My Personal WordPress Standard Theme Review

It’s been almost 24 hours since I have started with Standard Theme v2.8 on this blog. Truly this theme is just perfect for the bloggers who really want to make money online like professionals on the internet. The theme comes fully loaded with features like ad spaces, social sharing navigation buttons and much more.

Standard Theme Features

Here is what I have seen in this theme so far:-

  1. Simple Design :- As you would have noticed the simplicity of the blog design. Everything is so clean, simple and straight. Exactly like you need for a professional looking blog.
  2. Simple Coding :- I took a glimpse on the theme’s editor section and noticed that the code which has been used to build the design is in the simplest form. Infact, the shortest and the most SEO-friendly approach has been taken to code the constituents of this theme.
  3. Simple Social Sharing :- With floating share box option in the posts, it has become really easy to spread your content on the social networking sites. Also, you can increase subscribers and followers on Faceboook, Twitter, Feedburner, Google Plus and many more by using social sharing buttons in the navigation bar. All these features are inbuilt in the Standard Theme.
  4. Decrease in the Number of Plugins :- I was using some 17-18 plugins with free wordpress themes for many essential features like social  sharing, sitemap and archives. But since the Standard Theme comes inbuilt with all these features, my plugin count has decreased to 10-11 and can go down till 8-9.
  5. Decrease in Load Time :- Due to decrease in the number of plugins, simple design, CSS3 effects and effective coding, the load time of my blog has decreased significantly. I am really happy about this change.
  6. Ad Spaces :- Standard Theme comes with 10-14 ad spaces which you can use on your blog easily and make a lot of money advertising. You only need to insert the image and the destination link and you are done. It will be really helpful if you are looking forward to advertising on your blog.

This is not everything. I have noted down just some of the important features and powerful elements of the Standard Theme. I will keep you updated with everything as I walk through this theme.


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    Hello Vineet,

    Though I know that Blogger mainly prefers WordPress because of its simplicity, but Themes also plays an important role to earn money online, this one I didn’t know.

    Thank you for letting us know about “Slandered Theme” which has so many features. The best thing of this theme is that here you don’t need too many Plug-ins, because here you will get the facility of social sharing, sitemap and archives. It will definitely improve your blog loading speed.

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