Latest Social Media Optimization Trends of 2014

Social media optimization is a holistic approach in the natural search optimization process. It is very useful for your business websites that make them easy to spread over the web. In short, it is a good way to generate a high traffic to a website. Through this medium, you can easily popularize your website on different social media platforms. Let’s start a discussion about some of the latest social media trends of this year.

Popularity of Social Paid Advertising

Today, many social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are offering paid advertising services and they are continuously working to make the website popular accurately. Have a look on some of the statistics; it appears that the brands are using these social paid advertising services to a huge extent.

LinkedIn is one of the major popular social media platforms and its sponsored updates forty-five percent higher engagement as compared to the other social networking websites like Twitter or Facebook.

Facebook offers retargeted ads in the user’s news feed section that is used by numerous brands. It reports more than 49 times clicks as compared to other sidebar ads.

Twitter allows you to avail three types of social paid advertising including tweets, accounts and trends.

Major Aspect in Social Media: Google+

In terms of social media optimization, Google+ has attained a high reputation in 2014. It reports that more than three hundred people are using Google+ every month. Due to this, it has become a major part of the search algorithm. It is easy to use and rewards the websites with a high page rank and SEO IQ. Google+ becomes a necessity of search engine optimization because people are adopting it in a very effective way.

Growing Popularity

Just because of the same reason you can easily target your business and marketing with the help of these social media specialized sites. Some popular social media platforms help you to target the potential customers with your latest updates. If you want to target some more particular audience, it is good to try searching the niche social media platforms.

More Mobility

In the present scenario, mobile applications are highly used all across the world with the advent of the android phones and tablets. We can hardly imagine ourselves without them. According to the recent survey, only thirty-three percent mobiles’ sites are good, which implies there are many rooms for improvement. And this provides a huge opportunity to the business enterprises to make use of these mobile devices and networks and to make their business more popular generating a huge traffic.

Unique Quality Content

Definitely, you can easily target potential consumers in today’s market using these several latest social media optimization trends. So, making quality and relevant content is very important. It is a fact that having quality content on your business site implies that you will win a social media successfully. The use of the right and the best social media platform will benefit you in all aspects that include potential customers, business site’s online presence, etc.

Obviously, these are some of the social media optimization trends of this year. They are dynamic and fluid that will be widely implemented in all types of businesses over the next few months to a huge extent.

25 Replies to “Latest Social Media Optimization Trends of 2014”

  1. Hello,

    Wonderful tips mate, Well new year has already started and I never checked any social media for promoting my stuff, I guess I’m really busy these days.

    Thanks for sharing amazing tips.

    1. Hi Nithin Upendran ,

      There are many social trends you should know if you want to take you business to next level.

      As we all know that using social media is the best way to promote your business or blog. You can connect with many bloggers through social media and now its your turn to know that Google+ and all other social networks are having their presence.

      You can use them for your own service.


  2. I think you are totally right about the points you’ve shared in the post. Google + is really now a trends and essential part of social media world.

    1. Hi Samir ,

      Your blog should be part in Google plus as well as you should concentrate other social media websites.

      I suggst you to consider Pinterest, Instagram for mobile users, facebook , twitter and linked which is used to connect professional people

    2. Hi Samir ,

      You know there are many people adding to Google+ every month. People who have a G-mail account then its obvious that they would have an account at Google+ plus.

      May be not all people use it regularly but business owners use Google+ to get more traffic and much more.

      Making connections is also the major thing to do via Google+.


    1. Hi Tim Weise,

      There are millions of user of Google+. We can predict the exact number of users of any social media platform.

      Twitter has its amazing service and you can use it for your business and blog.
      As you are talking about Google+ which is great to increase the SEO of your blog posts.

      Try to increase your circle so that you can get more shares for your articles.


    1. Hi Lalina says,

      Google plus is one of the good social media website but its not get popular like facebook.even, Google plus shows improve their growth in the social media world.

      most of people still give importance facebook afterwards they come to google plus anyway, in future it may be changed

      1. Hi Krishnan,

        No doubt that Facebook is more famous than Google+ because of it’s features to provide an interface to its user to interact with each other.

        But importance of Google+ can’t be denied.
        For business purpose Google+ is an amazing platform because it will help you to boost the SEO of your blog.

        More the shares more the SEO.


  3. Nice post,

    I never thought of social media optimization and I must say I’ve learned something new from this post which would be really helpful to implement on social media profiles.

    1. Hi Robin Morgan,

      you must give importance to social media optimization too, because search engine optimization brings just traffic but the social media site connect you with your audience not just audience. they believe you.

      You can use them to sell your own product that is the recent trend for selling products

      1. Hi Krishnan,

        You have raised the perfect point here about social media.

        If you want to boost the SEO of your blog then social media will help your. Ont most important thing is that you can make human relationships with many other bloggers via social media.

        Social media has the power to let you engaged with it for long time.


    2. Hi Robin Morgan,

      If you are having a blog then its the necessity that you should use social media networks.

      Social media optimization is required for your blog if you want to increase the number of visitors. Because getting readers only from search engine is not enough.

      You need to go for any of the social networking websites.


  4. Hi Pubali,

    I always say that SEO is one of the major factor you all need to focus on because it’s the path from which you can walk upon towards you goal.

    While learning about SEO bloggers face many problems. Using social media is a way to boost the SEO of your blog.

    As you have said that Google+ has evolved to a new social platform because people think that getting more likes can boost the SEO of their blog.

    But it’s wrong. When people like your post then it doesn’t relate with SEO.

    Quality content always takes its place.

    Great to read this article.:)


    1. Hi Ravi Chahar,

      It is hard to divide which one is best SEO or social media, in the current days you cannot avoid social mediat plan from your blog marketing plan.

      If you want an recent example, just googled about the social media effect on the recent india’s election. this is first election got preference for social media sites.

      1. Hi Krishnan,

        Somehow you are right about the effects of social media at everything now a days.

        The elections were considered so seriously at every social networking website and people were boosting it up like a goal.

        Presence at social media websites will help you in every field.

        Blogging will become more perfect using it.


  5. Developing Social Media strategies is very important factor to be sucess in social media and There is discussion whethere Google consider the google+ share, links as a single for search or not but, we cannot negelct this point

    1. Hi Krishnan,

      It’s clear from the discussion occured int he starting of this year that the likes of Google+ are not considered as any SEO channel.

      The shares will think like SEO boost. As it’s obvious that more the people will share your post then you will get more readers at your blog.


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