$25 Day 2 Winner Ravi Chahar Paid – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

Yesterday, winner for Day 2 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest , Ravi Chahar was sent his prize money.

Ravi won $25 = Rs. 1,250 on Day 2 and has been sent this prize money straight into his bank account via NEFT.

Below is the proof of the payment sent:

Day 2 Winner Paid

Bloggers are getting paid cash prizes daily for participating in this $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

So let’s announce the bonus prize for Day 8 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

Today’s bonus prize will be $10.

In today’s contest, a random winner will be picked using a random number of comment.

So, today’s contest will be about getting lucky as anyone can be winner. But here is the deal, you need to put on atleast 15 comments today to be the winner of this contest.

Also, more the comments you share, more are the chances of your comment getting picked for the prize. Comments made only after the publishing of this post will be eligible for the prize. No comment below 60 words will be given the prize. If a comment which is below 60 words gets picked, I will do the random number game again to find the winner.

So let’s start and see how this day goes.

Day 4 Winner Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

There was a slight delay yesterday in announcing the results of  Day 4 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

Well, it’s time now that we declare the winner of Day 4.

I feel proud that Ravi Chahar has once again won the contest. He is the winner of Part 1, part 2 and the most shares part.

So what he gets is Rs.1,500 for the Day 4.

Although his payment for Day 2 has not been processed yet due to some bank delays. But it will be done as soon as possible.

Day 5 saw no contest, because everyone got a chance to win some cash simply commenting. Who won and how much, that I will publish later.

For now, its time to announce the Day 6 Bonus Prize Contest – $15.

In today’s contest the most consistent commentator will be chosen the winner.

The rules of Day 6 Bonus Prize Contest Are:

  1. You need to share at least 10 comments in every 3 hours to qualify. Comments must be of atleast 60 words each.
  2. If you do not share 10 comments in every 3 hours, you will not eligible for the prize.
  3. Rest of the rules regarding sharing of each post on Google+ or Twitter remain same.

Today’s contest will ensure that contestants even short on time can manage to do atleast 10 comments.

The contest will start from exactly 12:00 PM IST today. Good Luck to everyone!!!

Day 5 Bonus Prize Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest – Get Paid For Every Comment Today

Day 4’s Bonus Prize Contest’s results have been finalized. I am holding the results for now and will announce them after a few hours.

Now it’s time to announce the Bonus Prize for Day 5 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

Today’s contest will be a completely different one.

I call this contest ” Comment and Earn”

Now this contest is more like a Cost-per-Action offer.

Today, everyone will get paid for their commenting on WordPress Money Blog. It won’t matter if you are in the top three or not. If you comment, you will get paid. However, how much you will be paid will depend on your efforts.

What Exactly Do We Have to Do?

Now let’s see.

Today, on Day 5 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest, you will win $.15 or Rs.8 for every  comment you share on this blog. Yes, that is right, for every comment, you will be paid.

And guess what, you can comment as much as you want. Although, I will declare the contest finished once I see the budget limit being crossed.But trust me, everyone can get a mouthful today.

Here are the rules of the contest :

  1. No comment below 60 words will be eligible for payment. I do all the tasks of scrutinizing and counting manually and I will not allow any comment below this limit eligible for the prize money.
  2. You must tweet each post and share it on Google+.  I will check it personally that each post has been shared on both the social networks. If it is not shared, it will not be eligible for payment. Please sign up on these social networks if you are already not there.
  3. No comment which is a query or doesn’t provide value to the reader will be eligible for the payment.
  4. Like our Facebook Page. You only need to do this once.

This contest will start from 1 PM IST and the comments shared before 1 PM will not be eligible for the prize money.

Please share this contest as much as possible to help others make some money online today.

Day 3 Bonus Prize Winner Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

This was really tough for me at first. I just went on reading each and every comment of yesterday.

But just then I remembered that the minimum word length for any comment to qualify was 150 words.

After applying this filter, I have come to this decision that there is a tie between Ravi Chahar and Rajaraman K for these two comments :



Now here we can choose either Ravi Chahar on the basis of higher number of comments. In fact Ravi did incredible work yesterday and his comments were also par quality.

But I will take a different route here. I think I will relax a few things for Rajaraman K as he conveyed us that his internet connection is a bit slow and he is working somewhere too.

Hence I have decided to split the prize money between Ravi Chahar and Rajaraman K. Both will win Rs.500 cash via NEFT in their bank accounts.

As for Day 4, Part 1 will end at 5 PM IST and the second part will begin automatically. I will record the stats and will declare both parts’ winner/s at then end of Day 4.

I just hope that more and more people will join us in the coming days.

Thanks for being here and sharing your comments.

Day 4 Bonus Prize – Win $30 – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

Well it’s been a lazy Sunday so far.

I am yet processing the results of yesterday. It’s taking longer than usual as I have to read each and every comment and then note down to remember which one is eligible for the “Most Valuable Comment”. It will take a few hours more to declare the results.

Anyway, I am announcing the bonus prize for Day 4.

In Day 4, the highest commentator till 5 PM IST of today will win $10.

After 5 PM, the highest commentator at the end of the day will win $15.

Also, I am announcing another bonus prize of $5 for the top sharer of the posts of Day 4.

So, there is a total of $30 up for grab today.

I don’t think I need to  rewrite the rules again now. But still to count some:

  1. Share every post before commenting.
  2. Don’t write too generic comments.
  3. Use your real name.

So, it’s time to start the work and grab the prize money in Day 4.

Here is what today’s contest is all about:
1. This contest for Day 4 was announced around 11 AM. From 11 Am to 5 PM, I will count the number of comments of each commentator and the winner will get $10.
2. After 5 PM the comment count will start again for each commentator and at 11:59 PM we will have our second winner.
3. Comments poured before 11 AM will not be counted for the contest of Day 4, but they will be counted in the $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

Note : For both the parts, there should be atleast 5 participants competing otherwise that part will stand NULL.