want to rank high in the search engines. What it does is that it tracks down the backlinks and other linking strategies of your competitors who are ranking on top for any particular keyword. After that, all you need to do is to follow the blueprint of your competitors and outdo them by using other tools included in SEO PowerSuite.

3. Here are some of the features of the SEO SpyGlass:

  1. Complete analysis of the backlinks of your competitors. SEO SpyGlass gives you information about the linking strategy of your competition like alexa rank of backlinks, pagerank, number of backlinks, link value, exact anchor text, keywords and URL of the backlinks, backlinks from forums, blogs or any other type of sites and much much more.
  2. SEO SpyGlass helps you find websites where you can build high quality backlinks for your own site and rank higher for a keyword.
  3. It gives you an exact number of backlinks which you need to create to flip your competitors from the top positions and gain high quality targeted traffic from search engines.
  4. SEO SpyGlass helps you create backlinks by helping you with exact anchor text that you should use to topple of competition in your niche and rank high.

Read all about how SEO SpyGlass will skyrocket your search engine rankings here.

Last, yet most powerful of the SEO Toolkit of SEO PowerSuite is Link Assistant. It has been purchased by over 12,000 webmasters and is being used for free by even larger number.

4. How LinkAssistant is the most powerful and the most essential SEO software you must have:

  1. The basic task of LinkAssistant is to assist you in increasing the number and quality of your backlinks, both of which are instrumental in the eyes of search engines to give you high rankings.
  2. LinkAssistant within a couple of minutes will give you the list of potential link partners for your keyword along with their contact info. These link partners are the high ranking websites in search engines and entering in a link exchange with them will give your site a tremendous boost.
  3. You can quickly communicate with those partners via e-mail in personalized and professional way.
  4. LinkAssistant is absolutely safe, secure and private in use unlike other SEO software which leave a mark on your website attracting penalties.
  5. LinkAssistant checks the algorithms of 325 supported search engines every 12 minutes and updates the database accordingly. This makes sure that you always build links according to the whims of search engines and your site always remains optimized to notch top rankings in the search engines.

Check Out All The Features of LinkAssistant Here…

Notes :

  • All the above mentioned software : Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, Link Assistant and the complete package SEO PowerSuite are available for purchase as well as free download. Though in free version, many crucial tasks like saving history, projects, competitor’s comparison and many other features are not available. So it is advised not to waste time on downloading and using those. Although you can download these software for free to try a hand at them and understand how they work.
  • All the four software can be ordered separately or as a bundled pack of SEO PowerSuite. You save tonnes of money by purchasing SEO PowerSuite since you won’t need to spend a dime on SEO after that.

16 Reasons Why SEO PowerSuite is the best SEO Software available

  1. All in one Complete SEO Software :- SEO PowerSuite is a complete SEO Software and includes everything your site needs in SEO. No other SEO Software handles on-page and off-page optimization as better and as extensively as SEO PowerSuite.
  2. Tested, Proved and Reliable :- SEO PowerSuite is tested and proved to give desired results by at least 500 Fortune companies like Microsoft, Audi, Toshiba, Amazon.com and many many more. All these companies enjoy top rankings in Google at this time.
  3. Updated Every 12 Minutes :- SEO PowerSuite conducts search engine algorithms check every 12 minutes unlike any other SEO software which remain not updated for months or even years. This frequent check helps you to stay in line with 325 supported search engines all over the world.
  4. Best Keyword Research :- SEO PowerSuite’s tools will help you research the best profitable keywords for your niche which you can use and rank high in the search engines. It makes use of 19 different keyword research tools to accomplish this. This feature is not found in any other SEO software.
  5. Best Optimization of Website’s Structure :- WebSite Auditor in SEO PowerSuite will optimize your website’s structure completely and you will surprised to see the effects in your rankings. No other SEO software pays much attention to this field.
  6. Best In-Class Link Building :- Link Assistant in SEO PowerSuite helps you in building highest possible quality backlinks to your website in a natural way. It helps you identify link partners which are already ranking high in search engines for your keywords and assists you in getting linked from those websites. This skyrockets your website to the top of the Google and other search engines.
  7. Identify Competitors’ Strategy :- SEO SpyGlass in SEO PowerSuite finds out the linking strategy of websites ranking highest for your keyword and prepares for you a step by step SEO blueprint which you can use to topple of those websites and sit on the top instead. No other SEO software has this feature.
  8. Track, Manage and Improve Your Search Engine Rankings :- SEO PowerSuite finds exactly where you rank in the search engines for your keyword. Not only this, it keeps track of your rankings in auto-pilot mode and in real-time. Using tools in SEO PowerSuite, you can see whether your site has dropped or increased even one place.
  9. Supports Windows, Mac and Linux :- Unlike any other SEO software which are designed exclusively for Windows, SEO PowerSuite enables you to run it on Mac and Linux too which form a big part of the internet community.
  10. Quick and Child Easy : It doesn’t take hours or tonnes of tutorials to work on SEO PowerSuite. It has been designed to be used by even a 12 year old and give out results in a couple of minutes and nothing more.
  11. Unmatched Customer Support :- The team at SEO PowerSuite is ready to go beyond limits to help you out in working with this software. They even help you with any server issues you might face when using this SEO software.
  12. Highly Cost-Efficient :- I will not call it cheap because it isn’t. What it offers is a great SEO package at much much efficient price with a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. You can save a lot of money if you order SEO PowerSuite instead of ordering all the four modules separately.
  13. Supports Multiple Languages :- Only SEO PowerSuite can work with websites which have non-english words and and with websites built in asian languages. This is a great feature which has not been found in any SEO software yet.
  14. Use With Unlimited Sites and Unlimited Keywords :- There is no limit on the usage of SEO PowerSuite once you have purchased it. You can use it with unlimited sites and for unlimited keyword. There will never be an extra charge on you.
  15. Only White-Hat SEO Techniques :- SEO PowerSuite runs in full conformity with the 325 supported search engines. It takes care of all the legal and functional aspects of the search engines. Every task is carried out without violating any policy of any of the search engines. APIs are handled well and withing the limits so that all you can gain is high rankings, a lot of traffic and more sales and profits.
  16. Works For All Niches :- SEO PowerSuite runs for keywords rather than niches. So whatever your niche is, you just need to enter the keyword and SEO PowerSuite will create the entire SEO campaign for you. Almost every SEO software targets some or the other niche.

SEO PowerSuite’s database is ever increasing at an unbelievable rate. So you must not lag behind in the race and go immediately for this SEO software.

2014-09-09 12_37_17-SEO PowerSuite - The Best SEO Software in SEO Industry

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  1. Good review bro, but have not got there yet with my blogging to really get into software. I have been looking around when that does happen, and will be keeping your suggestions in mind. Thank you for the review!

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    1. Hi Ravi,
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      This was an awesome review on the Powersuite.

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    1. Hi rajaraman,

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    yes very useful for all. thanks for sharing such a good information about the softwares

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